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  1. Aelin

    Ghost Recon Maps

    stop reading into my mind.otherwise I will report your paranormal activity to placebo:bounce3:
  2. ahahahha is it me or you made duala s version a lot more HARD,eh?
  3. first of all glad to know there are ghost recon 1(!) fans out there,thought I was alone in the dark...need help with pilot in sp:he said "where should we go,sir?"but I am unable to give him coords on map..so I switched to his slot but after landing he refused to stop and all my squad died
  4. Aelin

    US Infantry - 2008

    no mods at all...just your units
  5. Aelin

    US Infantry - 2008

    sadly,after the new update I am unable to use this:ctd with out error messages....
  6. still waiting for bis solution...........
  7. which vilas weaps pack?there are 2 ones on armaholic..........
  8. a lot of people with the same error,myself included....
  9. Aelin

    Isla Duala

    slovenian man.....how to send you gifts from italy? ---------- Post added at 11:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 AM ---------- ah,and....where to find that awesome girl on the molatian advices?eh?
  10. looks awesome!tbh I need coordinates....does it include zombies?????
  11. Aelin

    Why is this game not more popular?

    what about the fact I am still dealing with patching errors and black receiving screen?eh?am I the only one?NO.what about the stupid useless gamespy?why bis didnt create a mp system like massive did with world in conflict?eh? that s why people gives up soon with arma2.... ---------- Post added at 11:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:07 PM ---------- when I go in mp I see the MAJORITY of players with troubles...this happens in public servers not in private clan servers...and why?cos the people joins squad AFTER their issue have been solved