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    How do you handle your voice chant options?

    No idea about the lag, but people constantly chatting on global, and even blue for that matter, annoys me to no end! The game has a fully working voice chat system, that is incredibly easy to use. I use different keys to talk on different channels, its fully customizable, no need to constantly switch channels with the ";" key.
  2. Antigoon

    A.I Sight

    Sounds to me like you need to lower the ai skill settings. Or try a mod that does that, like Zeus or the likes...
  3. Antigoon

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    I don't care whatsoever. I only play MP, whether it be coop or TvT, and the thing that makes the biggest difference in my enjoyment of the game are the people I play with. The weapons, vehicle, setting and such are of minor importance to me, compared to having good old fashioned decent teamwork. I don't play on public servers though, but I can imagine the lone wolfers, pro-sniperz and fragratio addicts that frequent all those wasteland and domi style missions, might have issue with it.
  4. Antigoon

    TAB lock issue ...

  5. Antigoon

    "Adjust Up" & "Adjust Down"?

    Works fine for me the way it is now.
  6. Haha, been like a year since I did any scripting....silly old me:D As always, thx kylania!
  7. For testing purposes I want to display the bearing from the player's position to a marker. Can't get it to work though... This is what I was using sofar, except the hint it gives is always "Bearing: any"..... _playerpos = getPos player; _markerpos = getMarkerPos "target"; _direction = [_playerpos,_markerpos] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; hintsilent format ["Bearing: %1",_direction];
  8. Antigoon

