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  1. desperados

    Dev looking for work.

    hello, sorry for my poor english! I'm looking for a Dev to finish the work on this compatibility ACE-Pedagnemod... https://github.com/basic-ph/compat_ped I can also pay, but then the job will be released for free! There is also the possibility of talking to the Dev who started it but cannot finish it now. Thank you
  2. launch the launcher in a safemode https://arma3.com/launcher/troubleshooting
  3. after activating it with ctrl + shift how to disable the launcher safemode??
  4. desperados

    My profile won't load. I really could use some help

    example.... SHOWCASE progress existing in the folder: but Arma do not recognize it:
  5. desperados

    My profile won't load. I really could use some help

    I'm having the same problem too!! Sorry for my bad english! I use arma3sync as a launcher! In the last 2 day I see steam updating ARMA3 (no mods updating) one or two times! The problem occurred after starting ARMA without starting battleye ... launch arma correctly and with correct profile --> entering the gameserver one popup appears with the request to restart the game in order to start battleye, but when starting battleye the system crash! At the next restart the correct name of my profile existing but has been reset to the default settings whitout possibility to restore the previous (correct) version! made some research among the profiles folders, I noticed that on my system: - Vanilla Launcher view this profile folder: C:\Users\....username...\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3\Users - Arma3sync view this profile folder: C:\Users\....username...\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles The correct profile still exists but only 2 files has been overwritten, the other folders have not been overwritten: in fact, in the editor I still see all my missions created...., so the lost files are those indicated with the red arrows!!! Surely one of those files got corrupted and was reset to the default setting! After careful research these are the settings restored to default... or restored to unknown previous version: OPTIONS (unknown previous version?? or default???) -Viedo -Audio -Controls -Game TUTORIALS all reset -VRtraining -VirtualArsenal loadouts -Ace Arsenal loadouts SINGLEPLAYER all reset -Showcases -Challenges -I've never played the campaign.... so I do not know if it resets that too!! NO WAY.... RESTORING MANUALLY ALL MY CUSTOM SETTINGS!!