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  1. Please add seperate parameters for the different Post Processing effects in the .cfg...So we can control which effects should be enabled/disabled...
  2. I would like to be able to set ALL PP settings at least in the .cfg file seperatly. Especially SSAO and Blur.
  3. The_Nexus

    Interface discussion

    It would be nice if there will be the radio sounds and spotting system with the clock from Operation Arrowhead for default arma 2 with the next patch...
  4. Somehow the trees float a meter above the ground in the air^^. Whatever, theres a FPS-Impact from 5-30(!!!) FPS. And it doesnt look so bad. PS: Your performance-mods are nice.
  5. The_Nexus

    Graphics engine improvement

    Yes.....Please BIS, get it to run on mid-spec pc's first :mad: . After that there is place for some image improvements :/.
  6. Buyed it over steam. After hours of tweaking, I get 30-60 fps on Utes and 30 on Chenarus. This game is dead for me, until theres a chance to play it playable through a patch. Is there any hope for one...? :(