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  1. This is driving me absolutely crazy. I am in M2A4 Slammer Up version. I have AI in Gunner and Driver positions while I sit in the commanders position. I swing my view to the right (doesn't matter if zoomed in or not) and when I stop moving my mouse to the right (as well as UP and DOWN), instead of the turret stoping it springs back the opposite direction (like its attached to a rubber band). Same thing happens when I move to the left. As soon as I stop moving my mouse to the left, its springs back to the right. I am not using Turret Stabalization and nothing is targeted. The same thing happens when I move to the gunner position. I can even have my AI disembark, then I disembark. Wait a few minutes and climb into the tank, move to the gunner position or the commands position and the same thing happens. I have also checked to see if it was because the AI was swinging the Turret the opposite direction at the same time but that is not it either.... Any ideas? I tried: Left Ctrl+Rmb Left Ctrl+T The turret will even start moving on its on (rubber banding to the right or left as well as UP and DOWN) at times... I have no AI mods installed but I do have other mods. CBA_A3 CUP (and Maps) Bloodlust Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Towing Achilles Actionbuilder Advanced Train Simulator Alive Spyder Addons Any help would be greatly appreciated if any of you have run into this problem and know how to fix it. Thanks
  2. Ah, okay! Thank you a lot guys for help in figuring this out! You guys Rock! So do the awesome guys making all these awesome mods and missions! Plus of course BIS for making the game! Truly Awesome Sauce! Cheers
  3. Okay... I found the culprit of the problem BUT not how to fix it. I did not realize, the Single player campaign I was playing is "In Our Time" which is NOT the main campaign but one I downloaded. The problem is still there though after I removed GetTactical and Virtual Arsenal Mods from the game. I even reverted the mission I was on (started Fresh) and the Debug Console is still there. So I left the campaign and opened up the editor as it was suggested I do. I hovered my mouse over all the icons and wrote down the Keyboard Shortcuts for all the items. Debug Console is infact Ctrl+D. I pressed Ctrl+D at the settings screen (Debug console did NOT close) I even tried it in the campaign mission and then hit "Escape" but the Debug Console is still there. Could this be a Glitch or Error in the game that is causing it to show up? Should I be reporting this as an error in the game to the devs? The debug Console should close with the Keyboard Shortcut shouldn't it? Again, Debug Console shows up when I hit the "Escape" key to go to the Menu to Save, Load, Restart Mission, Save and Exit menu screen. Please help!
  4. Thanks... I will check. I only use a few addons. I wonder if its virtual arsenal addon.. I use it to test different weapons on single player missions I download that only have a few weapons in them. My addons are: CBA A3 GetTactical (AWESOME SAUCE) sthud st stamina bar VA (Virtual Arsenal) [sP Campaign] In Our Time (Single Player Campaign Mission) Thanks.. Still wonder what the key combo is.. would make it a lot easier to fix this then to remove addons!
  5. It is the Prologue for the MAIN Campaign for Arma 3. After I had brought up the settings menu on the left (Hit escape) I accidently hit some keys on my keyboard and it showed up (Brushed my hand over the keyboard accidently). So I am pretty sure its a key combination, I just don't know what...
  6. I am having a very irritating moment in Arma 3 right now. Somehow, when I was playing, I hit the "Escape" key so that I could save my campaign mission progress and that's when I somehow "Activated" the debug console. Now when ever I hit "Escape" to save, reload or change settings that damn debug console shows up. I cannot figure out how to make it go away "Close". What Keystrokes or button on the keyboard do I use to make the debug console go away? I have searched the internet and this website for an answer but unable to find it. I am sure this happened to me before as well but I am unable to find any post on it. I have included a thumbnail image and you can click on it to see a larger image of what I mean (debug console). Please help me remove this from the ingame Menu Screen/Settings EDIT: Thumbnail did not show up... :( Still isn't for me, maybe its a profile setting for my account...!... BLAH.. now its showing up.. :(qq
  7. lazerath

    AI Configuration - feedback

    Been waiting for this fix or additional command for a long time! Probably won't happen which is too bad!
  8. lazerath

