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  1. destroystheovik

    No NVG's for helocopter pilots?

    If the unit has a pair of NVG's, they will be removed. If it doesn't, a pair of NVG's will be added instead.
  2. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Sukhoi T-50
  3. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    More comunication between squadleaders in the same platoon. AI high command. Ask AI squadleaders for ammo, backup etc.
  4. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    ILS, Tacan and proper MFD's.
  5. destroystheovik

    Higher altitudes?

    Does anyone know if you will be able to fly to higher altitudes in ArmA III? ArmA II didn't really have enough space for dogfighting. Max altitude was about 3000 feet if I'm not mistaken. Higher altitudes would also make usage of AC-130s and E-3 Sentry's possible.....
  6. destroystheovik

    Opinions on manual gun cocking?

    For sniper rifles you should have to click the mouse button and then pull the mouse back and forth so that if your hand is too shaky your aim will be completely off afterwards and if you do it smoothly you will never have your eyes off target.
  7. A 1000 player server is possible. Plausibly... "Although Man vs Machine is based on the Unity Engine, any modern game engine could easily be retrofitted with the technology to create something similar in a few months time." "By using the software, game developers can supposedly build any kind of high-player density MMO game that can handle up to 1000 players on one specific map across eight cell servers. It also supports eleven actions per second (10 movements plus 1 fire), a total bandwidth downstream per player of 420 kbit/s and more." "This game shows a new dawn to completely new types of online games where massive amount of players, advanced AI and complex interactions with physics can be achieved with great ease. As a gamer, I just can’t wait to experience the feeling of rushing towards the horde of enemies and anticipating the thrill and insuring chaos of battle." -Comments made by MuchDifferent on their new game "Man vs Machine" which supports up to 1000 players on the same map. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/MuchDifferent-Tanks-Robots-FPS-Guinness,14514.html
  8. destroystheovik

    Fast disembarkment

    Thanks dude! UnitCapture together with an trigger that forces the squad to eject works like a charm.
  9. Hi! I'm creating a mission using the VTE (Vietnam: The Experience) mod and i need some help. Basically i want some helicopters to land and drop off a few squads without taking to much fire. I have tried some different techniques and the one that has proven the most effective is having the squad eject when the helicopter is approximatly 1 meter/feet of the ground. Is there any way to get the squad to eject when the helicopter reaches 1 in height and if possible, can i make the helicopter slowly fly across the LZ at 1 altitude and with very low speed so that the squads can eject without taking damage or the heli having to land? Any form of answer or ideas of an alternate method is appreciated.
  10. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    - Aircraft carriers with working cats and arresting wires (perhaps AI that can land on them) - Targeting pods on aircraft for accurate GBU bombing and going crazy with mavericks - Laser pointers (not ir!!!) - JAS 39 Gripen ("Griffin") C and/or D - Straps on your rifle so that you can just drop it and get your sidearm out quicker - Some form of future equivalent of the MOPP-suit (CBRN) - CHEMICAL WARFARE!!! - Allies can share info on both their own and the enemies whereabouts And that is all for now...
  11. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Fastroping!!! (for ai's too!!!)
  12. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    If I've got a mortar squad where half of the soldiers are carrying mortars and the other half are carrying bipods i should be able to get them to set up the mortars (in a specific direction) instead of having to run around and assemble each mortar by myself.
  13. destroystheovik

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    -AI halo jumps -Fastroping (AI aswell) -AI spotters that tells you wind and distance -Various medical equipment like bandages, morphine etc. (maybe splints...?) -Bleeding while not being incapacitated -No magical "you just got pierced by 10 mg rounds and now you will be restored to full health"... -More advanced artillery fire mission requests then point and click -AI moving along walls and cover when in urban areas -AI not always following in exact formation but instead adapt to cover, buildings, walls etc (almost same thing as above) -IR strobes easier to spot -Chemical warfare (scuds, gasmasks, mopp-suits etc) -Improved high command -Order AI helicopter pilots to land -Dividing units in your squad into fireteams (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125836) -AI being able to stack up and clear a building. (maybe using frags and flashbangs???) -In the 3D editor (which i think you have confirmed...) when you create landing pads you should be able to set exactly how the helicopters approaches and land so that you can be inserted/extracted in for example tight wooden areas or on cliffs/mountainsides (, i've always dreamed about standing on a cliffedge with my fellow soldiers waiting for a chinook to pull up and put his rear landing gear down on the edge and then load a squad before taking of into the distance...... :D) And this is my contribution to ArmA III...
  14. destroystheovik

    Squad Management

    Let's say I've got 20 units in my squad and I'm the leader. Instead of giving the 10 units i want to become alpha squad a different color like it is now i should be able to merge them into one unit like in the high command bar to save space. That way i can have 2 squads with 8 soldiers in each plus 4 soldiers who take individual orders.That i would mean that i only have 6 bars at the bottom showing my 2 squads and 4 other soldiers. It would be much easier and user friendly instead of having to press F12/F11 all the time if you got more then 10 soldiers. The F11/F12 clicking is the reason why i only want to command a maximum of two fireteams. Rifle squads just annoy the shit out of me...
  15. To turn on my OA laserpointer i have to press the "L" key about 20 times as fast as i can to get it on. Is anyone else having the same problem? Help plz.....