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  1. It will solve many switching problems, but not all because some are part of the engine. For example, getting out of vehicles and them not getting back in is more reliable. This is only really designed for single player. It will also normally cope with commanders dieing and re-link the command structure automatically.
  2. No the mod has not died. Ave made it a .Pob file (extra features) an a lot faster with no slow downs over hours (hopefully). Just not got round to releasing it, rather than using the addon. The Arma 2 and three versions worked almost exactly the same, but the Arma 3 version needed new features to support equipment, artillery, parachutes and ammo. I decided to add more stuff because the Arma 3 artillery just fired at points with a dispersion of 10m (via HC). The working (Arma 3) version has better artillery. These are rate and fire and dispersion + adding currently new mobile mortar platoon support. Its back pack support at high command level, because static equipment can be moved around with them not just mortars. Maybe I should release a version without the fully finished instructions, as the existing functionality is the same but with extras.
  3. I have to code ready for Arma 2 and 3. Just need to finish some instructions.
  4. The Arma 2 version does not work in Aram 3 as released in 1.14. The menus work a bit differently and so do initialisations. I have a working version that operates in Arma 3. Got a week of next week so hopefully release new versions for 2 and 3. Its got masses of fixes and extra features. ---------- Post added at 12:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:07 AM ---------- High command extension 1,14 and later does not need the high command module. It works better without it! I should probably have changed then name of it.
  5. The scripting commands cannot determine where you want to put your magazines. That would be too inefficient so it is better to tell them where. A get vehicle turrets function would be useful without having to write low level ones for scripters. One variable can be passed to a subroutine by reference and altered. However, the current method is not know by most people. Parameter passing currently, is too clumsy, error prone, not documented and not used widely efficenly. Therefore, it needs super seeding, with backward compatibility supported, by an easier to use more understandable mechanism.
  6. Hopefully will get a release for Arma2 and 3 out soon. Just a few things to tidy up. I haven't looked into group naming groups currently.
  7. Now than it is possible to get the number of rounds in the magazines of a unit, vehicle cargo or turret, it would be useful to be able to set the number of rounds in magazines added. If an extra optional argument was added to the commands below (and other similar commands) it would be easy to transfer round numbers accurately between objects in scripts. vehicle addMagazineTurret [magazineName, turretPath] vehicleName addMagazineCargo [magazineName, count] vehicleName addMagazineCargoGlobal [magazineName, count] could be expanded to (ammoCount optional): vehicle addMagazineTurret [magazineName, turretPath, ammoCount] vehicleName addMagazineCargo [magazineName, count, ammoCount] vehicleName addMagazineCargoGlobal [magazineName, count, ammoCount] ---------- Post added 06-24-2014 at 12:06 AM ---------- Previous post was 06-23-2014 at 11:44 PM ---------- Script parameter passing It might be possible to speed up scripts by passing their arguments by reference. Currently multiple parameters must be passed in an array which seems to be passed by a deep copy. This must be expensive in CPU time especially when arguments contain large arrays. An extra parameter passing mechanism might need to be added for backward compatibility. For example a function could be called by: {_a, _b, _c} call FunctionName; where its parameters are declared in the script as: parameters {byval "_Param1", byref " _Param2", byref " _Param3"};
  8. The problem is that the AI can shot more accurately than it is possible to do with player controls because the weapon aim wobbles about so much. Is it still 3 hits to kill at 180m? At least 6 hits to kill was fixed in march!
  9. Speed of the simulation is the part of Arma 3 which needs most attention in single or multiplayer. - Arma 3 runs at just under half the frame rate of Arma 2 with 500 troops on the map (30fps v 14fps). - Arma 3 graphics are at least as fast as Arma 2 graphics when there is only the player on the map. Arma 3 graphics are slow because of the simulation speed when there a lot of AI on the map. - Put 700 empty vehicles on a map, parked nearby in rows, in Arma 3. Press preview and take minutes to initialise at 0 fps then runs at 4 fps. In Arma 2 with 2700 empty vehicles initialise in 3 seconds then runs at 10 fps. - The slow speed of multiplayer is probably mainly due to the simulation speed of Arma 3 being half or less than Arma 2 on the same machine. - The AI also shot far to accurately in Arma 3 with small arms, compared to how accurately the player can shoot. This was not a problem in Arma 2 where shooting skills were more balanced between player and AI.
  10. Currently awareness is just passed up the chain of command through high command groups in this package (it is not by default in Arma2). Ideally it would be passed back down as well, but the data structures in the scripting language don't do sorting so doing it efficiently is almost impossible.
  11. It works quite well. One or two issues to sort out. High command was in the Alpha. This does not need the high command module in Arma 3 or Arma 2.
  12. DomZ

    Altis - Info & Discussion

    I wonder what the terrain geometric resolution of Altis will be? Chernarus is 2048x2048 points with a 7.5m point spacing which makes 15.36km by 15.36km. Altis will be 30.72km by 30.72km, but at 2048x2048 that will give a very low terrain detail of 15m per point, so I hope it is a 4096x4096 grid.
  13. I have managed to get the communication menu to work as in Arma 2. It is now called Supports on the user interface, but the name does not matter. The variables and related config names that it must be assigned to have changed. I have got a version of high command extensions working in Arma 3 beta. Some changes are needed. Some current issues I have found may be due to high command not being present in the beta and therefore has not been tested yet. So I should be able to release a version for Arma 3, but do not have much time to currently.
  14. Multiplayer is not fully implemented with the fundamental high command structure in Arma 2 so I cannot do much with it for multiplayer. If it was it would need a network to test it on as well. Transport is a problem because not all get in and out commands are automatically network synced.
  15. That Artillery stuff was experimental at the time. I do have stuff that will fire it in a working version, but no time to release it currently. Bit pissed off with the changes to the communication menu in Arma 3! ---------- Post added at 12:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:08 AM ---------- IA in high command will require JAVA. However it is a security nightmare so I doubt it will ever happen. SQF doesn't have the speed or data type definition capability for anything like high command AI usefully.