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  1. it is one of the best a2 features,but it has to reach a more mature level:add more command for units,e.g.,mount/dismount vehicles,paradrop,rearm at crates,.. for now you can just order "move there" and "attack there"((((((
  2. I would like to create several missions based on "hostage rescue" concept,so I need to put in the map several civilians as hostages.I know there is the "captive" init but how to activate the option to free them(with mouse wheel)?also how to have a total control of their behaviour(posture,reaction to the dynamic situation,ecc.)?
  3. Aelin

    Ghost Recon Maps

    stop reading into my mind.otherwise I will report your paranormal activity to placebo:bounce3:
  4. ahahahha is it me or you made duala s version a lot more HARD,eh?
  5. first of all glad to know there are ghost recon 1(!) fans out there,thought I was alone in the dark...need help with pilot in sp:he said "where should we go,sir?"but I am unable to give him coords on map..so I switched to his slot but after landing he refused to stop and all my squad died
  6. Aelin

    US Infantry - 2008

    no mods at all...just your units
  7. Aelin

    US Infantry - 2008

    sadly,after the new update I am unable to use this:ctd with out error messages....
  8. still waiting for bis solution...........
  9. which vilas weaps pack?there are 2 ones on armaholic..........
  10. a lot of people with the same error,myself included....
  11. Aelin

    Isla Duala

    slovenian man.....how to send you gifts from italy? ---------- Post added at 11:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 AM ---------- ah,and....where to find that awesome girl on the molatian advices?eh?
  12. looks awesome!tbh I need coordinates....does it include zombies?????
  13. Aelin

    Why is this game not more popular?

    what about the fact I am still dealing with patching errors and black receiving screen?eh?am I the only one?NO.what about the stupid useless gamespy?why bis didnt create a mp system like massive did with world in conflict?eh? that s why people gives up soon with arma2.... ---------- Post added at 11:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 PM ---------- when I go in mp I see the MAJORITY of players with troubles...this happens in public servers not in private clan servers...and why?cos the people joins squad AFTER their issue have been solved
  14. good analysis but why the hell bis doesnt do nothing to help?eh?
  15. mrn thanks for this jewel!any hope to see a duala s version?
  16. Aelin

    SP - Operation Cold Harvest

    this mission is awesome,thx!!good voices,good addons,good fight!!
  17. did you get errors running the patches?cos it is why I got the same message.use the search function to find threads about....still unsolved:I cannot play mp in signed server
  18. little mind trouble before starting dl:why the vilas units pack doesnt require weapons pack?it seems it requires just the config....also does it needs a separate folder for the config or can I put it in the same folder of the rest of the pack?
  19. ahahahahah and why not FARC rebels?and colombian army?what a wonderful pack it could be...
  20. mandoble I tried this for the first time just yesterday....hellfire camera...then I've turned off my pc,cant stay the whole night on it...but...does it contains infrared vision and other stuff like that?cos in the cobra I saw just the hud and that camera,with its awesome audio effects