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    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Ah ok, thanks for answering that, though I still have the issue of missing sounds.
  2. Nosedive

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Can anyone please confirm that the icon is supposed to be really really faint (on the main/expansions menu)? And is the description on the expansion menu meant to be blank as well? I just can't remember how it used to be.. I'm sure it wasn't like this before, though. God I miss this mod.
  3. Nosedive

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Seems weapons are still there actually, with the sonic cracks, but aircraft definitely have vanilla sounds, aside from the blackfoot which as I mentioned has no sound. I wondered if this was just because of some update, but surely then more people would be posting reports about it.
  4. Nosedive

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Hey guys, this has been driving me crazy.. the mod worked fine for a really long time, but recently, it just suddenly stopped working. The icon on the Expansions and main menu are greyed-out, and all sounds seem to be default, even though nothing has changed, it's all set up the same way it was. I did have that issue with the "Addon 'cba_xeh_a3' requires addon 'CAData'" error due to a recent dev branch patch, which I assumed might have been the cause, but since installing the new CBA hotfix, the problem is not resolved. I also notice that the Blackfoot has no external sound at all if JSRS is enabled. I tried just deleting and reinstalling JSRS, but no dice. If anyone might be able to suggest something else I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
  5. Nosedive

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Seriously hope this gets fixed soon. Since the new helicopter flight model was integrated, I actually have a reason to want to play this game, but, without sound, it's entirely unplayable.
  6. Ahh I missed those, thanks a lot for the heads up!
  7. Hey guys! Man, I absolutely love love the new physics engine for helis, they are pretty much all I use in A3, and it's just a dream now! Sadly, since the latest update which I installed today (or perhaps the one prior as I didn't test that) I no longer have any engine sound while piloting an aircraft. Haven't checked the ground vehicles, so it might apply to those also. I was surprised when I saw nobody else had posted about this, which makes me wonder if somehow this is just affecting me, but I don't see how, as it's always been fine and I've not changed anything. Thanks a lot for all of your hard work on this game :)
  8. Hello, I just bought the Complete Collection through Steam after playing Arma 2 since the release date years ago. I finally got enough time to download all of the cool new content after being desperate to try it for ages, and after getting some of my most essential mods downloaded in their newest versions, I find I'm having some trouble. Some of these mods apparently require the game to be launched as Combined Ops, however, I don't seem to have that option, just each of the individual games listed in my Steam library. I have searched the internet for hours now trying to find some info regarding The Complete Collection and the whole 'Combined Ops' thing, but nobody seems to be asking this question that seems an obvious one to ask. [Edit] Oh sorry, it seems all I had to do was launch via the BETA Steam library entry, and then enable my mods in the correct order, now it works perfectly.
  9. Actually it had been fine with everything else, which is why I didn't bother checking the main windows audio config, but upon testing the speakers a couple just weren't putting out sound, so I pulled them out and plugged them back in, and now it works fine, so it must have been some weird glitch. Thanks for your suggestion which indirectly solved my problem :)
  10. Hello there everyone, I've recently noticed this issue, it may have always been there, but it's really bugging me. As I turn to face towards a vehicle or something, the sound of its engine gets quieter until you can't even hear it, it's true for sounds behind me also, but if I turn so that it's to my left or right, it sounds normal. This is also the case for being inside a cockpit and looking left or right, for most helicopters I can't hear the turbines because they're behind me. I have a 5.1 system but I don't think that's part of the problem. Thanks for any help Edit: oh yeah I should probably provide some more info. I'm running Arma 2 on Vista 64 with an onboard sound card, I have a quadcore cpu at 3.5ghz, 8gb ram and a Radeon HD5870. I have quite a lot of mods installed. Also it doesn't matter what distance the source is, it's most noticeable when aircraft are flying around you, they disappear entirely from the soundscape at times. I'm not sure what could be causing this.
  11. Thanks, I look forward to that time.
  12. Hmm, so you need Combined Ops to play this? I only discovered that after inspecting the PBOs. You might consider putting that info in the OP?
  13. Yeah I've had that issue from day-one. This reply is too late to help that guy, but still, for anyone wondering. Also I would be curious if anyone has lightning effects working?
  14. Nosedive

    JSDF MOD 1.0 released

    Do both the OA and Arma 2 standalone versions contain the same units? There are some I can't find in the editor, such as the F15 and the AH1S Edit: Nevermind I see in the readme that the AH-1S was disabled, and I used a translator on their site to see that most of the units that made me want to get the mod are still incomplete, such as the F15. No probs.
  15. Thanks for your suggestion, I searched my root folder for "cba" and couldn't find any outside of the main CBA folder. Incidentally, everything seems to run fine after the error happens, as far as I can tell. It's just annoying.