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  1. Didn't understand mutch of that, anyhow, Yayrad is the guy you kindly answered. :)
  2. This is Norway, things cost a fortune here. :rolleyes: Considering this machine got some outdated parts makes me hesitate. I've read the sandy bridge mainboard will support the upcoming sandy bridge processors with more than 4 cores. If thats the case, i will skip the 970 "deal". Thanks for the information :)
  3. I understand. The reason is i found this used to a fair price (aprox 1800 euros/ 14000 norwegian kroners), with the option of upgrading some parts, excluding the mainboard and processor ofcourse. So its all about if i should go for this offer or not. Im aware this is close to stepping one step backwards interms of technology, but is the difference that big? and yeah, thats why i find this such a difficult decition. :)
  4. Thanks for the replies. I've heard that the 2600k needs a overclock to match a 970 6 core, and im pretty mutch a novice when it comes to such thing, and if i have o.c processor at full trottle over a long period of time with rendering, the processor might be damaged. The mainboard was called back cause of a fault. The good thing with the sandy bridge is that i have good upgrade options later on.
  5. Im upgrading my system, and need your point of view of the specs. Usage: ARMA2, cinmea 4d (rendering) and image editing. These are the specs ive included: CABINET: Silverstone Fortress II Midi Tower SortVifter: 3x 180mm Bunn, 1x 120mm Topp, Aluminium CPU: Intel Core i7 970 Hexa 6 x 3,2Ghz 12MB, 4,8GT/sec CPU-Cooler: Original Intel cooler i7 Extreme GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 480 1536MB PhysX CUDA PCI-Express 2.0, GDDR5, 2xDVI, native-mini HDMI, HDCP, Graphics Plus HOVEDKORT: GIGABYTE S-1366 X58 ATX 4xPCI-E Audio7.1 GbLAN 1394 Raid DDR3 SATA3 USB3.0 RAM: Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz 12GB CL9 Kit w/6x 2GB XMS3 modules, CL9-9-9-24, 1.65V, Intel XMP PSU: Tagan 2-Force II Series 800W HDD1: Kingston SSDNow/M Series 80GB SATA2 2.5 HDD2: Western Digital Caviar® Green™ 1TB SATA 3Gb/sec, dynamic 5400-7200RPM, 64MB Samsung DVD±RW burner, SH-S223C 22x DVD, DVDRAM, SATA, Black, Bulk Is there anything that might be wise to include or exchange with something else? I know the new sandy bridge is out, but got only 4 cores so far. Thinking of SLI setup, and also considering the 570 gfx, but from what ive read the 480 abit better cause of its memory (need that for unbiased rendering). any tips appreciated
  6. domiS


    Im unsure of how to set up my game aswell. I also got a 970 6 cores with HT enabled, which i need to be on. Any settings that is important that i have to change? thx
  7. Yeah, it was abit rushed math. Its 1553 euros to be exact :) Still cheap i would say. Doesnt matter when the seller dont respond though. Thanks for the reply mister.
  8. Hm.. while searching for new parts for my new computer i found this pc used for about 1200 euros. 1. How will this run ARMA2 (its a 3 way setup with a close to ancient card :P) 2. Is this processor o.c'able? 3. Heeyy.. old specs man, you need a new setup.. ;) I will upgrade to a SLI 480 later if i go or this.. EVGA X58 Classified E759 3way SLIx16 Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition BOX 3x2GB DDR3 1600 OCZ Gold + 1x2GB Corsair Dominator-GT 1866 3way SLI Asus ENGTX275 896M 448bit HDD1: SSD Corsair Performance 128GB HDD2: WD VelociRaptor 150GB 10000rpm HDD3: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500GB HDD4: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB HDD5: WD 7200.12 1TB BluRay & HDdvd: LG GGW-H20L DVD-RW: NEC DVDbrenner LabelFlash Bluetooth: Jansen BlueLink 2.1 EDR Tagan BZseries 1300W Case: Aplus Case ElDiablo Advanced (ROHS)
  9. Yeah, its great! Spectraview software makes this monitor hard to beat ;) Whoatherefatty: Is this a hardware related problem or a SLI arma2 related problem? I mean, sice you've read it in a thread before
  10. After some more research i support bantails statement about 480 beeing the best bang for the buck at compared to ATI's flagship, 5790. I have a NEC 26 inch display which only supports 1920x1200, so im not sure if a 2-way 480 config will be worth the money. I do know i will upgrade to a 30 inch later, and maybe then the SLI will do its job.
  11. Interesting link, im leaning towards dual 480's. I can upgrade to 3 way configuration later on with the right mainboard. How big power supply do i need for a 2 ways fermi? 1500w for a 3 way fermi sounds alot. edit: and would you recommend to buy a watercooler for the dual cards? (i rather not oc)
  12. Ah, thats a great improvement. :) Its not the first time ive heard, or experienced optimizing/important changes in the registery to get the AMD hardware to work like it should. Which is not good if you ask me. I might go for a SLI of 5970 or a 480 when the prices have decreased abit. Its a mess cause im a "i-want-it-right-now" type of guy, well also called inpatient.:j:
  13. Thx for the reply. Would a 480 SLI make a huge difference compared to one 480 or a 5790 (which is a sli if im not wrong). I will use a i7 980 or a 975. And yes, money does matter im not ritch, but if two 480's will make my arma experience alot better, and hopefully last longer in terms of upgrades and so on. :)
  14. Will the 5970 or the 480 be the best pick? Im using 1920x120 res.
  15. Will A2OA take advantage of 6 cores?