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  1. This problem continues even after a reinstall, a registry clean, and a complete check of proper patch installations. I can't get through a single player mission without "ARMA 2 has crashed" Or "ARMA 2 Reinforcements has crashed." Multiplayer is without a hitch, 5 hours of continuous play without a crash. Never had a single bit of trouble with this game being unstable, whatever patch 1.60 did it sure qualifies as that now. Are the moderators refusing to respond in this thread because they deem the problem antiquated in some way, or endemic/problematic with certain computers? Sure would like to hear some sort of responce or suggestion beyond "lets see your ARMA 2OA RPT file," this is my favorite game currently on the market, but I am becoming frustrated because I have not been able to play it for months now.
  2. OK so I downloaded version 1.11 for ARMA 2, my OA version says 1.52, this is where I am confused? What patches do I have to downlaod to get to version 1.60? All of them? On the gamersgate page for ARM2 OA it just says "patches 1.50-1.55 to 1.56..... and then just patch 1.59 as seperate download from the others? Thanks for your help by the way :) Also, I have no clue what version of 1.60 to dowload? Is this is never explained anywhere, which is partly why I have almost had it with this game, it is great but I spend more time trying to understand it then actually playing it.
  3. Ok So my ARMA 2 says version 1.10, so I guess I don't need to install any patches for that? But my OA version says 1.52? Do you know what patches I should download to get to 1.6, or if it is just one patch?
  4. Just had to reinstall because of the various issues I was getting involving "ARMA 2 Reinforcemets has crashed." ( which never happended until 1.60 and things appeared to be installed correctly ) I have ARMA 2 from gamers gate, and ARMA OA from Gamers gate, what patches do I need to install because I want to make sure I do this exactly right this time? I have no idea if I patch both games with all the patches avilable? Or if I patch the latest version 1.60 OA and that brings both games up to where I need them to be. There is Alot of technical esoteric jibberish in this thread for various things but no simple explanation about what to do for this basic fundamental step imperatively important for "playing the game", this baffles me I must admit.
  5. I can't for the life of me figure out why this is crash keeps happening, I have yet to find any solution to this at the moment. My single player games are unplayable at the moment. I tried the -noautoupdate in the command line and that had no impact at all. I have not been able to play this game in months ever since patch 1.60 FUBARED it. :mad: Any update, or is this game to remain broken?
  6. I am using these files below from the SLXCO and have not experienced any standing dead in a long time. Although I am not sure if other things can go wrong with what I have. I can't get ACE, Blastcore, ASR AI, and SLX to work perfectly all the time though. Cars never burn or smoke with ACE and blastcore together, and sometimes my AI team simply won't listen for periods during my created missions with SLX present with the others here. Slx lying Slx anim crawl slx anim death Slx anim injured Slx anim prone Slx steeplying Slx anims Slx cloud Slx find cover Slx slx mod man armour Slx netcode Slx ragdoll slx no move object Slx remove first aid Slx remove heal action Slx shout Slx surrender Slx wounds Slx slx wounds ais Slx wounds heads
  7. Are you going to release the ACRs as part of a bigger mod or are you going to release them seperate?:D
  8. stevedrumsdw

    Consistent crashing with mods since patch 1.60

    Same thing here with the crashes and cfg errors, I don't know what is causing this. I don't have reinforcements either. :confused:
  9. These look real nice, I can't wait for a release.
  10. stevedrumsdw

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Could somebody make the old XM8 version that had the grenade launcher and the x4 scope with cqb sights. It was my favorite gun, before being limted.
  11. stevedrumsdw

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Merrry Christmas Jarhead!!! Thanks man this is epic, the distant sounds are amazing. Thanks again!!!!!!:yay::bounce3:
  12. stevedrumsdw

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hey Jarhead, I have some great recipes for pork chops: Brown sugar, ketchup, onion, and a bit of lemon juice make a quick sauce for pork chops. You can easily double this recipe to serve a crowd. 4 pork chops 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup ketchup Pm secret link for 1.4 beta 2 tablespoons minced onion 1 tablespoon lemon juice Heat a large skillet over high heat. Sear the pork chops until browned, 1 to 2 minutes per side. Transfer the pork chops to a slow cooker. Pm me secret link to 1.4 beta Mix the brown sugar, ketchup, onion, and lemon juice in a bowl; spoon over the pork chops. 2. Cook on Low until the pork chops are very tender, 4 to 6 hours.:)
  13. stevedrumsdw

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Icebreakr is a legend for maps! I have used his maps more than any others by far. Thanks ICE, you are the best.:)
  14. stevedrumsdw

    ACE for OA 1.12

    @Sickboy: This version of ACE does not allow the binocular zoom mod that I have always used to work. Is there an option for this somewhere to turn on, or would I have to mod something( which I have not a clue how to do :)) to get the zoom to work with the binoculars again? I have always used this mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6626