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  1. You could try adding ACM with a sync to the secops module

    Arma2 - GTX295 Disaster

    looks to me to be a psu problem, i would go for around 850watts
  3. agreed our clan run unlocked versions of PvAI and TVT and also are designing mission based on possible events with a large inclusion of stuff that is fun. OCB
  4. the sound card you are using is XFi based if you are using vista make sure you download openAL for creative sound cards as this fixed my clicking sound, oh and check the quality of your connections
  5. buy nvidia and use nhancer, so far there is no solution for ati cards but try this, reduce your ram to 2gig as a trail run in win 7, look at the way your video card and cpu downclock as this seemed to cause CTD's in my puter. run a test of resolutions and setting strarting from 1024 go up, i found the default settings the problem with high end cards and its is best to run high, check arma2.cfg to make sure it shows true state of video ram. good luck, currently in the open at 6000m view distance and very high detail i get avg 50-60fps, in congest scene this drops to 27 fps. "NVIDA the way its meant to be played"
  6. If you have a mid end rig, then that means it would be something like e8xxx or Q8xxx with 260gtx or 8800gtx/gts, around 4 gig ram and win vista x64 or win7. if not you are offically low end :eek: also i have bought every edition of this game and will continue to support smaller studios that do great work....even if this is eventually, I can now read german as well as I can read french because of the editions I have bought. You should be complaining about prices from EB games being so high and over actual release price.

    8800gtx; 8GB; Vista x64

    Hi Guys i am running 190.62 with physx disabled, and to solve alot of problems also run nhancer which has fixed 99% crash to desktop, running win 7 x64 4g ram e8400 285 gtx, although there is a small amount of corruption in graphics, on very high with 1680 x 1050 i get between 28-44 fps. i use a modified crysis selection in nhancer 2.51 which i renamed to arma 2, so far so good no errors. also mine is the german version with english as a mod.
  8. Well you can force win xp to use the extra buffer although most likely to restrict the system to 4gig, I have a similar system and although running vista 64 bit and win 7 64bit, drivers are the 190 versions. I suggest old fat bastards like us to use nhancer to fix some problems with Crashes to desktop and other BSOD's, physx off, and when playing don't leave on menu too long seems to cause a memory leak when you save. Win 7 is a RTM and will be released to the public sometime around xmas. I have found win 7 more stable.
  9. no change have tried all drivers, changed card to 285gtx have run it in both win 7 and vista 64 ult. editions. used all of the switches, now tonight going bare blow all drivers out, revert cpu overclock from 3.6 to 3.0, remove slight memory overclock and run in both to see. when its not crashing on a save it runs at around 34fps with high to very high with 260 gtx and very high with 2200m distance at 39fps with 285gtx. current driver is 186.18 for both editions this is a similar error that happened with GTAIV and ARMA 1. And I think the 190 driver is still 185 version which will make it suk
  10. power supply, clicking or buzzing may come from capacitors on MB due to the rail volts being too low
  11. yeah ctd tried everything new mem, video card, i7 920 nothing works this issue for me has only started to happen in badlands and with the new patch 1.02. and still happened with the 260gtxoc
  12. CTD, tried every fix now going to try win7, have wound back drivers most times only happens in single player specs 285gtx 607w psu acbell asus p5e ocz plat ddr1066 c2d e8400 at 3.62mhz driver 182.50,185.85,186.18 vista 64 ultimate sp2 xfi plat. the only thing I can think of is like with gtaIV the openal driver? http://rapidshare.de/files/47845317/arma2.zip.html
  13. WILLUR

    Where is Lagushina?

    Really did any of you read any of the intel provided, it gives timelines of movements and lotsa other stuff.....really sit down and think for a moment this is a MIL sim as close as they can make it for the public.:confused:
  14. if you are using the language patch/mod this will cause the fade to kick in you have to place it in another folder and start it as a mod this will solve 90% of problems or if you are trying to run the game on a old anchor of a computer then that is probably the rest of the problem.