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  1. so, we're not gonna see a version in ARMA II?
  2. unfortunately I figured this coming, pretty much every decent mod team has jumped on the ARMA3 bandwagon... which sucks since it isn't even officially released yet but, Thanks for the original release :)
  3. Hey guys, what are some good SP vietnam missions that are compatible with UNSUNG 2.5? TIA
  4. desmondb

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    love love LOVE this mod especially the COS units; new aircraft and aircraft carrier. I was able to trap on the carrier my first time trying with the Rafale; but I can't trap the E-2C to save my life ..go figure LOL
  5. desmondb

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Awesome work guys, thanks for completing this update, it was worth the wait!
  6. desmondb

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    I'm gonna see if I can figure out how to make one, its a shame your spending so much time making these nice addons and their not getting any use :confused:
  7. Glad to see MAF and OFrP are still working on ARMA II adddons :cool: looking forward to the next release
  8. desmondb

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Does anyone have a replacement config that replaces the OA/CO UH-60M and UH-60 medivac with the Yura's UH-60L and HH-60L they wouldn't mind sharing?
  9. desmondb

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    Doesn't really affect this add on. But since it was brought up, "Green platoon" is the training command component for the 160th. This is the school house for 160th candidates (officers and enlisted). Also, as far as I know, all USAF HH-60 units were absorbed into ACC (Air Combat Command).
  10. desmondb

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    NO. especially with quality ARMA2 mods like UNSUNG, Inv44 and CWR2. Also, not until they release non futuristic factions. I couldn't care less about the setting BIS decided to put ARMA 3 in :rolleyes: I think ARMA3 is just the current "shiny new toy" at the moment.
  11. This units look AWESOME ingame :cool: thanks for finishing them! The only bug I've found so far is that they speak russian instead of english, anyone else getting this bug?
  12. Did the Marine Force Recon units get removed from this version, I seem to remember them being in 2.0?
  13. May have been answered already but, does turning down the visibility affect the AI, currently engagements take place WAY outside of the range I remember from the OFP days, which definitely makes the missions much harder than I remember (which is a good thing) but on the first mission I had to reload several times before the AH-1 air cover actually did any good, most of the time it got turned into cannon fodder before it took out any of the tanks.
  14. I definitely understand the decision. BIS has really shot themselves in the foot with ARMA III. But after the ACR DLC...unfortunately its not surprising :butbut: Thanks to the CWR team for all of their hard work
  15. New planes you say? ...hmmm makes this aviator very excited :cool:
  16. desmondb

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    Skeeko1337, sent me a pm mentioning a pretty good pilot model he's working on, he needs assistance getting it ingame, it's worlds better than what we have now if anyone is able to help him. Please PM directly if your able to assist Sorry for the thread hijack Yurapetrov
  17. Hopefully this just doesn't get lost in the HUNDREDS of page in this thread.... With the recent release of Konyo's MH-47 and now Yurapetrov's -60 series helicopters. It would be great to have some realistic looking aircrew that are just repaints of the highly unrealistic BIS pilot models. Meatball0311 has done a really nice job making USN/USMC aircrew for jets and helo's. I think something like these for Army units would be a nice and welcomed addition to the Armaverse. The standard US Army flight helmet (non-AH-64D) http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/-images/2006/12/06/1235/size0-army.mil-2006-12-06-140922.jpgis the HGU-56/P: http://www.gentexcorp.com/default.aspx?pageid=2685 also aircrew currently wear the A2CU uniform: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Aircrew_Combat_Uniform http://images.quickblogcast.com/102435-95277/A2CU.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3501/3882300966_f229820f10_z.jpg http://peosoldier.armylive.dodlive.mil/files/2012/11/aw.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2469/3882303922_c61a891c85.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3189/3759625938_832ece7caf_z.jpg Ideal units would be: US Army Aircrew Pilot armed with M4/Aimpoint sight, 2 smoke grenades, gps, binoculars US Army Aircrew Crewchief with facemask armed with M4/aimpoint sight, 2 smoke grenades, gps US Army Aircrew Flight medic that has healing ability armed with M4/aimpoint sight, 2 smoke grenades, gps US Army Nightstalker Pilot armed with M4A1/Eotech sight, 2 smoke grenades, gps, binoculars US Army Nightstalker Crewchief with facemask armed with M4A1/Eotech sight, 2 smoke grenades, gps Thanks for your consideration :)
  18. desmondb

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    That HH-60 is a sexy beast; can't wait!
  19. desmondb

    Blackhawks by YuraPetrov

    They are green. They are often called "slime green" lights ---------- Post added at 10:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:04 AM ---------- Great job Yurapetrov! Really like this beta version :-) Its nice to FINALLY have some realistically armed UH-60s in ARMA II. I also think the new sounds fit much better :-) My only suggestions would be adding flight medics (1 or 2 to occupy the crew chief and flight engineer seats) to the medivac versions. Something like a pilot unit with healing ability armed with an M4 w/aimpoint sights. But this may be more of a request for some better helicopter aircrews as a whole... So who's gonna make a replacement file for the default BIS -60's ? ;-)
  20. desmondb

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    Love the new SH-60F Oceanhawks! :cool: my only recommendation is what I've stated before, changing the engine sounds, the current ones sounds nothing like a -60 series helicopter, I'd definitely would suggest seeing if you can use the RH blackhawk sounds which are pretty close to the real thing:
  21. desmondb

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    buy BAF...maybe PMC....DON'T buy ACR. BAF is by far the best DLC they've done, PMC was ok, ACR is pure garbarge in its current state, alot needs fixing and the maps are just sized down versions of what you already have in Chernarus
  22. Probably been asked someone but is there a way to turn back on the Radio Comms, I know it was turned off for realism but it makes it dang near impossible to know what going on during a battle since unless your right next to an AI player to hear their muffled talk you have no clue whats going on.