    Mine Detector not making a difference

    Also if you have "mine visable" disabled in game options you won't have a red triangle around mines that are detected. Then you still won't see them unless you have awesome eyes!
  9. Edit Post: Not sure how I posted the same thing twice. Removed double post and responding to another post! Yes, typo was my fault. I meant the .338. So it goes after the .408. Thanks for the info guys! Strongest to weakest round chart 50cal 12.7mm .408mm 9.3mm .338mm 7.62mm 6.5mm 5.56mm 9mm Okay, that should be correct now! Thank you!
  10. First of all I don't buy the bs about it being against protocals. US special forces and most other countries DO use enemy uniforms in conflict and its been happening since ww1, ww2 and most other conflicts including Afghanistan, Iraq, and currently in the Ukraine by Russia. As far as people noticing faces, come on guys. In war you don't know everyone and like I said its proven fact they all do this, only uninformed and naive people don't know or believe this! Anyhow, moving on! Strongest to weakest round chart 50cal 12.7 .408 .308 9.3 7.62 6.5 5.56 Okay, does that look like the correct order of strength for the rifle rounds? I checked in the virtual arsenal and I think I have it correct. Could someone confirm this? Thank you in advance!
  11. Thanks for the replies. As far as being against the geneva convention and it not supposed to happen in real life, thats a mistake. Terrorists do it all the time (wear enemy uniforms to infiltrate the opposing side). It happened in ww1, ww2, and most major cpnflicts since. So to me that should be part of the game. USA, Russia, Vietnamese, Alqueda (not sure on spelling lol), ISIS and many other countries/factions have all employed this strategy in wars. I will check the virtual arsenal out but I was actually looking for a list/guide but I suppose nobody has put one together. As for question number 3 I think my question was misunderstood. What I was looking for was something like this: Strongest to weakest round chart 50cal 7.62 6.5 5.56 Listing the rounds from strogest to weakest or vice versa. That way I know which weapon in general is more powerful then the next etc. That way I can choose the right weapon for each mission etc. I have no idea which is stronger except 50 cal being one of the strongest except for the new marksmen weapon that shoots a subsonic 50cal round. Cheers
  12. Hi folks, I have a few questions I would appreciate some help with! Question #1 As a player we have different options for the gear we can have our guy wear such as uniforms, vests and backpacks. It appears to me as though some of those gear store more or less objects in them. Example: some back packs can store more stuff then others and some vests can store more or less stuff then others. My question to you is there a guide some where that lists all the different gear your player can wear and how much each piece of gear can hold? Question #2 In the campaign or player made missions if my player can get ahold of an enemy uniform and wear it, will it help me get near/closer to the enemy without/before they attack me verses wearing my factions uniform? Question #3 I don't know very much about the different ammo sizes and there strengths vs each other. Could some list them in order from strongest to weakest or vice versa for me? (Talking about ammo for infantry guns, not launchers or other weapons) Thank you for your help in advance! I love this game, good job Bohemia, all the modders and others who help support it and make it the best fps sandbox game in the world (My opinion)!
  13. This addod has to be my favorite for arma3. I was shocked and suprised it did not place for a top 3 ranking. Should have won a prize in my opinion. I really do hope that you are able and willing to keep supporting this fantastic add on for the life of arma 3. It is one of the reasons I still play this game and in my opinion it should actually be integrated into the game as one of its main features for single player! You are awesome in my opinion sir!
  14. Unable to download from the Original Post. Download Link is Broken!
  15. lazerath

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    Well personally, I think it brought out the best in you. Your Get Tactical AI Menu is a MUST HAVE Install for me. I cannot bring myself to play the Single Player game now with out using it. It just seems like Arma 3 is naked with out it... and not in a good, sexy, curvy way either... More like a cellulite contest! LoL *Sorry... should have kept that to myself LoL* Okay, so I finished playing with the tactical skirmish and restarted the mission so I could try the campaign.. It loaded up with NO problems at all.. (I am clueless as to why it gave me so many problems before). The only thing I can think of is either my PC is having some issues and I need to do a fresh Windows Install or else Arma 3 itself is still bugging out (which it still does have problems). So on a bright note, I got to try your campaign mission. It seems very good so far. I did however run in to a possible bug (unless it was intended that way). I will put it in spoiler tags incase it was not a bug and instead I just did not understand what was supposed to happen.. Thank you again for your hard work!