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  1. dingyisun

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    For some reason or another, this command line initialization to add flares doesn't work for me :\
  2. dingyisun

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Thank you so, so much for all your hard work on JSRS, LJ! Thanks to you, my ArmA II game experience really became MUCH livelier. I may not be getting ArmA III immediately, but when I do, yours will certainly be the first sound mod I download. Many thanks again!
  3. dingyisun


    I fondly remember using combat robot addons in Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Looking forward to this release!
  4. dingyisun

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    This is, by far, my favorite sound mod, and with 1.5 it's looking like you're continuing to both deliver and impress. Thank you for all your hard work, LJ! :D
  5. This addon is great! However, as of the latest release, it seems to be in direct conflict with ACE (as in, it breaks the features of that mod). I don't know if this is a localized thing on my end, but thought I'd give you a heads up. Keep up the great work!
  6. dingyisun

    ASR AI Skills

    Personally, I've only noticed a slow-down in terms of other scripts I may be running in-game (i.e. Loki Lost Key, AC-130, etc.). FPS has been constant for me. Either way though, definitely worth the MAJOR improvement to the AI (I just tried playing my first mission without ASR or Zeus in about a year and had to quit after about two minutes because the AI on both teams were just standing in the open and shooting at each other).
  7. One thing I just noticed is that, under certain conditions, there is a temporary purple cast on the screen that suddenly disappears after about 15 seconds. I tried this on Mana Island Fiji at 20:00, and I spawned in with a purple cast on the screen, which then abruptly went away.
  8. Let me preface this by saying, MY GOD, this just gave the game a kick of incredible vibrancy and I freaking love it. I do agree with what others have said about the green being a bit too intense. Other than that, I must say that this addon is darn near to being perfect to reproducing what I see when I go outdoors and take photos. OUTSTANDING work on the addon! :) Keep it up!
  9. dingyisun


    Hmmm, I've had that problem on Mana Island Fiji and Chernarus, so I don't think it's a problem with the islands. I'll look into bringing it up with the VME guys.
  10. dingyisun


    There's a Chinese voiceover dubbing file contained in the latest update of the mod (came out about two weeks ago). Try re-downloading the mod if you can't seem to find the file. On a different note, I would also support the shifting of these units to an independent faction for flexibility. I have been running the old and not even supported any longer ACE PLA mod as a placeholder until the day this fantastic mod makes the shift. Also Kommiekat, glad I'm not the only one with the graphics issue. I was starting to get worried that it was a graphics card issue on my end :D
  11. dingyisun


    Oh, I just discovered that, occasionally with a high amount of VME units on a map, there are some crazy graphical glitches where it seems like the camo of the PLA units gets projected through space and into the sky. It sure as heck is funny seeing a giant wall of PLA camo suddenly pop up into the sky like they're signalling for an alien invasion, but it also makes missions kind of more difficult because you can't see through this, but yet the AI can. I can't seem to pinpoint the exact conditions when this appears, but I do know that in the four times it has occurred so far, it has been when I've had at least five squads of VME PLA units on the map. I have yet to see this problem when there are no VME units deployed, but will keep you posted on the matter.
  12. dingyisun


    Great work VME team! The only quibble I have is that there seems to be a config error with the SRBM launcher unit; whenever I switch the class to "Empty", there is a little popup that suggests the DF15_ScudLauncher vehicle class is missing. Doesn't affect gameplay, but is there some way I could possibly go about to get rid of this popup? Thanks in advance!
  13. dingyisun

    ASR AI Skills

    GREAT work on the mod so far, Robalo! :cool: How difficult would it be to implement a feature that would allow AI to use HE rounds of the main guns of tanks to target enemy infantry? I recently made a switch from Zeus, and I noticed that in that mod, they would dynamically generate an "enemy position" in firefights that would seemingly simulate both an infantry and armor target so that any AI units, upon detection of the "enemy position," would open up with both small arms and rocket/main gun fire. This allowed friendly AI the occasional use of rockets/HEAT from a main gun on enemy infantry holed up in a building. I guess this would be something along the lines of identifying an enemy formation, and then temporarily generating a set of ACE Invisible Targets and then deleting those targets after a sufficient amount of time?
  14. dingyisun

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    ASR so far seems great. I just switched to it from Zeus and I absolutely love how the AI ACTUALLY ATTACKS IN A FAIRLY TIMELY SCHEDULE NOW (in Zeus, they would fan out and sometimes flee the objectives or run in ridiculously roundabout ways so as to take unreasonably long times to reach an objective).
  15. Hallelujah. Keep up the excellent work! :D