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    Very strange lag issue

    I dont have any options for speed-stepping, hyperthreading or c2/c2e support whateva it is, it startles me when i play games that use the unreal 3 engine that i can run perfectally, can run Dawn of war 2 surprisingly well or even mass effect runs awesome on this Laptop, but it hates Arma 2......im going to have to wait till i can buy a new Rig or something, then itll all be good.
  2. Babeski

    Very strange lag issue

    your saying its the speed of my harddrive, is it the datatransfer between the motherboard and harddrive or the actual harddrive itself, becuase i could believe this.
  3. Babeski

    Very strange lag issue

    bump bumpity bump bump HELP! PLEEASE
  4. Babeski

    Very strange lag issue

    Yes!!! same when it comes to multiplayer, but i sometimes get this issue when im surrounded by objects aswell (such as forest/city)
  5. My PC Specs, its a laptop: Intel core 2 duo T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB DDR3 Model: M570TU Nvidia Geforce 9800m GTX 1GB Vista 64bit Gday all, Now this is strange when i play, im ingame very smooth for the area ive started in (30-60 FPS) untill two things happen, 1: i run away from the starting area (ANY MISSION) untill im about 400m away (roughly) and then my game begins to lag down to 11-15 fps, this happens especially when im in forests. OR, 2: There is a fire fight that breaks out and (i believe) particles appear (especially around blown up vehicles OR explosions) and i begin to lag alot, i dont if my computer is straining becuase of the effects but it is very strange. Strangly sometimes i try to flush and it doesnt become smoother (fps doesnt rise or anything), HOWEVER when i go into the map screen and look around for a few seconds and exit the map screen back into game, its running surprisingly smoother again, this normally happens when im not in a firefight. Ive done tests on my computer and my ram usage never reaches above 3GBs and my CPU is never over 80%. If anyone has any knowledge on why this is happening please give me feed back