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  1. BIS pushes the Brobleme Just imagine
  2. Ok I found it! It only appears in the game on the server. at the start screen, it is not.
  3. I'm looking at, but they do not find
  4. Where are the keyboard is hidden occupancy?
  5. wickerman


    pls fix bikey!
  6. thx to Team JTAC! update the server keys?
  7. The mod version I find very well! Two things I still need - Server Keys - Making of explosives at mines
  8. Either they make it or they could set all other work! 270 QKm / 4 man search system. . :cool:
  9. wickerman

    when all 3 episodes are released...then what

    makes the game rather only times MP fit!
  10. wickerman

    Update is out

    Since the new patch, my FPS have deteriorated by 30-50%. In Stratis I have a deterioration by 60%. I doubt that was ever something better!
  11. wickerman

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    as had been anticipated, no changes . . . . . . after a year still alpha
  12. wickerman

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    In Arma AI is set unrealistic!
  13. wickerman

    Refined Vehicles

    a timer missing, time adjustable :o