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  1. I couldn't find anywhere else of the forums answering this, after about 20 minutes of searching. If this has already been answered can I be given a link to the thread please? Anyway, I would like to know if it is possible, and if so how, to have it so that when all independents are killed the blufor team wins, but the independents and opfor (even if no opfor die) lose, then when all the blufor are dead it's the other way round, the independents and opfor win, but blufor lose. Also another minor issue that I would like answered is how do I refer to a certain player and find previous vehicles? For example I have 6 players - p0 to p5 and I want to find out which vehicle p3 was last in so that I can do something with that vehicle, say blow it up. How would I do this? and finally, how do I know which player activated the radio triggers? Thanks in advance. :) Note - In multiplayer scenario
  2. Ability to move around inside open vehicles, for example walking around (slightly drunkenly as the plane is flying) in the C-130... This could also lead to HALO jumps, you manually open the tail door and you can jump out, or the AI could open it and close it after you... The AI needs to have the ability to do everything the player does. Also maybe if you change seat in a car, say from left side of the back to the right side of the back, there is a short animation of you sliding over the seats. Another thing is AI's pathfinding, I don't know what the VBS2 xaiment thing was like so i cannot make any reference from that. I want them to have the ability to drive on roads, without crashing into every possible tree. If they are following another vehicle they will not randomly crash into the back of the other vehicle, try to overtake by driving into a tree... They will brake accordingly, wait for a bit for the other guy to move off and if they do not move, find an appropriate route that does not involve going through a building around them. Also when the AI is landing planes, no more of the plane wobbling on it's path... Maybe you/the AI can be an air traffic controller type person and designate where an aircraft has to go, the aircraft will find a path to that place avoiding all obstacles such as annoying trees/buildings that are too close the the taxiway, maybe they could not put in those trees in the first place! Also the ability for you/the AI to call for a pushback onto the taxiway, if there is a tow truck available and that can get to the plane (which would not just drive across the runway in front of other landing planes or from an entirely different part of the map), from when "parked" in some kind of stand. The pushback would automatically be requested From when the engines are turned, if the plane is in need of a pushback, on so the plane will not just go into a random building in front of it and blow up! I have more ideas... but i cannot quite recall them at the moment
  3. Government trops eh? ;) looks very good... i suspect my computer wont be able to take it though :p too many god damn polygons ;)
  4. The DUKW (under US army-WW2/Cars) textures dont seem to work :p There is no colour on the model...just white Sorry about the super big picture... no idea how to make it smaller :p I have arma2 standalone 1.07 (with beta patch) I have the full ACE2 1.3. stuff too :p
  5. I would like to request a number of boats and warships for arma2...i know there is already ww2 warships but i think there should be some more modern boats such as - 1- Type 23 frigate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_23_frigate http://www.dutchsubmarines.com/specials/images/boat_rn_type23_frigate.jpg http://www-roc.inria.fr/gamma/OBJECTS/SCHNAUZER/WATERCRA/Type23FrigateFinished.jpeg With working guns and missile pods maybe and walkable decks 2-Type 21 Frigate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_21_frigate http://www.compguru.co.uk/TYPE21.JPG With working guns and missile pods maybe and walkable decks 3-Type 45 Destroyer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_45_destroyer http://wallbase2.net/high-resolution/be0627a50048c0e84f0d200f9498890a/wallpaper-432528.jpg http://wallbase2.net/high-resolution/6d597df55762ee0e8029ca652a43b003/wallpaper-221946.jpg With super space age look and ofc working guns and missile pods ;) and maybe a few more that you can find if you search http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ship_names_of_the_Royal_Navy I would like these because i really dont think there is enough naval stuff in arma2, the Navy still has big parts in conflicts such as providing a starting point for an invasion by clearing waters near the country and providing a safe ground from which artillery and air support can be launched.
  6. bigcheese

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Is this for Arma2 or Arma2:OA or both? :p Cos i want it for arma2 so i can have awesome battles with some of these awesome looking machines!... are there gonna be any warships cos i think we need a few of those?
  7. I'll help :p just tell me what to do and i'll get back to you when i've learnt how to use all the stuff i will need to use such as Oxygen and that :p No idea and GNAT's tutorials on youtube dont help cos he wont answer my question. :(
  8. done that 3 times now :p still doesn't work Edit: Okay it works now...
  9. Hi, i downloaded the mod from armaholic.com and when i tried to open the .rar file with 7zip after extracting it came up with the error - 0 C:\Documents and Settings\joe\My Documents\Downloads\31stWWA2.rar 1 Data error in '@31stWWA2\addons\2nd.pbo'.File is broken and then when i started the game (with the mod installed in folder "@WW2" as i had called it i got the message - Data file too short '@WW2\addons\2nd.pbo'. Expected 95998047 B, got 50325307 B This happened with patch 1, 2 and 3 installed and i have arma2 standalone with patch 1.07 Any idea why this might be?
  10. Yes i suppose it is rather rude but maybe say "Hello i am an entrepeneur modder and i have decided to attempt porting a plane over from ARMA and i would like some help making it usable. I have all the models and textures i just need some help making it usable on peoples computers, where it causes a CTD (Crash to Desktop) for the people who try it at the moment. If you are not too busy and maybe have a spare moment can you guide me in how to fix a few things and release the plane without any bugs, I heard you are the best to ask and apparently all your planes are awesome!" or something like that...if they are kind they will help if not...make something else...maybe a few warships...we need some of them ;)
  11. Ask GNAT or SARMAT very very nicely to help you...they make awesome planes :D
  12. is it tommorrow yet? COS I WANT THIS PLANE NOW! :p
  13. The plane is too bouncy :p i was taxing along Balota airfield. it was bouncing a huge amount and then suddenly it bounced and flipped onto its roof! please stop the bounce :p
  14. This is an awesome mod thanks for making it and i hope to see a lot more Russian planes from you ;) Only 1 thing i would like to ask. On Chernarus can you make it so it can take off from Balota and Krasnostav airfields without going either out of the airfield bounderies or into the trees and blowing up? :p i think making the tail rudder a little bit more effective at turning the plane on the ground or something like that so the AI can turn it sufficiently to head down the runway???? Thanks in advance your awesomeness ;)