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    AI stucked into floor

    A3 v1.82.144710 AI subordinates will stuck into the floor under combat mode, especially to those houses whose ground floor are above the land surface in Tanoa. They will creep under those houses then stand up, boom, AI stuck into the building and the floor is just under its chest. No possibility to let the AI out. Hope to fix it.
  2. Match the index with each killed entity. private ["_All"]; _All = []; { if (typeof _x in ["WeaponHolderSimulated","WeaponHolder"]) then { _All set [count _All,[ getweaponcargo _x, getmagazinecargo _x, getbackpackcargo _x, getitemcargo _x ]]; }; } forEach Vehicles;
  3. Seems like we no longer need to accumulate total damage by plusing the old damage effects on the entity, engine can do it automatically since the latest update.
  4. Two new expressions supported since a3: waterDepth & camDepth and selectbestplaces also support operators like randomgen, factor and interpolate e.g. "(4 * (WaterDepth interpolate [1,30,0,1]))" etc
  5. for beginners always keep in mind that both fncs won't spawn predefined composition and the grabber won't assemble any map static building but missionObjs instead. Btw grabber will always grab a snake in a3 so don't forget to delete it in the composition array. Be aware that the grabber does grab everything user-created both alived or not alived, so you'll always find a grabbed snake if player unit was used as the anchor pos.
  6. ffur2007slx2_5

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Seems there're some changes for rsccombo entries in the latest dev branch, old entries no longer recognisable like class ScrollBar (replaced by comboScrollBar), new entry added like SoundExpand etc. So it's appreciate if devs can list those tiny changes in GUI in each dev update as well so we can be kept track with you. It's unconvenient to check errors with game complaint. btw, it should be nice if anyone can update the a3 resource a little bit: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Combo thanks.
  7. ffur2007slx2_5

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Hi Opticalsnare, some tiny suggestions maybe you can refer to. I guess configured fired_EH should support projectile reference directly rather than tracing it via “neraestObjectâ€. Perhaps such changing will be a little bit risky and troublesome cuz it requires rewriting the official effects. But it may optimize the performance a little more. Another, personally speaking, I recommend using SetLightIntensity instead of SetLightBrightness at present unless BI Dev gives an explanation to this ticket: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16613 As for the older light effect command, I discovered that SetLightBrightness also be intercepted by newer light effect family, like SetLightAttenuation etc. So you may consider replacing SetLightBrightness in your scripts, good luck, looking forward your better visual presentation :)ïŠ
  8. Afaik, fsm can be executed within three kinds of priorities, From top to bottom is dofsm, commandfsm and execfsm. Dofsm will overwrite units’ default behavior and ignore any squard’s command until the status complete, that’s the reason why it’s recommended to use lower leveled unit’s control command like move and movecomplete instead of domove, dostop etc cuz they will never lead the state end. Commandfsm and execfsm won’t be so interceptive while still be aware of the commands you use, higher leveled command make sense in either fsm or sqf.
  9. ffur2007slx2_5

    FSM Editor fixes/upgrades!

    I also used to start a same complaint in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144423-Large-file-being-written-in-a-single-state-in-fsm-editor-cannot-be-read&p=2273532&viewfull=1#post2273532 Still can't make sure if the code size limitation is intended officially or not, cuz FSM script works as a mission flow more than pure script, I guess any nicely optimized code shan't reach that length so the nutshell defauted? However the game can still support fsm if we insist lengthening the code via txt editing, except the editor itself. Another possibility is our personal edition is meant to be designed like that...
  10. ffur2007slx2_5

    Nuke Script?

    Blowing a town with nuke is not worthy, if you think existing default ingame single explo can't meets your demands. You can simply customize a explo effect via "#particlesource" family. For strong explo light you can use #lightpoint command family. Any nearby buildings can be destoryed via bis_fnc_destroyCity within a certain distance from the explo center. Any nearby entities, vehicles and objs can be killed via nearestObject family. Effect sound can be played via say family. And at length, don't forget to run the explo on each client in order to let all players know the explo occurs:)
  11. ffur2007slx2_5

    Automated After Action Report Generator

    Addon requires CBA, plz update the download page with required addon section, thanks.
  12. ffur2007slx2_5

    Script: draw and write to map

    Nice job, first time to see such a creative idea!
  13. ffur2007slx2_5

    setObjetTexture for a vehicle (ship)

