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  1. I've read many threads about this but i still have a problem: The intro itself works well but when it's time to quit the intro and start the actual game, the intro doesn't end. The last video clip ends and the screen blacks out but nothing happens after that. This is what I have in the end of my scene.sqs: So.. that doesn't work. What am I missing?
  2. Psykedeeli

    how to end intro

    Got it working! Player cameraEffect ["terminate", "back"] camDestroy _camera endMission "END1"; Exit;
  3. Hi! Is there any peacekeeping missions? What I mean is a mission where you are guarding some city.. It wouldn't be 100% sure that the enemy (in this case terrorists) will attack, but there is a big chance for that.. Map could be some afghan map. A city filled with civilian people... Mid-afternoon... +40C and a fear of terrorist's attack..No place to escape, fight or die :rolleyes: So has someone released that kind of mission? It doesn't have to be exactly like that, but I hope you know what I mean.
  4. Psykedeeli

    How to conquer a base?

    Thanks! I got it working
  5. I'm making a map and I'd like to create two places that you can conquer.. Just like in hold game mode. I'm too noob to do it just by myself, so I how can I do this?
  6. Psykedeeli

    Ambush with AI

    Thank you, mates!
  7. Hi. I'm making an ambush mission.. Everything looks fine but the problem is.. My AI team mates start shooting too early.. I want the enemy to move quite near us and when they cross one specific line, the AI starts shooting.. How can I do this? Thanks.
  8. Psykedeeli

    Enable Backpack?

    :mad: I don't understand... Whatever I do, I still get a message "script prep_backpack.sqf not found"... What files do I have to dePBO from the Xeno's mission? EDIT. My bad.. Problem solved
  9. Hey! I feel like an idiot for asking this, but: I'm not that familiar with scripting, so I've only used the editor. I've made few very simple (but fun) missions for me and my friend, but I'd like to know how can I end the mission? For example: My convoy is heading from location A to location B. There is all kind of resistance on the way but I want the mission to finish after I've reached the location B. How can I do that? Yes, I know I have to use triggers, but what do I write to "condition" field or to "on act" field? And I have to use end 1-6.. but how?.. 2nd question: I'd like to create a car bomb that explodes when someone passes it.. I've read many threads of that.. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=83557 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1381094 ...but I still have problems with blowing up things. I did what they told, but I still don't get explosions :( I don't understand.. Any ideas?
  10. How can I get AI into MTVR (in cargo)? The problem is.. ..I know how to get a group into MTVR, but then the MTVR will follow the squad leader.. I want the squad into MTVR and I want MTVR to follow one specific car. How? EDIT. Hmm.. It can be done by using waypoint.. But if I want the squad to start the game inside mtvr, how can I do that?
  11. Thanks nyran and Fenrir. It worked :) And I got the IED to work :) lucilk, I'm waiting ;)
  12. Hi. Would be so cool, if there were a PvP servers where you'll have to play as realistic as you can. I mean, I've played with 6thSense guys and it is very cool, but there we are fighting against AI. So is there servers where you play like you play in 6thSense, but your enemy would be some other group of arma2 players (not AI). Nobody would act a rambo.. No damn snipers (well, it depends ofc) and no 3rd person view. Mic would be required. Is there servers like this? Maybe clan versus clan? But the word is: Reality Sorry for my bad English. Hopefully you got my point :)!
  13. Hi again. I'm making a little mission, where I fly with A10. I'd like to destroy some buildings.. Those buildings would be terrorist hideouts.. So they would be filled with "terrorists" and I have to destroy the buildings.. But how can I place troops into the building?
  14. Hi. I'm new in Arma 2 and I have used the mission editor just for few hours. I have tried to found answers to my questions by reading this forum (and it has helped a lot) but there is still questions that I'd like to get answers. I'll use this topic in future if I have something that I need to get answer. Now I'd like to know how can I get one group to patrol one specific area.. example 200 meters x 200 meters.. So that I'll give them lines and they will follow it until they face enemy and when/if they'll beat the enemy, they will continue patrolling. There might be an easy answer to this, but it doesn't mean that I have found the answer :o
  15. Psykedeeli

    Troops movement

    I don't want to create a new topic to ask this stupid question: How can I set a trigger to end the mission after all the enemies are dead? I'm new in missiong editing and these are the most important things that I want to know :P
  16. Psykedeeli

    Troops movement

    Thanks guys, it worked!
  17. Psykedeeli

    Air vehicles help

    Answer to 1st question: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=80374
  18. Hi. If I wanted to create an AI soldier, what should I do if I want him to stay prone whole mission? He will just hold that area, nothing else (well, ofc he will shoot when he sees enemy) That AI soldier would not belong to any group and it will be non-playable. But what is the command to get that soldier to stay prone?