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  1. Cheers Oktyabr. I played different sides on different rounds so can't claim any credit there :) Thanks for posting your suggestions in the www.tacticalbattlefield.net forums. Some of them have already been discussed in the past but could benefit from additional perspectives, and some are entirely new and worth considering :) In-game if you bring up your Map with M, there is pretty comprehensive TacBf help that explains flag-captures and lots of other things. Maybe have a read through them on a quiet LAN server some time :) I agree there are other opportunities to make the gameplay rules and features info even clearer though or better promoted, including online etc and Youtube etc and that is being looked. The community can help with that too. See you on the battlefield :) Warm regards, Swedge ---------- Post added at 10:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 PM ---------- Hi mate. Yeah there's a very specific peak time at the moment and some of us Down Under are kicking beautiful women out of beds and getting up at Zero Dark Thirty just to play with you guys :) Hopefully more players and communities take it on themselves to get organised and help seed servers in their local timezones etc. Players can often also vote themselves admin on servers too. Cheers mate. It depends on the intended player count I suppose. This has been an issue in the past on some servers with some missions. At the moment though there is a new official server and updated missions and I haven't experienced performance issues in recent rounds with up to 45 players. Will be interesting to see how performance goes when this momentum likely increases in the coming weeks. And any vanilla A3 performance issues are out of anyone's hands unfortunately :) Warm regards, Swedge
  2. No worries mate. It's an old one. Catch you in-game :) Cheers, Swedge
  3. "Past Development: Tactical Battlefield has been an accumulation of 7 years of development of a PvP mod on the Arma engine. It started with Coolbox[sBS] and [RGG]Wormeaten developing a mission-based A&S system for ARMA. They then moved this over to ARMA 2 as AASX (or AAS extended). AASX was then combined with another PvP mod called Devastation by Dr Eyeball and it came to be known as Project Reality ARMA 2 (PR:A2). The Arma 3 version of this mod is now being further developed by Dr Eyeball and Wormeaten (along with 3rd party contributions) and will be [is now!--Swedge] known as Tactical Battlefield for Arma 3 (TB:A3) (a.k.a. TacBF)." Source. Warm regards, Swedge
  4. No worries mate :) Yeah the Steam group is here. It is used sometimes to notify of scheduled events. You can add me too :) I find that if you add enough of the regular players and you notice "X is playing Arma 3", "Y is playing Arma 3", "Z is playing Arma 3", it's usually a good sign that asses are being kicked somewhere ;) There's also the Facebook page here for updates on what the what is. There's also the events board here. RE your suggestion - That point has been ticketed by the project team as something to look at and it has been discussed initially. In the mean-time, the admin coverage is usually sufficient at peak to manually select appropriate mission sizes. A bunch of new tiny missions were included in the new mission pack distributed in the last week too. See you on the battlefield :) Warm regards, Swedge
  5. Hey brother, Try this tutorial video for clarification regarding PWS and TacBF. Server filter should be 'tacbf' without quotation marks. Be advised that currently there are only likely to be players on any servers during the peak period. If it doesn't work out, please post in the Tech Support thread. Look forward to playing with you mate :) Warm regards, Swedge
  6. It's door number 2: a few magazines to destroy :) There's info in the in-game TacBF help in the Rally Point section. Warm regards, Swedge
  7. Hi mate, As Dale said, if you come find me in-game I will go out of my way to come help you setup your keys and figure out armaments etc. Just give a yell :) If you connect to an empty server you can have a play with your settings, refer to in-game help from the Map, and fool around with the bits and pieces and get them squared away. Feel free to visit www.tacticalbattlefield.net forums and ask any questions. Have a good one :) Warm regards, Swedge
  8. Hi mate, There is an in-game 'manual' that covers basic game mechanics and keys. At the beginning the mod also actively prompts you in-game about setting up some of the initial important keys. Hope to see you there :) Warm regards, Swedge
  9. Thanks chief ;) Legend. Warm regards, Swedge
  10. Swedge

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    There's some Small maps already mate that are a lot of fun, including 'Taking Candy' and 'First Light'. I've enjoyed these with even 5 v 5. Cheers, Swedge
  11. Swedge