    More referrences added: Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_crows_indp_co.paa Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_indp_co.paa Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_indp_co.paa Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_body_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:44 2013: size 1323303 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_crows_blufor_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:09 2013: size 415648 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_crows_opfor_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:45 2013: size 437485 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:32 2013: size 1478 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_as.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:00 2013: size 1242864 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:05:55 2013: size 1604201 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_damage.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1481 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_destruct.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1429 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:05:57 2013: size 132674 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:04 2013: size 1399207 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ctrls_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:04 2013: size 121110 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:32 2013: size 1470 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_as.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:20 2013: size 1047305 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:13 2013: size 1806094 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_damage.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1475 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_destruct.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1427 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:17 2013: size 1026793 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_opfor_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:54 2013: size 1864257 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:25 2013: size 1437611 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_ext_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:26 2013: size 445186 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:32 2013: size 1470 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_as.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:39 2013: size 1569712 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:33 2013: size 1815187 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_damage.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1475 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_destruct.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1427 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:37 2013: size 937275 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_opfor_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:01 2013: size 1834632 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:45 2013: size 1137531 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_int_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:06:46 2013: size 422395 Boat_Armed_01\Data\Boat_Armed_01_minigun_cargo_proxy.p3d:Mon Sep 16 23:19:47 2013: size 488802 Boat_Armed_01\Data\Boat_Armed_01_minigun_proxy.p3d:Mon Sep 16 23:19:47 2013: size 196421 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_wire.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:33 2013: size 1420 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_wire_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:02 2013: size 67857 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_wire_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:03 2013: size 174612 Boat_Armed_01\Data\boat_armed_01_wire_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:03 2013: size 80371 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:33 2013: size 1545 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_boat_armed_01_add.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 02:27:05 2013: size 1599 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_boat_armed_01_add_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:26 2013: size 315027 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_boat_armed_01_add_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 02:26:47 2013: size 632335 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_boat_armed_01_add_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 02:26:48 2013: size 358387 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_boat_armed_01_add_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 02:26:49 2013: size 29474 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:15 2013: size 1244557 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:19 2013: size 1394205 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:23 2013: size 1380773 Boat_Armed_01\Data\minigun_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:24 2013: size 536095 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:33 2013: size 1450 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:11 2013: size 2114174 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01_damage.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:34 2013: size 1452 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:15 2013: size 3632782 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:21 2013: size 2129393 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_01_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:23 2013: size 586230 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_02.rvmat:Wed Jun 12 00:09:33 2013: size 1450 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_02_co.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:31 2013: size 2161849 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_02_nohq.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:36 2013: size 2507203 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_02_smdi.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:42 2013: size 1683352 Boat_Armed_01\Data\staticturret_02_ti_ca.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:07:43 2013: size 452247 Boat_Armed_01\Data\UI\boat_armed_01_base.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:39 2013: size 11081 Boat_Armed_01\Data\UI\boat_armed_01_minigun.paa:Wed Jun 12 01:10:23 2013: size 11081 Boat_Armed_01\Data\UI\map_boat_armed_01.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:39 2013: size 45036 Boat_Armed_01\Data\UI\map_boat_armed_01_minigun.paa:Wed Jun 12 00:08:39 2013: size 44787 Maybe you have to retexture the module as making an addon if setObjectTexture doesn't support smaller parts I guess.
  14. ffur2007slx2_5

    China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    Great work! The power of a single man is inmeasurable! Really a fast, neat and fantastic release!
  15. ffur2007slx2_5

    Particle Editor

    What about this one? You can try it out, to make a circle. _angle = 0; _radium = 5 + (ceil (random 2)); _DropAngle = 15; _a = _BulletPos select 0; _b = _BulletPos select 1; _LifeTime = 4; for [{_x = 0},{_x <= 360},{_x = _x + _DropAngle}] do { _angle = _angle + _DropAngle; drop [["\A3\data_f\cl_basic.p3d", 1, 0, 1], "", "Billboard", 1, _lifeTime, [(_a + ((sin _angle)*_radium)), (_b + ((cos _angle)*_radium)), 0], [0, 0, 0.1], 0, 10, 7.9, 0.075, [1.2, 2, 3], [[251/255, 232/255, 174/255, 0.2], [251/255, 232/255, 174/255, 0.1], [251/255, 232/255, 174/255, 0]], [0.08], 1, 0, "", "", ""]; }; _BulletPos means the center pos _DropAngle means the number of particles, it relys on the devidend of a circle.
  16. ffur2007slx2_5

    Particle Editor

    Got it.
  17. ffur2007slx2_5

    Particle Editor

    So, would you mind listing the classname of those pieces you use in the last two images which can create firework effect? Certain objects are needed as the source of particle effect by setting vector so that effect can be shaped. I used to use "FX_armor" in A2 while no idea the certain classname of those small dropable objects in A3......
  18. ffur2007slx2_5

