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  1. I actually don't think ARMA 3 does run that bad, I have a fairly old rig by most people's standards and I'm running it flat out (ultra everything I can and sensible shadow and distance settings) running at 1920x1080 I have an i5 2500k overclocked to 4G. 8G ddr3 ram and a 2G ATI 7850 GFX card. None of which today would cost very much. Yet I see people with much newer and expensive GFX cards and processors complaining ? I really don't get why.. Makes me reluctant to upgrade lol My reply is not to brag but simply to stop the rumour that you need a super computer to run this game anything over 30 FPS, because you don't Maybe like someone on here said before me, stop worrying about FPS and just enjoy the game ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  2. Me too, really annoying when in stealth mode all prone on hold fire command so we can get close and my AI team mates are shouting every two minutes .. Crazy
  3. thank you so much guys . . bigpoppablunts this is a game changer for me. . .many thanks! ineptaphid - this looks great also. . will defo try it
  4. Hi I am looking for a good mod to play , online preferably. survival type. I have downloaded Exile mod, since i see thats very common , however , I've been in one server and it was dead,when i installed it , and was joining the server i did get a lot of warnings saying stuff was missing, but it still loaded and got me in game. but like i said i seem to be missing loads :/ I am new to Arma 3, so if anyone does play these types of mods and can give me an idiots guide of what to install and where to get it, that would be great thank you
  5. hmm ok .. . re-installed ARMA and all working fine now. . . but i noticed all my gfx setting where auto detected and set to higher than before . . then i remembered I overclocked my rig last night from 3.3 - 4G . . i wonder if this corrupted something ? . . ..
  6. My ARMA 3 is acting very odd this morning. . i literally loaded it up and played APEX campaign late last night, turned off my machine, went to play it again first this this morning and everything seems odd. . ;. First. . i click to launch arma through the stupid loader, the screen goes black like its loading it, but then it returns to desktop, i click on the ARMA icon which has just appeared and it goes black again, then returns to desk top... i do this about 4 times and finally ARMA 3 seems to kick in and load. . :o then on the main screen of ARMA i notice all the menu text looks low res, i thought this seemed odd again . . but maybe just me, so i carried on, clicked campaigns and i get an error APEX campaign is missing. . :391: I have tried verifying game cache, that made zero difference .. .what has happened literally over night to cause this ? ? - i am on the verge of re-installing but surely I shouldn't have to? and i'm not entirely sure this will fix it???? seems very odd. . am working from home today so was hoping to get a few games in. . :k: Any advice would be great. . .
  7. I did indeed mean that, thank you for clarifying gstoetti94 :)Otherwise your mission will end abruptly, just have a slight delay on that third end mission trigger ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  8. I too will be getting this mod tonight, sounds great - pardon the pun :)
  9. Might be an idea to put a timer of 10-30 seconds on that so it doesn't end the very second you kill the last enemy ! :)
  10. chacne

    Basic help for newbie ...

    Thank you jackal
  11. chacne

    Basic help for newbie ...

    So back on topic :) Weapon deployment in my controls is 'c' by default (I have Apex expansion don't know if this changes anything) But I've yet to see it work.... And as for spotting, I couldn't see where to bind this too at all ? ( soldier front 200meter that kind of thing) but last night when playing online my guy started spotting enemy soldiers to my team mates automatically when I was engaged In a fire fight, I don't know what happened, but surely this isn't an automatic process be because the other guys in my team were spotting enemies (through automatic text chat) all the time and I couldn't seem to - confused by this :-/
  12. chacne

    co10 Escape

    awesome, missions sounds great . ..will try it now
  13. chacne

    Basic help for newbie ...

    Thank you ineptaphid for your reply ðŸ‘🼠, so there are controls needed for the game that don't come ' binded' ok I'll have a look at the controls when I get back from work - again many thanks
  14. Hi all, Very new to ARMA and have some question I haven't immediately found the answer to. 1, the fatigue system - that white bar which sometimes goes orange ? How's that's work? 2, weapon bi pods try pods , do they work ? Read somewhere caps lock to operate them? What's does that stance silhouette signafy ? Does it mean I can rest the weapon or does it mean it will simulate the effect of it rested? 3, when I'm playing on line, other can 'spot' enemy - looks like default text - enemy infantry man 100m etc , how do you do that? 4, I know how to bring the compass and watch , and Ctl and m for gps, Is there any other aids I can use like that? I'm sure I've seen a ARMA 3 video with a sniper bringing up some kind of wind and range device, bare in mind I only learnt L for the laser light yesterday. Any other literally beginner tips would be great - and yes I have searched forums I've read the first 20 pages of the Q and A with no answer to any of this .. Many thanks in advance
  15. Hi guys I want to install battle royale, but there is a suggestion when i did last time it overwrote some of the default addons therefore stopping me playing some original missions etc see here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/192829-missing-add-ons-from-prologue-on-new-install/ so my question .. How can i install this ensuring that doesn't happen again? as ive just re-installed from fresh and don't want to have to do it all again should the same happen again ?