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  1. Hi guys, Regarding Original (stock) ARMA 2, Opertaion Arrowhead, Combined Operations and the New British DLC pack: 1) I have ARMA 2 and Operation Arrowhead that I have bought separately, I have used the utility to combine the two and get combined operations. What do I need to patch in the future when updates are released? ARMA 2, Operation Arrowhead, or both? 2) If I download the new british DLC, can I use that with people who don't have the DLC? Or does everyone in the game need to have the DLC to be able to use the British gear? I guess what I am asking is if I have a mission with british vehicles etc, can people who don't have the DLC play the mission? Thanks in advance.
  2. JUst wondering if anyone had a chance to consider my question?
  3. Hey guys, I have a non steam version of ARMA 2 and a non steam version of Operation Arrowheard. I used the exe in the first post and got the games combined fine (At least I think so, it still opens up OA by itself but the ARMA 2 missions and content are now available in it). My question is, how do I go about patching it in the future? Do I patch OA, ARMA 2 or both? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I have looked through this thread and searched around a bit but I'm still unsure. What should I upgrade, my CPU or graphics card to get smoother Arrowhead playing. I have read clock speed is very important on the CPU. Would I be better to upgrade to an newer chip like an i750? I'm a bit out of touch with the newer technology. Any advice is appreciated. Please reccomend what is currently in the "sweet spot" for price/performance. Thanks in advance I currently have: Win XP Intel duel core e8400 running at 3.6 ghz ATI 4890 1 gig ram 4 gig ram Thanks again
  5. jgdj19

    Squad member out of ammo

    setting them to danger can help with them taking cover. have you done this? submenu 7 then 2
  6. I think I read somewhere (not the manual of course, on the forums) that it is disabled for this misssion. I havn't bothered with the other missions yet though, so not 100% sure
  7. Don't get me wrong here, I love the idea of the game, and I hope it will shine in time. But selling it so people in it's current state is just an insult +1 Maybe start a thread opposite to this one http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84477
  8. Fair call. You make a good point. And I must admit it seems like the beta patches are coming out thick and fast. I do believe that they could step it up to a higher level though.
  9. ^^fanboy alert^^ I think that the point he makes is valid. It came across alot more mature than your "please please please can we hope for more info [insert smiles and bananas]". Seems a bit more mature to stand back and evaluate the current product on the market than get excited and caught up in the hype. I found this quote from the offical post on the expansion ammusing "How can BIS work on two games at the same time? BIS: There are a lot of people paid every month at BI, and they need to do something" It is a fact, seen in the vast majority of game reviews and evident from these forums, that ARMA 2 although a great game is full of bugs. ARMA 2 is only just reaching what should have been released. If you don't take my word for it, go read some reviews at meta critic. I have no idea why so many people at BIS need something to do when there are huge lists of things that need to be fixed! I would say they are pretty on par. Both had major issues and were dissapointing.
  10. jgdj19

    Badlands: The immortal Prizrak

    I just got up to this mission, I'm not using the beta patches. Not sure if my game is bugged too, but I can't seem to proceed. I get asked to go see the commander at Point Hood, and he asks me to assassinate Prizak. I was thinking, you could have done it yourself and saved me all this driving around, but i decided to do it. So I found Prizak who ends up being the priest (guess you already new that) and went up to him to talk to him. He starts talking about how his leadership is the only thing strong enough to beat the russians and so on. I listened to what he said, then pulled up my silenced pistol and shot him in the body. It obviously starts another scripted secquence, becasue he then says "Arghhhm you shot me" you reply Cooper "It's the only way to move forward" I then shot him 4 more times, but he didn't die! He gets on the ground, then gets up and walks off. Prizak/priest says "Muhaaa the power of faith empowers me! See the powers I possess to kill the Russian dogs! I bleed yet I cannot be killed" Cooper "What the... whats going on here" I then pulled out my main weapon (SVD Draganov) and hot him with the full clip. Prizak/priest says "Each time you shoot only strenghthns my power! I feel the power from my priestly robes flowing through my veins! ARGHHHHHH" I then pulled out the rpg and gave it to him He didn't say anything then, but the failed mission screen comes up. It says " You have lost the country to the powerful supernatural forecs that inhabit the land." Anyone else have this experience?
  11. jgdj19

    Unwanted weapon change in A-Helos

    definatly satisfying. I would be nice to have the gunner there to track tragets with the cannon though, like troops and soft cars
  12. jgdj19

    Unwanted weapon change in A-Helos

    Fair enough, i did search for it but no luck finding any info. So no workaround?
  13. Hey guys. When in the attack helicopter I regularly choose manual fire because it takes the gunner too long to say all his radio chatter before he actually fires the weapon you tell him too. However, when manual fire is selected, he seems to change what weapon is selected even if I havn't asked him too. What I mean is: Say for example, I am appraching a jeep to shoot it with the helicopters cannon. I have the cannon selected. I fly up to where the jeep is, the gunenr spots it, calls it out and then suddenly my weapon is changed to hellfire or something. I think he changes the weapon after he spots new targets. This is a problem because often I am hovering around, cycling throughj targets with helfire selected and looking for AA, and then the gunner spots something else, I target the AA, and suddenly I have stinger or rockets selected. Does anyone know: 1) Is this a known bug, and has it been reported? 2) Am I doing anythign wrong? 3) Is there a workaround? Thanks
  14. Yeah sorry mate, I had a 4850 and it ran pretty well, just upgraded to a 4890 and its running great
  15. jgdj19

    Disappointed of patch 1.03...

    No, I think its pretty clear that you are the one making a fool of yourself. Calling Winch3st3r a fool for arguing for calmer and less aggressive posting is just stupid. So maybe stupid is more appropriate? Maybe you shouldn't assume that everyone understands how copy protection or no cd changes work, or how the timeframe/process normally goes when developers remove the cd reliance. This sounds foolish to me. So fool or stupid? hmmmm?