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    Why is this game not more popular?

    wtf is flamebaiting ? im assuming it's some sad internet term that no normal people use. god i really do hate using the internet sometimes, so many pasty nerds using retarded lingo.
  2. Moosed

    Why is this game not more popular?

    lol at how upset some of you nerds get when someone says something negative about your precious game. do you realise how monumentally sad you come across ?
  3. anyone able to clear this up ?
  4. so what is that mod like ? how much further is the draw distance and does the grass look considerably worse ?
  5. there are some seriously weird people on this forum
  6. thanks for the link and tips unfortunately this all seems way over my head, im not technically savy with this stuff at all. read the scripts thread and knew instantly it was all going to be to confusing for me to get to grips with. would be cool if someone made some kind of tool/mod which let you change the colours with sliders or something simple like that for noobs like myself.
  7. Is there a way to adjust the colour balance etc of arma ? i noticed that the map namalsk has some modules which change the colour balance, for example there is one called "namalsk default gray" which puts a grey filter over everything. How do i create my own "filters" or fiddle with the colour balance ?
  8. i hope they sort out the god awful muzzle flashes on all the guns, night time firefights could be so good and immersive but the hideous muzzle flashes put a complete downer on playing night time missions... really is one of the worst things about Arma 2 :(
  9. im confused about something... i can't seem to get the grenade launchers sites to appear. i press shift v and instead of some kind of GL site appearing my guy just does the stepover animation (which is obviously linked with the V key) does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it working or is it just permanently broken/not working ? im running latest version of ACE 2 btw
  10. cheers. i took out the battle clearance module and kept the ace wounding system included but i no longer get the option to carry or drag units, so i guess i need it ?
  11. i have been told so many different things with regards to the medic modules that i now am confused as to how to set them up in the editor. do i need to have all 3 medic modules (simulation, battlefield clearance and action) inserted and have every one of them syncrhonised to all soldiers in my squad ? also what should i do with the ACE 2 module called "enable wounding system", do i just add that and not synchronise it with anyone ? what exactly does this module do ? Sorry for the nooblike questions but im looking for a definitive answer as i have been told different things by different people.
  12. i said gameplay footage not underwhelming screenshots which don't even show the game in first person view
  13. 163 pages and not one single bit of gameplay footage ? what a disappointing thread
  14. Whenever i try and get the AI MG gunner in my squad to attack a group of soldiers his accuracy is absolutely shocking, bullets going all over the place, is this normal ? i know mg fire is not the most accurate but this is ridiculous, he's missing the enemy by miles !