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  1. katdogfizzow

    [Release] GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1

    getting undefined variable in expression _posiiton maybe you have a mission example? awesome looking script. nvmd. added xyz and works. way cool!
  2. katdogfizzow

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Starting crashing with 1.64 RC when I host + go to the Map during spectate. (It's 100% crash now) Anyone else seeing this issue?
  3. katdogfizzow

    Analog Throttle

    interesting. Ill try it out
  4. katdogfizzow

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Yeah what I meat to say was real time spatial awareness tactical ping markers in multiplayer ...pretty cool pointing out targets. Add realism for sure. New to me.
  5. katdogfizzow

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    great news on the RC. I recently experienced the "2FPS bug" as described own some troubleshooting threads. Only in one mission oddly enough.... The RC build fixed it and I was 60fps boom. Also, seems like better performance all around ! Loving the new "pointing"feature. One problem I experienced was an unhandled exception error crash when I as host during spectate went to Map with M button -- caused 2 crashes - while spectating only
  6. katdogfizzow

    Analog Throttle

    you could try binding up and down throttle to the same axis. worked for me now on CH
  7. katdogfizzow

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    Really? Internet should be full of stories. Just think of it as a flying tank. Flying LOW over battlefield on liveleak. I'd imagine it'd be perfect for a down pilot scenario. Send in 4 of these vs an incoming mechanized infantry, light em up, land , get your injured pilots. cant do that with apaches. Fire for effect. Send in 4 to the the front line, unload everything in arsenal, drop 30 soldiers for clean up + get Intel And of course awesome for terrorizing insurgent "civilians" , anyone on the run or lightly armed with just assault rifles https://www.amazon.com/Gunship-Ace-Neall-Helicopter-Mercenary/dp/1612000703/ref=sm_n_au_dka_US_pr_tex_0_0?imprToken=XsQH3mCIzsUj3XoIcJa82w&slotNum=0&linkCode=w41&tag=patsmilhisblo-20&linkId=f19f5f03fe76f6ddcaa3b9eca10c81a5
  8. katdogfizzow

    Terrible Frame Rate on Windows 10

    I'd punch windows 10 and it's update right in the face if given the opportunity
  9. Lowland Tiger Meet did some mission based flight sim competitions in this same vein. I think they did it for like 13 years. I used to play their released missions and they were the best. I've had this idea myself based on an impossible escape mission - I'd suggest a huge prize - not sure how that'd work with bohemia. LLTM did it LAN: http://www.simhq.com/_air13/air_442a.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRxmU3LiGAw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI6wr6yVroM
  10. 50 fps with your setup is perfect. Just disable v-sync if you want to record a video with a 80fps, w/probable screen tearing. you can check to see if you're running fxaa vs smaa etc. - smaa supposedly a bit of a hog? I think 'Ultra' settings across the board is totally unattainable with max fps online. Does a true 'Ultra' setting video even exist? I'd like to see a hostile helicopter insertion with 8 online players + 10,000 view distance + 50 AI in a major city/port + All 'Ultra" settings video. That's what I'd consider "Ultra" Its all about finding that sweet spot - 50-60 fps with expected drops with action is totally fantastical imo. I think just about anyone can disable v-sync and get 80fps offline against 5 AI in an open field another vid to look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbMPDQtb5vI
  11. katdogfizzow

    I need help with FPS!

    that's interesting. Was following that thread. Is that typically enabled by default. Sounds odd
  12. katdogfizzow

    I need help with FPS!

    Here's some CPU benchmarks for you: http://www.hardware.fr/articles/940-15/cpu-jeux-3d-crysis-3-arma-iii.html
  13. katdogfizzow

    I need help with FPS!

    No brainer. Keep this is mind too in re to your 8GBRAM: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/156993-arma-3-cpu-vs-ram-performance-comparison-1600-2133-up-to-15-fps-gain/
  14. katdogfizzow

    I need help with FPS!

    I believe that no amount of tweaking will help him without a new processor. Yes, with next patch I bet there will be some noticeable, minor improvement. btw, I only mentioned nvidia experience because bonking everything down to low isn't going to do anything except make his game look worse. Just a shortcut. OP needs a new processor yesterday. Check this out op too: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193394-arma-3-sudden-fps-drop-after-installing-apex/
  15. katdogfizzow

    I need help with FPS!

    Sounds about right. Something has changed in the game since the last update. I would wait until a new update comes out to possibly see improvements. I dont think you'll be able to tweak your way out of this. I wouldn't waste your time too much. However, 1- Try nvidia experience 'optimize' then 500 view and 500 objects as a baseline until next patch. then bump up from there to where acceptable for you. 2- Or update you to processor 4Ghz+ and new RAM for immediate fix.