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  1. Atin

    Isla Duala

    I had a look at this mod today with a special focus on the Steyr Aug, and I couldn't help but notice that the charging handle is on the wrong side. It should be on the left, not the right. I don't know if it is intended or a bug but it kind of bothers me. Also the way he holds the rifle is not how it's done IRL, but I guess that's down to animation limitations. Besides that the map, the Units etc look really great.
  2. Well I have the same problem. Most annoyingly even when I zoom in at a tree or so by using the right mb or using a scope.
  3. Maybe play around in the campaign a bit to get the hold of the basic controls, than join a clan and head to the real arma II experience.
  4. Atin

    Want a T-Shirt? Yes, please!

    Arma merchandise would be a really great idea. I'd love a T-Shirts ins S or M. I think Caps, Dogtags with the Arma logo would sell pretty well too. But most importantly, Poster size maps of the official arma maps.
  5. Arma II simply has the overall package of little things especially movement wise. You can crouch, lie down, roll, dash, lean, and free look. As soon as one of those things is missing in a game that wants to be a military shooter it's just a deal breaker for me. (exceptions are games like TF2 which are just for the quick fun.)
  6. Atin

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    Hmm. And it was there before the new beta aswell? I just experienced it last night and was really annoyed. Also because our ammo crates don't have NV scopes in them yet.
  7. Either get a weight, or, if you've got the money, buy a keyboard with cruise control like the sidewinder x6. It has a button were you can simply lock the key you're pressing.
  8. Atin

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    scopes turn off nvg and block them.
  9. Atin


    sounds good. Especially for smaller clans which are looking for pvp action but aren't to much involved with other clans. Best luck with getting it started.
  10. I really like your mod, it looks amazing. Only thing I'm curious about is, if it's possible somehow to lower the front grip on the rifles which have them folded up.
  11. Atin

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Alright first impression: In total it sounds very good. What I noticed as disturbing is the loud clicking noise when you shoot the M4. It just doesnt seem to fit. Aswell the sound of the bugs at night are way to loud, probably louder than your weapon. Another thing is that it fells like the M16 and Mk16-17 are lacking some punch, the sound is way to "light". Incoming fire sound is very good, and I really like the echo thing.
  12. Atin

    Keyboard Recommendations Please

    Go with the sidewinder x6. It is very comfortable when tipping, the background lighting is very useful and you can change the intensity, also the wasd keys have additional lighting.. The volume slider is great as well. And the fact that you can take the numpad and plug it in on the other side is just great, you will be able to type and play much more comfortable. It's not to expensive, you have a great working makro recording feature and the cruise control button is very useful, especially in arma were you walk a lot. you also have trillions of makro buttons if you need them. And to be serious, who needs a display. I use the Sidewinder x6 and I am very satisfied.
  13. Atin


    Does the 008 version still has the 20 players limitation before it starts making problems? Aswell i would keep the talking/yellin/wispering modes as they were. Even though wispering might not be needed during normal missions, it would add a gread deal of realism to a sniper mission of stealth ops.
  14. Atin

    US Infantry - 2008

    Tested the Ace replacement pack and it works fine till now (not tested the backbag issue yet). On the old replacement pack for vanilla the medic and MG still arent beeing replaced. So great work, thanks eki
  15. Atin

    US Infantry - 2008

    Great! Downloading now and I'll test it tomorrow. Were you able to fix all the bugs like 2 backbags?