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  1. i bought the dlc if i load it i have the terrains and the soldiers in the editor but the vehicles are missing
  2. bjorn bakker

    Project RACS

    @ wld427 when do you plan to release the takistani extension to the public
  3. 1 i did not mean that the west en east weapons put togetherer but i meant there are weapons missing from the weapon boxes on both sides 2 i meant that none of the units has a pistol or revolver as a secondary weapons ( they did in your previous release ) :)
  4. real Nice mod maybe small bug 1 the weapon crates doesn't contains all weapons but only all small selection can you possible make a crate with all weapons 2 many units with holster but not a sidearm
  5. The horror... the horror... i can take it anymore ;)
  6. bjorn bakker

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Dear mods i dont think this banning series is very productive you ban people for defending there ideas and work maybe its a better idea to change the attitude of the people that are whining if you can say nothing nice don't say Notting ( Will Smith )
  7. bjorn bakker

    Isla Duala

    suggestion for the afrenia side some trucks ( p85 west german truck will do fine ) maybe some toyota pickups ( just like chad - lybia war ) and for the molation side the zu 57 that gife that tonal feeling to it oh on the map on the molatian side of the border there is a prisoncamp but it can not be opened ( maybe this on purpose for containing npc's inside i dont know ) btw Big Ideas are so hard to recognize, so fragile, so easy to kill. Don't forget that, all of you who don't have them. (John Elliot, Jr.)
  8. bjorn bakker

    Swedish Forces Pack

    is it correct that the missile patrol boat ( 81 ) has only static weapons
  9. bjorn bakker

    The Orphaned Projects Thread

    -- Boeing 767 -- Description Here is the Boeing 767. Its a port from a opf model from Gachopin who give me permission to bring it to Arma 2. Because of some rl issues I cant complete the addon, because many people like the idea of a Boeing 767 in arma 2 and because of the many hours people spent on working on the plane. Right know the model is in the following state: - model --> 70 % - Texture --> 90 % - Scripting --> 50 % Intention to fly this baby in arma 2 Media http://www.armaholic.com/datas/thumbs/4-ma767olwip_2.jpg Download Links http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10502
  10. Hi Community here is the Boeing 767 its a port from a opf model from Gachopin who give me permission to bring it to Arma 2. because of some rl issues i cant complete the addon, because many people like the idea of a Boeing 767 in arma 2 and because of the many hours people spent on working on the plane. i want to release it unfinished right know the model is in the following state model - 70 % Texture - 90 % Scripting - 50 % i want to thank the following people for there work on the project Python_au for his excellent textures and model improvements Soldier2390 for his conversion from a Boeing 767 to a Boeing 707 model Southy for his help on the scripting Gachopin for his opf model i want to ask the community to help finish this addon Download link model and textures : http://www.mediafire.com/?wdz1jnx4mjc Downlink Temp PBO file : http://www.mediafire.com/?1nkyzddnr3w you can use our work in your mod or release your own texture only thing i ask is that the release is public and you give credit to the people that worked on that project so far
  11. sorry to say but the mod it got a lot of errors and i know its wip but the version you released before had fewer errors i do like the sa2 sam thats nice a lot of sound errors example the mig 17 has no sound the 1911 sidearm has no sound all tank are below ground level so there kinda sink trough tarmac and any other ground
  12. bjorn bakker

    PedagneMOD for Arma2 released

    Nice pack you got here i found some little bugs the harrier have starting sounds and stopping sounds for the engine but now engine sound in between i found some some shadow bug in one of the trucks and the 6 wheel truck gives a error message for a missing texture
  13. bjorn bakker

    Boeing 767 alfa release

    i dont know why it crashes i know you get a texture error in game but no crash but then you press oke i you can play its only a temp pbo because its need more scripting so if more people got this issue i will try to make a new own
  14. bjorn bakker

    Boeing 767 alfa release

    that depends if somebody want to help i got a boeing 707 model that can be-converted to USAF AWACS ( us air force don't use a 767 AWACS at this moment ) but that doesn't mean it can be done
  15. bjorn bakker

    Isla Duala

    icebreakr what kind of car does the president drives ? i have models for a s class mercedes and a range rover let me know
  16. I am working on the Boeing 767, the model is ready but I need a hand with the scripting and textures. I want to make a 4 different version of the plane 1 - United States Air Force - awacs 2 - Japanese air force - awacs 3 - airliner 4 - airliner ( static model for hostage mission ) so if anybody knows how make this bird fly let me know permission from Gachopin for using his opf model
  17. bjorn bakker

    high poly ?

    whats the maximum amount of poly i can use in arma 2
  18. maybe they start working on the medal of honour series that would be nice as moh airborne sucks
  19. bjorn bakker

    Boeing 767

  20. bjorn bakker

    F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle

    Nice work you got there
  21. bjorn bakker

    Boeing 767

    right know python is fixing little errors on the engine mount
  22. Sickboy is the ace project interested in Boeing 707 - 767 pm me is so
  23. bjorn bakker

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    maybe a north Ireland mod would be nice with different factions like the ira udf british army
  24. bjorn bakker

    Boeing 767

    Eble finish the scripting for me so eble thanks for that we now putting the textures on the plane so i am hoping on a alpha version release in a short time