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  1. Sure they could, but that would totally defeat the stated purpose: "It was released as an 'official mod' to help players discover the possibilities of custom content."
  2. Yeah, a modern super computer has about the intelligence of a fly, and a personal computer PC is well below that. So, what's your point? Given the current state of technology, there's no way an AI could even come close to emulating a human opponent. But, given those restrictions, the Arma AI is really amazing. It's leaps and bounds beyond anything I've ever encountered in another game.
  3. I've always had this same problem too, the only times I have managed to complete the Infantry showcase is after many dozens of deaths, and spamming the quick save function. I don't think the problem is AI accuracy, I think the bad thing about that second engagement is that it comes right when all cover and concealment disappears and the terrain opens up. There is just nowhere to take cover while trying to engage the enemy. And you can not run back to the cover further back, because then all your teammates just gets slaughtered. Considering that the showcases are supposed to be an introduction into Arma 3, mostly for new players, it shouldn't be so difficult, and it should show off the vital importance of using cover and concealment to staying alive in Arma, compared to the "run and gun" playstyle of conventional shooters. But it fails at that, so I think it's just bad mission design. So many people seem to have had the same problem with this, since back when it was first released, so all it does is probably scaring off new players, making them think that Arma 3 is impossibly difficult to get into. Also, in my opinion, none of the other showcases are as difficult, they are all very easy to complete compared to the infantry one.
  4. That's probably still valid (though they'll have to confirm that themselves), but right now we are all waiting for the I44 for Arma 3, which will certainly take some time to complete. If they want to branch out after that, great, but right now they probably don't need a lot of requests for other settings.
  5. Could you people please stop requesting completely new mods here? They are already working on Invasion 44, set in Normandy in 1944. If you want another mod, ask someone who is not already busy to do that.
  6. JSj

    A-10C for Arma 3

    This is a great mod, thanks! I hope you'll continue working on and improving it. As for the future of the A-10, there are some very good reasons to scrap it: Back when it came into service, it was a great aircraft. Today, technology has made it more or less obsolete. Even the old ZSU-23-4 Shilka was quite a game changer when it first appeared. It meant that the threat level for western aircraft jumped enormously. Today, even more advanced air defences makes flying close to enemy forces pretty much a death sentence. But newer aircraft have stealth technology, somewhat compensating for this, and new precision weapons have also made stand-off tactics viable, so there is less need for aircraft to fly into detection range of hostile air defences today. PGMs, guided by laser, GPS or other means are constantly getting more range and better accuracy. The A-10 may still be useful in places like Afghanistan, where there is no AA threat at all, but F-16s, F-15s, F-18s and even bombers like the B-1 have been just as useful. They can drop bombs on the requested GPS coordinates just as well as the A-10. And add to this the fact that the A-10 is very slow, needing more time to go where it is needed, and the fact that unlike the other aircraft it is useless for anything but CAS, and it is clear why the air force wants to cut it. It is too vulnerable in a real war, and for a no threat environment like Afghanistan, other aircraft can perform the CAS mission just as well. It was an awesome airplane back in the days, but with the ever evolving technology, those days are long since over.
  7. Yes, if you don't understand the designations, look them up on Wikipedia, or better, find some books and read up on WWII combat vehicles. Having strange, unofficial, translated designations will just make things confusing.
  8. JSj

    Arma Memes...

  9. JSj

    Arma Memes...

    I think I'll need to send this guy to visit whoever made that picture to the right, to talk about "you're" and "your". :j:
  10. JSj

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So, Altis is now based on Malta? Not only was Malta mentioned here, but it also matches with gaining independence from the Brits in the 1960s, and being a (former, in the game) EU member.
  11. JSj

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Ok, thanks for the explanation. Sounds like it will be a great system once it is fully implemented.
  12. JSj

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So, you can subscribe to the mods you use via Steam workshop, and when they get updated, Steam downloads the update automatically? That would be just awesome.
  13. JSj

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Agreed, which makes the huge drama over "OMG, only one jet at release!" quite incomprehensible. There will be plenty of aircraft made available (for those who enjoy that in spite of the crippling limitations of air combat in the Arma engine), both through mods, and certainly at least a few more from BIS.
  14. JSj

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Fine, so add a few more minutes. Still not very much fun. And there's also the total lack of any long range sensors (no, I'm not counting the stupid "radar"), making high performance aircraft even more pointless.