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  1. Nicolai

    Default Module Settings

    That is exactly the answer I was looking for! Thank you very much Nicolai
  2. Hello all, I have a question regarding modules placed in the editor. As I understand it, the modules are a way to change certain parameters, which otherwise would have their default values as designated in config files. Are the default module settings (in the editor) the same settings as they are in config files? In other words: Does it make sense to place a module and not change any of its settings? Perhaps this even varies per module and addon. I'm asking this because when making a template mission with ACE3, I plop down all the modules to be sure even though I leave some with their default settings. Many thanks in advance, Nicolai
  3. Hi Shay, Since the update, I no longer seem to be able to spawn the "(MCC) supply box" or any of the other ammo/supply/fuel containers for that matter. This is both in the 3d editor, in Zeus and in the mcc ui itself. The new update is great! Appreciate the hard work. Nikolai
  4. "Workshop - Outfit machine guns on unarmed off-roads and repair some vehicle damage" How exactly does this work? Have tried parking next to the workshop with a civvie pickup truck and the Nato unarmed M-ATV but could not find any option to repair or mount an MG. Thanks in advance! Edit: Need enough resources for the option to appear :rolleyes:
  5. Nicolai

    Warfare BE

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but has anyone ever experienced trouble with the unit bounties? I have the option enabled, but at times I won't receive a reward for killing a confirmed enemy unit. Rewards for city capture do work at those occasions. Thanks in advance, Nicolai
  6. Nicolai

    ARMA 2 - Gratis (The Sun & GMG)

    Free games.. For real?
  7. Nicolai

    Distance from dropzone advice

    it should be 'drop too far away.' this will not solve your problem. Grammar nazi to the rescue! Good luck, nic
  8. Yesterday I used ACRE for the very first time and I have to say, it's an amazing piece of work! Thank you for all you have done to give this community a wonderful piece of software! Nicolai PS: Almanzo I didn't have any problem with the volume for the 343, maybe it's one of your seperate settings?
  9. Nicolai

    VTS vs. MCC

    yeah yeah, go play DCS: A10 or sth depth.. No I think you did an excellent job on the latest MCC Shay, I'm really amazed. I tried using battlecenter once, but the layout was a bit too unorganized for me.
  10. it actually does XD A friend of mine went there on holiday, it looks beautiful :) @Myke: This is looking so awesome, can't wait untill it's released!! Nicolai
  11. Hello ace developers, first of all, I'm sorry for not creating a ticket. I can't seem to create an account at the bug tracker. My problem is that since some time I don't have any dust kicked up by M1 tanks firing. I remember having the dust in the past so I was wondering whether this is a known problem or that it's something on my side. All I did was load up utes, place a M1A1 with me as commander, and fired some rounds at different locations. Thanks in advance, Nicolai
  12. I don't think they have a date in mind. It's done when it's done applies here as well I guess. The RC versions (release candidate) are indeed ongoing developments, which you can install with sixupdater or yoma. Nicolai