    Plane and Helicopter handling

    Currently the Armaverse resides in that grey area between game and simulation. If you want it more "gamey" there are plenty of other options out there. If you want more"simulation"....hmm...not so many, atleast none that offer detailed ground and air combat in an open environment. So although I'm happy enough to play Arma as it is, I certainly wouldn't mind a shift in focus towards"simulation". In my experience, things that are harder to master, ultimately give more satisfaction after "mastering" them. Only an (mine) opinion ofcourse.:o Also, it simply feels more real, when it's more "real"!;)
  9. The only thing that realism in effect does, is add another aspect to how you have to approach the game. What I mean by that is, taking Katipo's example of ACE's fatigue system, not using it means you can sprint indefinitely with as much gear as you can carry (in the interface). If you do choose to use it, it adds the aspect of logistic planning, you'll need transportation and support in order to move across the battlefield and achieve objectives. It kinda complicates things a little bit more. Now, if you play MP, I find that there are plenty of people who like this aspect. I see lots of people voluntarily picking the role of a transport pilot or any other support role that's available. And I can expand on that even further by, for example, reloading....suppose you need a bit more than 4 seconds to reload your SAW while suppressing an enemy position (realism would dictate quite a bit longer than that), you'd have to rely on your teammates to pick up their rate of fire to compensate for the temporary loss of firepower that your SAW provides... Same thing with medics, being healed in a few seconds or having a bit more trouble and complicated protocols, forces your team to provide covering fire, establish a defense and, if applicable, an evac option... I can go on and on, but the point is, this can be very well done and enjoyable in MP. Like I said, there are plenty of players who enjoy that kind of gameplay. And those are the core aspects of what realism actually does for me. It adds another level to the game in certain situations. Flying too difficult and complicated for you because it feels too real? I like the fact that I need good pilots in my game, just like I trust certain people more with the RPG7 than others. And then there is SP. Doesn't matter how you look at it or with how many friendly AI you play....you play alone! And then all of a sudden a lot of these "realistic" features become a nuisance. There's no real interaction between you and the AI. I can't imagine doing nothing else but ferrying AI over to the battlefield as a transport pilot... I can't imagine playing as a medic for an hour, healing AI who were too dumb to realise they should sprint for cover instead of laying down in the middle of the road... Who am I going to shout "Reloading" to, if I'm surrounded by AI? Will they really pick up their rate of fire too? So if I was to play a lot of SP...yes, a lot of things would bother me as being too realistic, in part because of the difficult AI system you need to work with. I not only understand, but I'm also certain I would feel the same way! But I play MP, be it coop or TvT. And I think this is where Arma and in particular, "realistic" Arma shines! And that's why I support more realism in this game...not just for the sake of realism, but because it sometimes adds to the gameplay!
  10. I sometimes think it's the limitations and difficulties this game poses on you, are what makes the game more fun. It simply rewards different things than most other games. The cautious thinking player is going to be more succesfull than the run and gun skillbased player who simply wants to shoot and kill stuff. Although in the end, we all like to shoot and kill stuff, this game forces you to do that in a different way. So let's talk about "improvements to this game" and not about "changes based on some other game"...if that makes any sense at all:confused: This thread is a good example of that.
  11. I quickly read through this thread and haven't found a reference to suppression in it. If it is already here, ignore this. So,I'd like to be able to really suppress the AI! Right now, I believe it is implemented somewhat in A2 already, but not to the point where it should be imo. More often than not, we can see AI plunking off a few very accurate shots, even though a SAW and 2 or 3 riflemen are hosing down the immediate area around the AI. In terms of firefights, this is the one thing that would improve them considerably I think. If you play some TvT you'll notice that you don't even need some special effects to simulate this. The bullets whizzing around your head are usually enough to keep your head down and start thinking about changing position. The AI, to a degree, still seems to be somewhat unaffected by this. Edit; Apparently I missed a discussion about suppression in another thread, so ignore this!
  12. You are absolutely right! That's why I said instead of all of these threads. And I have to admit it's just a personal feeling I get by reading a lot of these threads. It's a recurring theme, that's all.I am all for making the game better in every way possible, but what I do dislike is people wanting this game to be more like some other game they play...and, I admit, that's another personal feeling I get from reading these threads. Variety is the spice of life and (again...personally) I am very glad this game exists in the way it does now. It's the only one of it's kind and imo that's a good thing. I think BIS does a great job! It just seems that a lot of people are always saying "Well, if BIS would change this or that, they would sell so much more and there would be so many more players and....etc...". While this could be true, I'll leave the business side up to the company itself. Again, you can look at this as elitism or fanboïsm or whatever you want, but stuff that appeals to a greater audience is not necessarily of a greater quality. So while I can get the same Big Mac just about anywhere in the world, I still prefer a good meal prepared with some love by a decent cook. If I don't like the food, I'm not gonna tell the chef what he should put on the menu instead....I'll just go to another restaurant that does serve what I like. So, yes, all of these are personal opinions based on a thread that had the title "Finding the right ballance between realism and playability" and in some way found itself discussing the semantics of a few terms used to describe a game. And, yes, some of the suggestions made would be positive for the game, without doubt! But some suggestions simply make me cringe when I think about them. And with regards to reaching a larger audience...by all means, yes , but experience tells me that this game is just not for everyone! Ofcourse I'll have to admit, I'm a middle aged guy who knows nothing about gaming in general. I haven't bought a game in 2 years and don't feel the need to either. There's a great bunch of lads I play with every weekend, who approach the game just as I do and enjoy it just as much. And for every 5 players that join, only one or so comes back the next weekend, so clearly there are more ways than one to enjoy this game. There is however one constant, I feel, this game will give you back exactly what you put in it. Same as with just about everything in life.
  13. I find that to be the case more often than not! If you look at join dates and post counts, a lot of these threads are started by people who try out Arma, while coming from other games..whatever they may be, COD, CS, BF, etc... While they are so used to that FPS gaming style, they find that Arma would be better if.....(fill in the blanks yourself)...and start threads about how BIS should have made Arma1&2 and should definately avoid making those mistakes on Arma3. And then you get the inevitable...people who are fine with the way things are, are suddenly called "fanboys" who can't stand or allow criticism of their favorite game. Threads like these explode into a discussion about what terms as "playability, accessability, simulation, simulator, etc..." mean. I think if those people that try Arma for the first time and get frustrated with it to the point where they start threads about how clunky the game feels, or how it has too many controls, or how the AI is too complicated and dumb at the same time, put a little more time and effort into the game, they'd have a lot more fun with it. But essentially is what they want to avoid, isn't it?
  14. Antigoon

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Put in the time and effort to join an Arma community or clan, play some decent coop or tvt games with them and if you ditch the "fragrate" attitude and adopt the teamwork/support attitude....you'll enjoy the game immensely for years to come! This is only my opinion, but I don't like the idea of making comparisons with other games and saying "why doesn't BIS do it that way?" because of what another game does. Let BIS do their thing with their games, and the other game developers theirs. I see no point in trying to come up with a common flavor in order to attract more customers. It'll quickly become a rather bland flavor. Something BIS has always managed to avoid, and I, for one, see that as a good thing.
  15. You can use any side you want. Look here for info on how to use the script.