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  1. TheCrusader

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi, first of all, amazing mod! Its really a must have. One small bugreport: If AGM_Vehicles is active, the strider hmg/gmg (fennek) looses its gunner position (in editor and in game). Only commander, passenger and driver is still possible. Current game version, no other mod active. When AGM_Vehicles.pbo is disabled, the gunner position is accessible as normal. Other than that no problems and and much better gameplay! Cheers Crusader
  2. TheCrusader


    Yeah noticed the disappearing crosshairs too. Only happens to me when I revert to a save of a sp mission though. Cheers Crusader
  3. TheCrusader

    Vehicles radar system

    Awesome, that this has been fixed! Gesendet von meinem iPad mit Tapatalk
  4. TheCrusader

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Just watched the stream and gotta say thats awesome! Especially for communities, where "the zeus" is known and trusted its amazing. Thx for adding this! If it flourishes into a full blown 3D editor all the better, but its already very nice! Cheers, Crusader
  5. TheCrusader

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    +1 couldn't have said it better Cheers, Crusader
  6. TheCrusader

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Awesome man! This is what ARMA 3 needed! Cheers, Crusader
  7. TheCrusader

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Hi LJ, tested a bit and its great! One little suggestion: When turned out as a commander in the Slammer, the reload sound of the cannon is awesome, quite similar to what you hear in steel beasts. When turned in as a commander or gunner the reload sound of the main gun is much more quiet. Would it be possible to have the awesome loud "spend cardridge falling on the floor" sound while turned in also? Cheers Crusader p.s. also holds for T100 :) edit: Here is a sample of what I mean :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Zw93CbN4v-8#t=681 Watch from 11:15.
  8. TheCrusader

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    One word: AWESOME! Great Release LJ! Cheers Crusader
  9. TheCrusader

    VTS Duck Hunt

    Awesome! This combined with bCombat :rolleyes:! Cheers, Crusader
  10. Just chiming in to say thank you! This mod is really what ARMA MP needs IMHO. Keep it up, great work so far! Cheers, Crusader p.s. Agree with Nordkindchen, there are many great mods in the making, changing ARMA for the better, plz consider adding them to the list of allowed mods when they r done!
  11. TheCrusader

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    Amazing news looking forward to it!
  12. TheCrusader

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    There are levels of difficulty in TOH, the easiest which is as simple as the ARMA one. And the AI can fly well in TOH too, so there is absolutely no downside to providing an realistic expert flight model to the people who would like to have one IMHO.
  13. TheCrusader

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    Having a realistic helicopter behavior would be amazing, and I very much appreciate the work u already did for TOH! Having a professional at work for the helicopter model would help the sim a big deal IMHO. Cheers Crusader
  14. TheCrusader


    Hi! Great addon! Just a small bug in the latest dev build: If u go prone, the image disappears, although not set to fade in the user config. Settings: #define FA_STANCE_POS 2 #define FA_FADE 3 #define FA_STANCE_DEBUG 0 Mods used: CBA FA Stance A3 Build: .53.103342 Cheers, Crusader