    Particle Editor

    OMG, I just need it!
  19. I can't help mentioning the sino-Japanese dispute again despite acknowledging it is unwise to pull politics and game together. I clearly know any comments from game to politics should be serious in order to avoid unnecessary quarrel between both sides, while as a Chinese, I still wanna to reemphasis that DiaoYu Island belongs to China and it's sacreded and inviolable. Once again great thanks for Fromz brings this beautiful island for us.
  20. Traffic Transportation System (TTS) - Updated to v1.11 Description: Hi everyone, I'm hornered to announce the update of my script function-Traffic transportation system (TTS) v1.11, this is a kinda of function which can automatically generate random civilian vehicles at random places on the official maps. The destination of these generated vehicles are randomly selected and they will always move from one place to another, so that means the route of every vehicle is different. The drivers are also randomly selected, further more, player can custom the refresh diameter which means the damaged vehicles will be respawned when it is out of the custom diameter, damaged vehicles will be deleted so you do not need to worry the funnction is cpu-unfriendly. By the way, you also don't need to worry about the traffic jam due to the game engine disadvantage. The function will check the stuttered vehicles and respawn them automatically, so you can always see there will be quite a lot of vehicles moving on the road without worring the number decrease due to combat exhaustion. Conservation system and T72 turret destorying function now have been combined into this function in this version, v1.10 will be available on Utes, Desert_E, ProvingGround, Shapur, Zarbagad and Takistan (Beta) .Enjoy yourself and any bug reports are welcome, any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. I'll release the updated version every week. Conversation System: This is the script which is included in TTS, function will be activated once you approach a friendly unit who is releasing, then the conversation will began randomly, you will talk about the latest news happened currently thanks to the conversation system is updated everyday. Features: *Endless vehicles drivering on the whole map. *Random vehicles. *Random drivers. *Perfectly combined with official script modules.(Optional) *No addons, can be used in any missions easily. (for CO users) *Airport transportaion Sustem. *function for Desert_E, Proving Grounds, Shapur, Zargabad and Takistan (mid density). *GTA system (Coming later). *Up to date conversation system. *cpu friendly. *Automatic checking system. *T72 turret destorying effect.(Optional)Version: v1.00 Changelog: How to use it: download fnc_traffic.rar then unpack it, move the folder fnc_traffic directly to your mission folder. Next reload your mission and put such code into your unit's init bar: fnc = [50] execVM "fnc_traffic\WCRffsx_fnc_Traffic.sqf"; Download: http://www.freedrive.com/file/1549860,fnc_traffic.rar Hope you like it.
  21. ffur2007slx2_5

    Masks version 2

    Cute idea!
  22. I've tried hint format ["%1",nearestObjects [player, [], 50]]; while it returns quite a lot of info but no backpack classname that I dropped. then hint format ["%1",nearestObjects [player, ["dummyweapon"], 50]]; and hint format ["%1",nearestObjects [player, ["weaponholder"], 50]]; still in vain. At last if ((backpack player) in (nearestObjects [player, [], 50])) then {hint "backpack name returned"} nothing happened. So I'm just figuring that there should be a way to check backpacks that were dropped on the gound but just can't get it out.
  23. Great thanks it works! Seems all Items, weapons or backpacks can be found in weapon holder.:p
  24. ffur2007slx2_5

    Is it possible for BI transplants some highlights from A2 to A3?

    You enlightened me. Disable player zeroing when electronic HUD optic on while enable player zeroing when using physical aiming without optic accessory mounted.
  25. Dispite talking about the enormous awesome highlights that now A3 has, I'm just wondering whether there will be any possibility to see some of the highlights in A2 still being available in A3 full release. 1.I was fully attracted by the inland pond when it was first came to light since the time A2's footage published in 2009. So can I still swim freely again or even dive into the inland pond again in the coming new map - Altas? 2.Returning zero by pressing Page up & down on each rifle and vehicle muzzle was first introduced in OA 1.51, so I wish I can see this function back again in A3 and I believe it will. 3.BAF DLC highlight artillary computer, okay, just regardless, fully remained to A3...... 4.PMC DLC highlight AA-12 multiple pellets, it can be confirmed that it will be remained in A3 and be expanded to a wilder usage like claymore mine etc. While still hope I can hold semillar rifle with multi-pellets in A3 again. That must be awesome in corner combat. 5.ACR DLC highlight ACR_Pond flood function. Haven't been informed whether such feature will still remain in A3 from its footage so far, however I'm sure that divers will have more jobs to do when flood coming, isn't it? 6.Fx function modules, like Simple First Aid, Simple First Aid Simulation, High command, warfare etc. They're very nice, I don't hope BI abandon them. At last, I still believe that there will be far more nostalgic features you wish to remain in A3 from A2. Okay, that's all, hope you love this game and never stop supporting her!:)