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  1. OK, guys, i´ll be a trade visitor on tomorrows gamescom (biggest game convention in europe) and i might have the chance to ask some question to IDEA Games and the makers of ArmA2 and the Arrowhead Expansion. If i´m lucky enough to interview them, you´ll be able to read it here or at different ArmA2 fansites. What are your serious questions regarding ArmA2 and especially the expansion? Moderator Addition: as this post says : Serious questions to the developers only - no discussions, no pointless questions, no ranting and no BI bashing.
  2. I.like.Pwnies

    DLC for ArmA2?

    get it and share it with the community, i bet we could learn much about the features from vbs2 to convert it into arma2! :)
  3. I.like.Pwnies

    AA units, and why we hate them.

    get RKSL addon, problem solved, its an awesome mod, just wish more mission makers/server admins would sign it.
  4. I.like.Pwnies

    I just wanna be ME!!

    haha, that made my day, BIS standards on forum moderators are extremely high! :P back to topic, would have been nice to select a character at the start of the campaign. but i bet we get to play white boyz in AH.
  5. I.like.Pwnies

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    since that other thread got closed for whatever reason and i typed my reply already, ill post it here: first, about that OFP2 video, i hate the the weapon wobble and the "strange" movement (possible caused by an console controller. other then that, the NV is way too bright unrealistic, same as for the thermal view, i mean, they talk about "real" tactics and crap, but this game is far from realistic and i cant wait to tell them at gamescon next week! :) and they also said they play on hardcore, why is there a unrealistic compass on top of the screen and why are enemies shown on the map on hardcore mode? the lighting, the voices and the reports on enemy positions are great though. regarding AH features... - realistic physics (tanks wont be stopped from full speed to stop when hitting a tree, fences/walls dont fall in blocks, vehicles dont flip over when driving over rocks) - better performance - overhauled ingame multiplayer browser with favourite tab, full list of players etc - reaslistic ballistics including sight adjustment is what i wish.
  6. Unbelievable, best addon so far for sure, you upped the graphical quality of the game even more, it looks fantastic, i suggest all ArmA players to install this mod and the server owners to sign this addon! It´s THE MUST HAVE addon!
  7. sickboy, thats a sickrig you got there. whats do you mean by "/affinity 55 arma2.exe and where can i change that?
  8. shame that they dont show what kind of mods are signed, this is a horrible game design issue, just like not been able to set servers on a favourite list.
  9. - Realism - civilians - non COD looking graphics - more units - an expansion coming soon - great modding community - the real "OFP2" instead of marketing BS from CM
  10. I.like.Pwnies

    Nuke as mission end

    Hey guys, afaik there was a nuke in ArmA, im planning a mission that ends with a nuke drop or two. :) How to spawn a nuke and where to get it? Thx ---------- Post added at 06:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:49 PM ---------- Oh damn wrong forum i think, should be in mission editing or something.
  11. I.like.Pwnies

    VON Issues

    Oh yea, highest priority, TS or ventrilo (which is far better imo) are great, but its so great to see/hear people talking ingame with their lips opening up. maybe they could add a radio screaching when you dont use direct chat.
  12. I.like.Pwnies

    Comedian Robin Williams plays A1/A2???

    Ok, decided to give you one more hint: Ray Tutto
  13. I.like.Pwnies

    Comedian Robin Williams plays A1/A2???

    I´m almost tempted to do that someday... but shhhh...dont tell anyone. by the way, if you guys really care, check tecticalgamers.com...
  14. already use 9.8 beta drivers and im not sure if there is a benefit from it.