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  1. Thanks love nothing more than gunning down some civs from a choppers side MG
  2. jwalstab

    Missions with Addons

    I agree, I kind of like to keep a clean install and only island mods are worth it to me. Problem is every user mission requires some obscure version of some buggy mod. It is really ridiculous sometimes especially when it is just thrown in their for the sake of it. I mean yea if its a mission called 'African assault' then it makes sense an African army mod will be in use, but just for a simple patrol or town take over there is no need for some kind of 'alternative US marine realistic coloured uniform toggles BETA v0.21' to be required.
  3. jwalstab

    Dedicated server requirements for SP?

    Thanks mate what you said is helpful, I am going to give it a try next week and post exact specs of each machine and whether it was better or worse.
  4. jwalstab

    Dedicated server requirements for SP?

    The 1st computer I play on is an i5 3.20gh w/ HD5770 or something and the server is 2 gigs dual core something but basically it runs arma on low settings. My question is really more if a lower end computer gives better performance running a dedicated server for a higher powered computer, so specs shouldnt really come into to much just a question of logic?
  5. Hi guys, A quick question. I just got a new computer but still have my old dual core, which is pretty slow it can only run arma 2 at all settings low. Cutting to the chase I like to play singleplayer warfare by going into multiplayer and hosting a LAN game. The game goes a bit laggy after playing it for half an hour or so and I was thinking if I run a dedicated LAN game from my old computer and join that with my new computer would this improve performance or lower it considering my new computer is twice as fast as my old one?
  6. jwalstab

    Commanding Infantry

    For some reason my attacks work far better when using a fireteam leader in fireteams, don't know if the game actually takes into account having a fireteam leader in the fireteam but my experience is that it works better.
  7. jwalstab

    Commanding Infantry

    Simply select fireteam leader and maybe an MG and a medic or whatever else you want in the fireteam, then select team in the menu that comes up, then choose assign red etc.
  8. jwalstab

    Commanding Infantry

    A good tip from me is when in defense set all to prone, danger and set the direction. They are like killing machines who cannot be stopped (unless flanked on a very wide arc). Also try using 'find cover' when they are set to danger. They settle themselves in nicely. Fireteams also work quite nicely, so make sure to assign fireteams with a fireteam leader. With a full squad, in the middle of battle you can have three fireteams. If facing bad guys directly ahead, set one team to flank left, another to flank right and the last one to advance. Can mess up any ai squad, even if commanded by a human player.
  9. jwalstab

    Arma 3!!! Your Expectations

    The way everyone here bitches about realism no wonder they are moving to a fantasy game.
  10. If I have a steam copy of arma 2, and I choose to buy a retail box copy of OA, will I be able to play OA with arma 2 content without steam? Steam has been a big mistake as far as arma 2 goes and I don't really want to have to buy OA steam version for it to be compatible with my arma 2 steam version.
  11. jwalstab

    Linux Port for BI Titles

    A big thank you BIS for not wasting time on a linux, mac, xbox, playstation, wii, etc. platform of the game to dedicate your hard work to the windows pc version. Lets just keep arma 2 where it belongs, on windows, and let them try and optimize that as much as possible. Seriously as if BIS have nothing better to do than pander to a bunch of linux elitists.
  12. Just make sure you use the backdoor!
  13. jwalstab

    Jelliz's missions (SP)

    Thanks mate for making a non ACE mission. Really appreciate being able to play a vanilla mission for once. I personally think most of the stuff ACE adds is tacky and buggy, especially at this stage. No offense to the creators I think it will be awesome when the final version comes out but for now the changes aren't great enough to risk stability.
  14. I win, I run the game on a beast, unleashing the ultimate power of the Intel P4 Processor. P4 3.00ghz single core 8600gt 256 mb 2 gig ddr1 ram 350 w power supply I run most settings on low, with res at 1280x1024. Usually get like 15fps average on mission editor but I am pretty used to low fps kind of calibrated myself to handle it.