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  1. D.Sloane

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    i really liked the vests adacas. but armor values maybe lil bit too high? what do u think?
  2. D.Sloane

    RH wip Thread

    Hey rh :) what happened to the aa-12 shotgun you were working on for arma 2? Any plans to release that for arma 3?
  3. D.Sloane

    NATO uniforms

    yeah i would like to see a "choose flag" option at profile editor.
  4. really good work pomigit. it worth to wait for this release mate :) thanks for the great mod
  5. im sure that he's working to make the mod flawless or close to that :) if he needs time that means he needs time. leave the man alone :)
  6. i really appreciate the work and time you are putting into your mod mate. that's what this community needs imo. keep up the good work bud :) i didn't mean any pressure by asking a release date btw. just wondered about whats happening :) thanks for the new info :)
  7. so any news related to release date ?
  8. D.Sloane

    SJB Weapons Pack

    excellent work so far sam. i always liked the weapon mods that tf 86 uses. these mods will be excellent addition to arma 3. keep up the good work mate :)
  9. D.Sloane

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    i hope you didn't forget the turkish flag bink ;)
  10. D.Sloane

    Quick poll about the game so far

    filled it out.thanks :)
  11. D.Sloane

    Helmet Cam + livestream to teammates

    thats what i was talking about. great work bud :)
  12. D.Sloane

    Will the Helmets come with more functions?

    since there is picture in picture tech available in arma3, head cam thing is not impossible. imagine that u can check your friend's fov with a little lcd screen in your gear. just like HuntIR in Ace.
  13. opt out from beta at steam options of arma 3. this will resolve issiue at your side. still if somebody joins to the server you are playing, with using dev build, most of the players will turn into seagulls. at least thats what i understand from dev build issiue
  14. D.Sloane


    it is a no name diver's watch. search google for diver watch or diver wristwatch.
  15. D.Sloane

    Arma 2 CO problem with steam

    official update from steam and manual update to arma2 resolved the problem. thanks :)
  16. Hello all, i was playing arma 2 co with ace till 1-2 months ago. i was away for a while and didn't play it. today i want to play some and updated ace to last version. then downloaded the 1.60 rc4 and started arma 2 co as usual from steam. batch file did its thingy then i got into game. problem is arma2 is showing up as loaded but i cannot join any server with arma2 files in and i get errors about arma2 files while opening the game. game still opens but only arma 2 oa and dlcs are there. arma 2 also shows up as in expansions at the main menu but the files are not here(my arma2 is installed in a different directory. but it wasn't a problem for all this time i was playing.). my arma 2 is disk version. arma 2 oa and dlcs are from steam. also 1.60 rc4 didn't update my arma2. when i run it standalone, it shows version 1.07 on the main menu.rc4 only updated the arma 2 oa and dlcs. so what can i do? i uninstalled and installed oa and dlcs. didn't do it to arma2 though. but i sceptical that its related to that. so what can i do or did i do something wrong? thank you.
  17. hey kommiekat. i'll tell you what i did. i just downloaded the addons from the links ranger gave on this forums at the first page. no problem occured for me. sjb sbs pack downloaded from that link and all the other addons. you are running the mod on vanilla arma2 co oa right? i mean no ace2 or acex?
  18. i think ranger made it a required addon a while back. just install it and try it again. maybe it will remove your problem. ---------- Post added at 09:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:28 PM ---------- btw i just finished playing the campaing. its really good. i wont give any spoilers ofcourse. im waiting for the next one. btw ranger, if you need any help for next campaing story (im not meaning the current ones are bad :) ) i really like to help you about that. i have some stuff , i told some of those to binkowski but i guess he's not interested in sf story campaings. if you want, u can contact me from here.
  19. you will use it like any other addon. run the game with the -mod=@AddonName style. got it?
  20. check the rpt file kommiekat. i was stuck at the same place then i found i was missing the addon nim weather.
  21. found the error. it was because of the nim weather stuff. i forgot to run it. im at the podagorsk mission right now. it is one of the best campaing i've ever played in arma2. good work ranger.
  22. hey ranger. im having a problem with the mission after the metal militia. at the end of the mission, after cutscene game freezes. i have all the reqiured addons and also most of the optional ones (i only dont have the m4 with the laser). im running on vanilla arma 2 except those addons. what might be the problem? btw, thanks for the super campaing mate. it is one of the best i played so far.
  23. D.Sloane

    RH wip thread

    robert, u are a really determined person i'll give u that mate :) i found these on net. those are actionfigure replicas from movie "predators". i hope it helps robert. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1luLRXKoJM8/TNVNVyKrIhI/AAAAAAAAmyc/SjM3Aa5QDCQ/s1600/922_royce.jpg http://www.toyanxiety.com/images/products/predators/royce/shotgun.jpg
  24. D.Sloane

    RH wip thread

    i'm still looking forward for that custom aa-12 rh :) any plans for it?
  25. D.Sloane

    RH wip thread

    i am not insisting on that camo. just giving the idea to robert for him to use in his projects.