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    Installing ACE2

    Ah, gotcha. That makes sense
  2. Eagle911

    Installing ACE2

    Okay, I have taken a 4 month break from this game. I was very excited to see ACE is in beta now but getting it to work is incredibly tough. Why are there a gazzlion things I have to install, then update mods and run commands. This is no where near friendly to the casual person. Is there a well written guide out there that starts off at the very first step? Why couldn't they just make it so you just download one thing, rather than many?
  3. I have a question Currently in this game, there aren't DISTINCT differences between other planes, helos, and vehicles that are mods between vehicles already in the game... other than look and maybe a different loadout. For instance, the Longbow seems to have a similar loadout to the cobra. In Arrowhead will be seeing distinct differences between the two? Not just one may be a little faster or slower, but different targeting systems, technologies being used, etc?
  4. Whats the song to the first video?
  5. Eagle911

    Rotor collision

    No, ive dropped down in a forest in a huey and was being bounced around from the trees and no dmg was done
  6. Eagle911

    Nuclear Bomb Pack

    Im almost positive looking into a nuclear explosion would make blind
  7. Eagle911

    Am I the only one?

    I get 20 fps on normal settings and like 6 on very high And my computer isn't too bad
  8. Eagle911

    WIP JTD Fire And Smoke

    Very nice. Now if a vehicle blows up, will it always spread on fire? That could prove to be annoying if it had a high percentage of spreading
  9. Eagle911

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    Would a space environment be possible in ArmA2?
  10. Well, lets hope they release this expansion WITHOUT a ton of bugs and such
  11. I got shot and killed out of no where Behind trees, laying down prone in dense grass with no movement In fog and heavy rain all at night :(
  12. Correct, in SP. I tried switching back to the sqaud leader
  13. Found a bug When changing to a dead squad leader the game freezes or something. :( Got stuck near a BMP and no sqaud mates had AT