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  1. Thanks jonpas, It's a litter harder than that, as the line with the self interaction key setting on in ACE common has dissappeared!
  2. Hello, I went into the key bindings for ACE3 via the controls set up to change the key for self interaction. While I was doing it I accidently deleted the option for self interaction and can no longer access it in game. Is there anyway to fix it? Thanks ​
  3. Joseph Archer

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    +1 very poor value from BIS on chopper DLC. Will not commit to pre purchase in future. Bad move BIS.
  4. Joseph Archer

    December 2012 status update

    Hope those two are back for Christmas.
  5. I'm leaving the play and contribute of Gaea Mission. Fundementally the games is a bit rubbish. I can't believe the lack of activity of the play and contribute aspect of the development either. Got a refund from BIS.
  6. I also hoped for multiplayer. What with the 360 port nature of this project though I have gotten used to disappointment. Carrier Command seems like a quick game for a quick buck. With this business face on I hope BI have spotted the potential in a refined online sandbox/MMORG zombie apocolypse game. More gamers want Zombies than War. They can't be the only ones who have noticed the steam sales and the number of online servers for Arma2/Dayz.
  7. Joseph Archer

    A port too far.

    I am also dissapointed with the xbox 360 port nature of the game. I would have liked this information up front, rather than supporting the P&C for what I believed was a PC game in development. I will be more cautious in spending my money with BIS in the future. :p
  8. Or you can park the Manta a little in front of the Walrus at less than 10m height. Then switch to the Walrus and pull in under the Manta using the turret to look up to guide the position. Switch back to Manta, hit F and go!
  9. Great game, 360 controller intergration is great. Looking forward to further developments.
  10. Joseph Archer

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    1920x1600 24" monitor with an I7 2.67 quad paired with a ATI 5980 duel GPU card. Framerates on high settings with CPU @ 2.67 are 20-50 cherno in mission With a 4.0ghz overclock framerates are 30-70 cherno in mission
  11. Joseph Archer

    Joysticks Track IR and accessories for Arma 2

    Yep, with the 360 remote. At least I think it does, it's certainly not a 3 settings affair. It feels like a linear response.
  12. Joseph Archer

    Joysticks Track IR and accessories for Arma 2

    360 controller. It's the business for helicopters and vehicles and completely supported by the game. Gives analogue control of thrust and movement. Great with TrackIR.
  13. Combined ops is the original game with woodland maps with the operation arrowhead desert scenarios expansion, (which is also a stand alone game). Defo go for combined ops if the free game trial goes well for all the original maps and units etc. 12 player LAN will be fantastic.
  14. Joseph Archer

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    I think the idea is bad. Imagine warfare multiplayer with an enemy player wandering around your base with a silenced M9 and a bag full of satchels! Bin it BIS, you know it makes sense.