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  1. LRK89

    Into the Storm

    I had the same problem but i just restarted the mission and it worked fine. just start again and see if that helps
  2. LRK89

    US PC GAMER December issue, just a heads up.

    thanks, just checking it out now
  3. I over clocked my x3 720. just buy upping the mutiplier to 16x giving me a 400mhz increase inspeed on stock voltage. Im too scared to up the voltage and try higher as my Dram dont have heat sinks and i dont want to fry them as my pc is on 24/7. but i can play arma 2 with everything on very high except Post processing and it runs great. no need for a core i-7 thats including AA and AF on higest settings and the average fps is 25 thats pretty playable to me.
  4. LRK89

    US PC GAMER December issue, just a heads up.

    is there or was there anything like this in the UK version of PC gamer? it sounds like a good read.
  5. LRK89

    Good things about ARMA 2

    Sounds excellent but how do you use modules? I tried making a warefare game in the editor on the Chenuras(something like that) map but it dont work. i place the contruction module and the HQ module or something and then add some troops and sequenized them to the modules fired it up and nothing.. i can enter contruction mode but i cant build anything as i have no money. so i tried again this time i placed a warefare module and fired it up... loading.... loads then it says reciving 5 mins later its still saying reciving. whats up with that? is there a guide on how to use modules?
  6. LRK89

    Mission 3

    hi iv got a slight prob with mission 3... the lag! i can have everything on very high and a 3000 view distance but in the distance the textures look sh1t and so do buildings in the distance i got AA on but they still look jaggy and flicker. its annoying and it only happens in that city. the last two missions run perfectly and looked great even in the editor i can have heli's flying around and 60 guys shooting the crap out of each other and there is no lag or crap textures. anyone else having probs in this city?
  7. Thanks! that sounds pretty simple. but what if the A.I decided to run out of the village in to some woods for cover for example? or if reinforcements were on there way therefore not all enemy units have been killed. sorry for making it more difficult lol
  8. I have just started playing Arma 2 so far only on mission 2... but iv messed around with the editor alot and I know how to place units and give them waypoints and set up triggers ect. but I dunno how to set victory conditions. example: I got 5 guys in a village if I kill them all i want it to say mission complete and give me the score and stats. but how do I do that? once I know that i can start making simple missions to try out when im bored can someone help please :)
  9. I dont own one so Im not sure exactly how to do it. your going to have to google it. but i would try looking in the bios for an option to switch it off. Hyper threading makes your core-I think it has an extra 4 cores I think but im not totally sure. worst thing that could happen is BSOD... yes thats it 3d resolution change that to the same res your running the game at. I know 1920 x 1080 is not the higest res avaliable but its alot of pixels for a game this demanding. lowering the resolutions will make it easier on your GPU and make the game run smoother. And your rig is not poor. your cpu is way better than mine and we have the same GPU :) let me know if this helps
  10. has anyone here used of are using fps helper 1.2? can you post some screens of before and after so I can see what it looks like please. i want to use but not if it makes it look crappy
  11. This is my specs: AMD Phenom II x3 720 BE @ 3.2Ghz XFX HD 4890 1GB Corsair DDR3 2GB And like i said above I can run it fine with no problem. I read somewhere that for Core-I users they should turn of hyper threading which should give a decent performance when running Arma 2. also what resolution are you trying to run the game at? if your trying it at 1920×1080 you can dream on. try 1600 or 1400 if you dont want to run at 1280... Also set Graphic resolution (think thats what its called) to the same as your screen resolution. see if that helps.
  12. I would like to say i have HD4890 1gb and have everthing on very high with a view distance of 3000 (can do 7000 but when looking in the distance threw a scope the textures look crap) AA is on normal. and it looks great at 1280 * 1024 on my 28 inch HD TV. I encounted the artifacting when i installed the new 9.9 drivers but im not sure thats what caused it beacuse i turned AA off to increase FPS but when i tested my system in the editor (had about 100 v 100 ) the artifacting kicked in! i then when in the options and changed video memory from very high to defult and it was fine but it did it again so i changed AA to medium and it has not done it since. and im getting about 28 FPS average which is good enough to play. have you guys tried with AA on and off? I also had it on high and never had it but it would lag when alot of stuff is going on. Also when looking threw my scope with the m4 (so far..) there is glare (sometimes) on the optics. is this a glitch or annoying feature?
  13. LRK89

    Into the Storm

    Hey thanks, I started again too and this time took the woman and doc to the safe house and found the mass grave, only thing that annoyed me that it said i failed to meet at point liquid when i was standing there. regardless I went on and this time i too did the targets in order and it worked so now i just got to get threw mission 2 which was a laugh, miles sent us in to the village and i hear a tank near by, looking around I see nothing so I crouch by a building when i hear Enemy. Man. Close. In Front. Of Us. x6 then Tank in front of us. *gulp* I then see two guys running towards me. I look threw my scope and I dunno if this is a graphic glitch but this is glare in my scope so i could barly see where i was aiming but I manage to kill one guy.... mean while machine gun fire was all around me "Oh no 1 is down" "This is 2 taking command. "sh1t 5 is down!" then before i could even say the sh1t has hit the fan. I took two bullets and hit the floor heavly injured and then presented with the option to start again... next time round I saved it just before the point I died but it was too late to try again so will try again later. How well did you do when you played mission 2?
  14. I just want to add im stuck on the 1st mission and i got bored beacuse I completed the laser task but miles didnt continue on with the mission so I unloaded my whole M16 clip in his face and it did nothing I then picked up a enemy machine gun and sprayed the whole squad and they were not fazed by this. Is it normal for them to be Invinsable on the 1st mission?
  15. LRK89

    Into the Storm

    Hi I got exactly the same problem I have destroyed the builing, the tank and the shilka under the camo. But task still says "designate targets" is not done and when I too go back to my squad they just stand there and maybe say 'clear' or go prone. ?? Im thinking about starting again or have I missed something?