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Yeah mate the warping problems are a non-issue now mate, they were sorted by an Arma patch several versions back. Hope to see you when you're exams are finished. Around 2100hrs GMT was peak last time I checked a few months back. Here are some player numbers for the last week on just the TacticalGamer server: Not sure what I can say about your PC performance. Arma performance has generally improved with successive patches but fingers crossed. The only way to find out is to try it and experiment with your graphics settings, which can make a huge difference. You can also change view-distance on the fly as part of the mod. I've also saved up and bought a new PC just for this game! Don't worry about looking like a dumb ass mate :) I do that regularly and I don't let it stop me! :) There's nothing better than playing PVP on that scale, so I just figure I'll do whatever it takes to get better and just try learn something new every day. It can be a bit confronting at first, so patience is important. Everyone starts the mod knowing nothing and we gradually learn more and more over time by reading the manual and just from experience and learning from other players. It's well-worth it in the long run. Like all games there are friendly players and less-than-friendly players. You will find that at least half are fairly helpful and friendly. Having said that, if you play patiently for a while eventually if you become mates with even a handful of regulars your enjoyment will increase significantly. There's a few Aussie squad-leaders who are regulars and "No worries" is one of the most common things you'll hear, so your suggestion that you stop worrying will likely hit the spot! :) Even though some rounds may involve 100 players simultaneously, we're often covering a realistic battlefield of many kilometres, so individual engagements may involve anywhere between 0 and maybe 75 - if that. There's certainly a learning curve in coming from co-op but many players come from that background and there's lots of new players at the moment so no need to feel out-of-place. If you ever see me in-game, remind me that you're a new player and I'll certainly do what I can to help you out and introduce you. The same goes for other players like [RGG]MasterCaution, [RGG]Dale, MadRabbit, Wormeaten, and many others. Write their names down now mate! :) Be sure and read the manual too, that's critical! Hope to see you! Cheers, Swedge
  12. Swedge

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    G'day, Some of you may remember some of the work or guides I did for Arma 2 OA Insurgency and an ACE version of that. I have played the Project Reality Arma 2 Beta for about 400 hours now, almost 2 hours a day for the last 6 months since I discovered it. Picture this: You're in a squad with guys from all across the planet. Every accent imaginable alongside you: British, Irish, German, Australian, American, Finnish, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian. Quiet periods of hiking through hills and trucking through valleys interrupted only by all hell breaking loose: RPG rounds screaming overhead, machinegun fire kicking up the dirt around you. You're coordinating with your squad to move and engage the enemy effectively and if you're lucky that squad is working on command-channel with 5 or 6 other squads. 99 other humans players with different timezones, backgrounds, skills, characters, and stories, are there on the same server doing the same thing. Like all games, you'll find the usual share of muppets and lone-wolves but if there's a game more engrossing - I havent found it yet! I love PR Arma2 because of the teamwork, realism, strategy, and large server population. It is basically the only game I play. If it's the kind of thing that interests you, by all means check out the official website. I've also written a number of strategy guides and After Action Reviews for this mod and done the odd YouTube video or interview. You can see some of those on my Facebook page. Once you get that taste of human blood from some hardcore PVP infantry action, co-op against AI will be ruined for the rest of your life :) Hope some of you will come and say hello on the PR Arma 2 battlefield! Cheers, Swedge
  13. Yeah mate install 1.60 if you haven't already. Huge improvement. http://www.arma2.com/index.php?Itemid=20 Try servers at 2000hrs GMT, Incognito.
  14. Thanks Hayes! Can't tell you how chuffed I am to hear you're playing it in Israel. Much respect. Also, used to do Krav Maga. My ACE-edit just stands on the shoulders of Pogoman and Fireball who did all the great work developing the original Insurgency missions. When I first started working on the mission I had intended to just literally add every ACE weapon and gear item known to man :) But I decided that I would 'keep it real' and have tried to do background research on every weapon provided to players, to ensure there's at least half-a-chance that they might actually get access to one in real-life :) (relative to the side, eg. US Army). It also keeps the loadout menu quicker and less buggy. If there's particular weapons you're hanging out for, post them up and I'll look into them. I suspect that replacing the loadout menu would be a fair bit of work unfortunately. Is there particular features that you're missing out on, with the current loadout menu? I experimented with different vehicle types but ultimately decided that the CROWS HumV's seem to keep Insurgency infantry-focused rather than armour-focused. But the thermals and T&E adjustments also give Blufor a bit of the technology edge that you'd expect. As Blufor we find that we have a very hard time with Opfor on Veteran or Mercenary too, so I figure that anything less effective than CROWS HumV's would drive Blufor players away. Different vehicles also often seems to mean more work required on the respawn-on-player code to prevent guys from respawning in the dust left behind by their mates who are driving off into the sunset :) I'm fascinated by the Little Birds and had considered them but they have a lot less seats and seem to be mainly used by special operations. I'd love to have civilians too and have already submitted a feature ticket on this for Fireball's original Insurgency mission http://dev-heaven.net/issues/18104. Some people have put them in but just as scenery, ie it doesn't matter if you kill them, which isn't ideal in my opinion. Ideally, there'd be some punishment or lost opportunity to Blufor if they kill civilians. And you would have to detect whether it is indeed Blufor who killed them (or Opfor would kill them just to mess with Blufor :) ). The other thing is, it would make gameplay even harder for Blufor than it is now (ie already extremely hard) ;) In my latest version mortar-spam shouldn't be the issue that it is in some vanilla Insurgency games. Mortar-rounds are limited and there's no artillery computer - you have to use a spotter, range-tables and T&E adjustments etc. Would love to hear anything else you can think of, or bugs. Thank you for your time mate. Happy hunting!
  15. Ha. No worries mate. Sounds like you're having a bit of a bad run between your teeth and your stomach :) Hang in there :) Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.