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  1. Zeron

    Is it time to buy ArmA 2?

    The problems you mentioned arent fixed.
  2. Zeron

    Arma2 using only 2gb ram?

    to be honest arma2 is not even using 2gig of ram for me, its using like 1.5GB the max. ;)
  3. server is updated to 330 but still says its running 329.
  4. Zeron

    CTD at main menu with 1.05 patch

    remove the old drivers properly, install the newest one, including DirectX
  5. Next time just send someone to public forums without strict moderation who can handle this "work", Public relation isnt for everyone. Good luck in the other forums though :)
  6. first lets see if this mod will be worthy of even consider licensing it before worrying about how you can get it on your server ;)
  7. Zeron

    ARMA2 and Team Speak 3

    use whisper lists. You can set up whisper groups, acts the same way as channel commander. It remembers who you added to the group so if you act with the same leaders its enough to do it once.
  8. Zeron

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    so its now -mod=@Dualaparameter;@zcommon;@sub_apmine;@RealMortars;@mod1;@mod2;@mod3;@mod4
  9. Zeron

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    i am not sure you can have spaces in the folder
  10. Zeron

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    do you guys disabling aero and all that fancy effects while playing right?
  11. Zeron

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    Yes you have more then capable system. Because its good feedback if you add the specs to the post, so i pointed out and it happened ;) Yes as i mentioned your rig should have no problem running this game, doesnt matter the OS. I am not saying you dont, but still if there is no good drivers for your motherboard etc, then doesnt matter how much you finetune.
  12. Zeron

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    sorry man i am not visiting channels like that, linked or not :) Well its a not so bad PC indeed. A bit outdated CPU and a bit too few VRAM still i dont understand why it wouldnt run Arma2 in an acceptable level. I mean down to 8FPS from 22 is extreme. I will gladly admit Win7 may be slower in certain games but this level of FPS decrease points towards bad drivers instead of a shit operation system, which every benchmark proves to be not so shitty :)
  13. Zeron

    Arma 2 on windows 7

    As i said without the specs this post has no use ;)
  14. Zeron

    10th Special Forces Group

    10th SFG has a new site and teamspeak URL: Site URL: http://10thsfg.org teamspeak URL: ts.jsoc-gamer.org:9988