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  1. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Server being hacked - admin rights overruled

    The [AIGB] Servers are all locked now, following the advise from Dwarden. I am sure BI will work on that Issue to give us the possibility to open the Servers again. I wrote a news in our Forum, how non Members are able to get the PW. This will be possible after registering at our Forum and writing a P.N to me providing the Player ID. Maybe this is one way to keep control over who is joining our Servers. I know it´s not a good one, but it´s the only Idea I had by now. Greetz,
  2. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Confirmed Quad Core Support

    Since he was testing for the past few days, I think he´s running Windows because the Linux Files where released only a few hrs ago...:D Greetz,
  3. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Arma 2 Linux Server 1.07 BETA

    I´m uploading the changes of my ArmA 2 Installation by the Time of the 1.07 Patch right now. Sadly I know no other way to do the Patch. The Copy runs for 48hrs by now and still goes on. Since I know that all files are lower cased, I think that I don´t have to run the install process again, because tolower only checks for upper cased files and renames them. Is that correct, or am I wrong @this point ?? Thanxs in advance,
  4. I have the same Problem. Always getting "Can´t connect to Server". BE Server is the latest Version and I checked my IP and Port Twice. !! Message can be ignored, I solved the Problem !! The Problem was the Name of my "beserver.cfg". Didn´t read that it has to be in UpperCase by now (BEServer.cfg).
  5. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Will you buy Arma 3 if they will ever release one?

    I would buy it definetly if it comes from BI. There where a lot of Issues in ArmA II, but BI fixed the worst ones, so the Game is Playable now. Yes it took some Time, but Programmers from other Companys need much more, or they never make it to a Stable Release. So Stop whining around, I fixed all Problems I had just with this Forum. And yes, BI reads the Posts here !! So, for me and my Teammates is clear : "BI ROCKS"
  6. For me and my Squad, there is no other Game on the Market that can cover the Realism and Depth of ArmA II. That is one Reason why we never get bored about it. The other one is the great Community and the continued efforts of BI to keep the Ball rolling and rolling.....
  7. -AIGB-~Steiner

    ArmA 2 Buglist - Content related bugs only

    I have the following Issue when playing ArmA II Crash to Desktop when flying in an Aircraft or Helicopter at various Times. This happens not only to me. Different Players on my Server have this Problem. Even on other Servers we experienced this Problem. I have to open my Task Manager and kill the ArmA Process manually, then I can Start it again. ArmA ver. 1.05, no Mods or Addons installed. Machine: * QuadCore Q6600 CPU * 4096 MB RAM * GForce 9800 GTX GPU with 512 MB RAM !! If this was reported earlier in this Thread, I´m Sorry for doubleposting !! Greetz, [AIGB]~Steiner
  8. -AIGB-~Steiner

    ArmA2 / OA (low) performance issues

    A friend of mine reported the same Problem to me. He had the 9.12 installed and told me that he has terrible lags even in the Menues. I told him to try the 9.10 version of the ATI Drivers. After that the Problem was nearly fixed. Nearly, because the Performance is still a little bit lower than in Version 1.04 but almost playable. Greetz, [AIGB]~Steiner
  9. Hi, Running on Debian 4, 64bit with DualCore AMD4200+ CPU and 4 Gigs of Ram. I started two ArmA II Instances w/o any trouble so far. Greetz,
  10. Thanxs for your fast reply @Bebul. If the Performance Tests will bring the results I´m hoping for, I´ll be the last who won´t bring up more than the two running Servers :bounce3: Greetz,
  11. Since I have two running instances of ArmA II Servers (Linux 1.04 Public Alpha) i have a question. Is it possible to just copy the server and arma2server data in the existing Installation Folders and Overwrite the Files ?? I think this should work, because the install Process (tolower) is only renaming the Files and takes away the capital Letters.. Has anyone tried it this way ?? Greetz,
  12. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Why are public games in ArmA II so terrible?

    there is a thing that is much more urgent than deciding what mission we will let run on our Servers. The problem that I experience every day when I join my Server is that there are so much Players just destroying the Base doing TK´s all the time etc. There are only a few that respect our Server Rules and are willing to play in a team. And it doesn´t matter which Type of Mission I´m running on that Server. Most of the time me and my Team is occupied by only warning and kicking the Players who are not willing to Play the Game the way it is meant to be played. Sure, as an Admin it´s my Job to do so, but not that much, like in the present time. I now decided to bring up a second ArmA II Server for Members only, so we can play in a Team without any interruption of those "Hot Shots". The Public Server will only be checked to make Contact to new potentials for our Squad. Thats bad, but me and my Team want to Play the Game too. I don´t want to spend my Spare Time only on advising Players to read our Rules and telling them how to Play the Game anymore. I think that this is a way to bring people together who are really interested in playing in a Team. And after that Goal is reached, we will decide what missions we will run on the Server. Greetz, [AIGB]~Steiner
  13. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Steadily expanding ArmA II MP community

    That is the Reason why Squads like mine wrote endless Posts and requestet the Completion of the Linux Server Files for ArmA II. This, and the blindness of other Game Studios is the Reason for the Growing of the ArmA II Community. BI did the work on the Server Files, now it is on us to let the Community grow on and on by offering interresting Tactical Gaming experience. Greetz, [AIGB]~Steiner
  14. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Arma II Linux Server 1.04 Public Alpha

    @rundll.exe It sure will bring new Servers to the Community . I´m Uploading the neccessary Files to my Server right now. The [AIGB] is very happy to add and provide their ressources for ArmA II now :bounce3: Greetz, [AIGB]~Steiner
  15. -AIGB-~Steiner

    Where do you live?

    Europe, Germany