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  1. So I've got an array, and I want to randomly choose one entry from the array and display it as a hint. _myarray = ["fred", "dave", "tom", "dick", "harry"]; _myRNJesus = _myarray select floor random count _myarray; hint "_myRNJesus"; I've got a trigger that calls that script set up, but nothing appears on screen. Unfortunately I don't know enough to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My ultimate goal is to use the whole random array thing to choose random markers as spawn points for mission objectives to give my missions more replayability, so any comments on how to do that would be appreciated as well.
  2. Update: My server admin and I were trying to sort this out today. We eventually settled on AGM weapon rest as the most likely culprit. I suppose it makes sense, now that there's native resting there's no reason to have AGM weapon resting as well. So far we haven't been able to reproduce the bug since removing AGM weapon rest from the server and the clients.
  3. I'm always happy to have new terrains and that city looks like it could be fun once you put buildings on it. Best of luck with your project!
  4. Sometimes when players are A.) Prone B.) Using one of the weapons introduced with Marksman and C.) reloading they will freeze and be unable to move or control their character in any way. We've been able to fix it by either shooting the player and reviving them using INS Revive or having the player reconnect. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this bug. The server I play on runs a lot of mods and I wanted to check if this was an issue with other players using vanilla or other mod setups before we go through all the mods one by one to see which one is causing the problems. So, again; Has anyone experienced a bug where players using Marksman DLC weapons reload while prone and are then unable to move or control their character?
  5. FrankManic

    Zee Identity Pack

    I'm glad to see a release on this. I'll keep following the mod. Thank you for your hard work!
  6. Super psyched for this mod. Good luck moving forward!
  7. FrankManic

    International MaxxPro - Deja Vu?

    I'd like to voice support for this. Your mod is looking very cool and it's definitely something I'd like to have for mission making. The small seating capacity of the Hunter is something that is consistently an issue in missions and having a beefier, more proper MRAP vehicle will help out a great deal for simplifying player logistics. Add to that - It looks great. I'll be keeping an eye on this one waiting for release!
  8. Nothing to say except general encouragement. This looks awesome and seems like it would make tank play much, much more fun. Just the improvements to driver visibility would be a massive change for the better!
  9. FrankManic

    Briefing image getting cut

    On a related note - Anyone know how to make a briefing or load image appear properly once the file has been packed into a .pbo? I have an image that appears just dandy when I look at it on my PC, but once I pack it to .pbo and send it to our dedicated server it no longer appears. Any ideas? I figure either .jpgs don't work when packed or I have the path wrong.
  10. I'd like the players to start "Undercover", dressed as civilians, and remain "Undercover" until one of them fires a shot. So far I've gotten as far as figuring out how to get "setCaptive true" to work using a trigger linked to the set objective mode module. So now I need to figure out how to use the eventhandler to determine if a player fired and, if true, remove their captive status. Basically If any player fired then Setcaptive = false for all players. Thing is? No idea how to do that. *facepalm*. If anyone could help me out? I found an old Undercover script http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=98 but I have no idea how to use it. : p Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope (of finishing this mission).
  11. I would like to create an "IED" that detonates when 1. Blufor is present in the target area AND 2. an Opfor unit named SPOTTER is alive. Basically - I want to have a remotely triggered IED that is being watched by a spotter. If the players kill the spotter then any bombs he "controls" are no longer a threat. So far I haven't quite been able to get it to work. I've been trying "this AND alive SPOTTER" in the condition field of a trigger with the usual "bomb="M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG" createVehicle (getPos IED); deletevehicle IED;" in the On Activation field. Unfortunately this causes the bomb to go off immediately when the mission load. I'm not sure how to restrict the trigger to go off only when "alive SPOTTER" AND "Blufor Present" are true. Could someone help me figure this out? I'm sure there's a simple answer, but after an hour of paging through different threads about IEDs and bombs I can't find it. : ( If someone can help me get it working I'd also like to try to use it to make a poor-man's disarmable IED by switching the "SPOTTER" unit for a live mine of some kind. The intent would be that the mine would show up on a mine detector and could be removed normally, but if it detonated it would also set off the IED. If anyone has other suggestions for creative triggers for IEDs that players have a reasonable chance of locating and either avoiding or disarming I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
  12. I am trying to create a parent task with nested child tasks in order to reduce clutter on the tasks screen. My problems are - I don't know where to place the task script. As in - Does it go in description.ext, init.sqf, mission.sqm? I'm not sure where to put it so that it is actually created in mission - I'm somewhat unclear on how to actually use the BIS_fnc_setTask function So far I have a test mission with a few markers. I simply want to create a task "Task_Parent" with child tasks "Child1", "Child2", and "Child3" to figure out how to do this. Could anyone help me along? This is what I have so far. Admittedly not much. [[Task_Parent], true, ["This is the parent task", "Parent Task", "Marker_1"], Man1, "CREATED", 1, true, true] call BIS_fnc_setTask;
  13. Thank you! I'll get to work. : )
  14. FrankManic

    Female character models

    I was not aware. That is pretty cool. : )
  15. FrankManic

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I'm very fond of the UAVs. The little quad-copters are a massive asset, albeit *extremely* vulnerable. For forward spotting, though, they can't be beat. I'd like it if they could be made somewhat harder to spot and engage, but I'm not sure if that would be realistic. I'm not quite as enthusiastic about the Stompers. They're still useful, but they lack the utility of the Darter - The Darter can fly and spot enemies for you, while the UGV mostly amounts to a heavy weapon turret. I'd like to see more robots in the game. Specifically - A small scale robot armed with a rifle or automatic rifle that could be packed up and carried, then deployed as a "point man", scout, or point defense. - A small scale EOD robot equipped with a mine-detector and the ability to disable and disarm explosives - Something I saw at university - A small robot in the shape of a cylinder, essentially just a pair of wheels stuck on either end of a camera. Soldiers could throw it over walls or through windows then connect to it and steer it around, looking through it's camera to check for ambushers or traps. The whole package was a cylinder about a foot long and six inches wide, making it very compact and easy to carry. - A UAV equipped with a rifle or other light weapon that could be used for to provide limited fire support to infantry or deployed as an autonomous sentry. - Stationary robots equipped with visual, audio, or seismic sensors that could be placed and used to observe a position. Bonus points if they can be tied to explosives and used to confirm a target before setting off a satchel or claymore. I understand Bohemia is facing severe time and resource constraints, so this is just a wishlist.