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  1. cm.

    Server crash on 0.52?

    use the "non-stable" missions and it should be fine.
  2. well voip quality has certainly improved as it's configurable to "30" now which is a much higher codec than the old "10" (I can't remember the exact frequency range for each). As for functionality.... well yes it's basically the same since 2001.
  3. cm.

    Foliage Flickering

    Welcome to arma, this has been an issue for ~10 years now with the devs having varying success in eliminating it. It has almost been removed in the latest versions of arma 2 but seems to have come back with a vengeance in arma 3. It's to do with the LOD transitions and AFAIK the only way to reduce its effect is to run the game off a RAM disk or SSD.
  4. cm.

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    The blitz servers that we run will often be maxed out running 64 players..... don't think I've seen that in the oceanic region since OFP. Just need BE back to get rid of all the script kiddies.
  5. It's mission specific, so you would need to script it into every mission that you have on the server. I can't remember the script off the top of my head though.
  6. cm.

    How Strong Will The PVP Scene Be?

    Definitely agree. I used to shudder at PvP before A3 however it's all I play at the moment...
  7. so does this still require the dev version? Thanks for your hard work :D
  8. Why this has never been fixed is beyond me..... it's a massive time waster.
  9. I see the biggest issue with cheating in arma is the availability of stolen keys.... By removing those stolen keys (via steam) and using BE (or maybe VAC and BE if possible?) I think the amount of cheaters will drop drastically. when you can get OA cd-keys for $2-3....... it's not a big deal when you get banned. I remember banning a particular dayz player on our servers over 20 times... each with a different key. at $3 per key that's about $60, at $50 per key it's $1000.... a big difference. I could find $60 down the side of my couch, $1k not so much.
  10. no "leader boards" please..... can not count the amount of issues that it would have, especially with all the different game modes, mods, script kiddies... etc guarantee if you made one the only people on the very top would be script kiddies.
  11. Most likely you will need to setup a DMZ for the server as gamespy is stupid and will report your NAT'd IP to the gamespy master which obviously will not work when it comes to "ping" (it doesn't actually use ICMP but a specially formed UDP packets - stupid I know).
  12. Why have the 64 slot missions work with the dev branch only ??? by default the two maps that we run are warofstratis and battleofstratis... the server is very often maxed out a 64/64 keep up the great work though :)
  13. edit: I agree.... Playing arma 3 without acre after using it for so long in arma 2 felt like a step back in time. It really does add a whole dimension to the game that should really be there from the start.
  14. call it what you want but this is a very high priority. If the hacking is allowed to continue you will have no players left to test MP (or at least on public servers). At the end of the day the game has been released on steam, even as an "alpha" there is an expectation that needs to be met. If this is allowed to snowball out of control the player & media focus of the alpha will shift from the excellent features and improvements to the insane amount of hacking - I can guarantee it. not to mention the countless new players who's first online arma 3 experiences will be frustrating at best - this will be their first impression of the game....
  15. cm.


    fuck why is there no way to just up the texture? BIS pls