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    Steam spelling

    Hey guys, Just thought I would point out that theres an error on steam for Arma Tactics Highlighted in bold. Just thought I would point that out so you can remedy it with steam. Best Regards Dale
  2. dale

    Arma3 Videos

    Just to give this some weight behind it because it's a total random vid, we have basically been replacing peoples vehicles with pink Lada's on the server we are inhabiting...
  3. dale

    Arma3 Videos

    Just a fun video made while playing Exile.
  4. Does anyone have any information on white listing via steam groups? I setup a Space Engineers Dedi Server recently, and one of the ways you could whitelist a server was via a steam group and its ID, see url http://wiki.multiplay.co.uk/Space_Engineers/Steam_Whitelisting Essentially the server is whitelisted via the group ID which you need to be in to join, if you aren't in that group you cannot join the server, and the steam groups are either private or public meaning you can whitelist your server how you want all before the person has set foot in your server, and they aren't limited meaning you can have multiple groups for each server (say you have a wasteland and Life server). I am unsure if this is that relevant seeing as Arma 3 has its own player identification system in place, but it would make a few things easier such as if you are a private group you can see every steam profile joining your group on steam via the invite and link it to the server player name, you can also use other steam group functions such as announcements, modsets, discussions, events etc, allowing for a server to be wholly run through the steam group. The nice thing with it all is also your community members start to find each other much easier creating a stronger community. As I say I do not know if anyone has seen this but it seems pretty good to me, it has no impact on non whitelist servers its just an option for server owners, and it doesn't affect steam users who want to remain anonymous because you can still make your profile private in steam if theres a server you want to join that's whitelisted. The only potential drawbacks as I say are privacy for steam users for whitelisted servers via this method (not by other whitelisting methods), it also means grievers can be worse if you do whitelist your server via this method. But for me the pros far outweigh the cons. What do you guys think?
  5. Hey Guys, Just a slight issue with the addWaypoint script, currently im trying to achieve a system where by you get into a vehicle and it gives you a set of waypoints notably the MH9, I have a trigger which is as thus: Condition: player in trainmh91; On Act: null = [this] execVM "script.sqf"; then the script.sqf is: way1 = (group player) addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "train1", 0]; way1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; way1 setWaypointBehaviour "aware"; way1 setWaypointCombatMode "yellow"; way1 setWaypointDescription "Helicopter Training."; way1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; way2 = (group player) addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "train2", 0]; way2 setWaypointType "MOVE"; way2 setWaypointBehaviour "aware"; way2 setWaypointCombatMode "yellow"; way2 setWaypointDescription "Helicopter Training."; way2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; The issue with this is that when I enter the helicopter or vehicle it completes the objectives instantly, which is an issue due to the fact that it completes the mission instantly, I've added more waypoints and the same issue occours no matter what amount or type of waypoints I put on the map. As you can see they are linked to markers on the map. Ive taken a general look around but I can't seem to find any answers, and this is mighty frustrating as it doesn't make sense in my eyes. If I attach the script to the player it works fine so for example I put this null = [this] execVM "script.sqf"; in the intialization, just not vehicles :/. Best Regards Dale
  6. Hi peeps if you want to pop over and say hi would be great! or you can come and just take up one of our channels for your own space, we don't mind whatever the weather as long as you play games and shit yourself laughing :)
  7. Regiment of the Grenadier Guards Introduction: We are a group of people who just enjoy playing together and having a laugh, we've been going for a while now since 2006, you'll find the majority of us are old gits. If you enjoy drinking beer, laughing uncontrollably at stupid whimsical comments, and being childish even though your 40 then come on over and give us a go. We all communicate through teamspeak or steam, we have our own website but its more of a information center than anything, and we have a smoking room ofcourse where you can chat about stupid things and post lewd urls. If your looking for a group who are serious at all times and communicates in Morse code then we aren't it, if your looking for a group which has a deep rank structure and salutes even when the colonel farts then we aren't it, what we are is a group of friends who tell each other stories and jokes while we obliterate the enemy (well occasionally we get them and usually they get us). Sites and Servers: You can Find our Homepage at: www.rggclan.com/home/ Our steam group is: Steam Group And our TS IP is: ts.rggclan.com You can also contact me via email: dale@rggclan.com Well I will see you soon! Dale
  8. Hey guys and girls check out the new website! well done to Adanteh to getting this setup :D, check it out at http://www.tacbf.com Awesome stuff!
  9. at the end of the day you are posting bug reports in an advertisement thread, this is clearly your prerogative. welcome for what? as I stated before I am no longer a part of the TacBF team so you are only harming those who seek to protect your delicate self.
  10. Giorgy, no offense but you drip feed information and draw out this process, all the TacBF team are interested in is where, what happened and when, that essentially is a bug report. I am saying this because I am pretty bored with certain consistent complaint's you put on the BIS forums but forget to put on the TacBF forums, are you here to help or hinder the team? btw I no longer am a part of the team but it doesn't mean I won't fend for them when I get time. And wormeaten if you actually cared in any way about the team you would stop talking absolute nonsense all the time, there were a good many people who put a lot of time into that project and because you couldn't be bothered to also put time in (I saw you playing IL2 etc all the time) you lost out, if you want to undermine the team then carry on talking but to me you are about as useful as me now but instead of complaining about it I will still help when I can, you on the other hand will do the opposite. And I hope it keeps changing to suit the communities needs and not yours, and I hope you change to suit the mod, but I know you won't you will just keep undermining where you can because your about as useful as a cock flavored lolly pop :)
  11. Overall the reasoning behind TacBF not doing too good is because of accessibility, the options are numerous out there for people to take up but we have none of them, as a mod we aren't ever going to beat a mission based gamemode because the server people join will automatically download a mission so why bother with a mod. Wasteland for example is a ten second download, how are we ever going to beat that, the only real way is by BIS implementing a download system for mods so that when you join a server you will auto download the mod (much like PWS), or for example making mods more accessible via steam. Currently we are really down on our luck as a PvP mod we just don't have that accessibility which other PvP missions have, and even though I hope BIS will produce the goods to allow us to be more accessible I don't think this will happen, I hope they ultimately realise that by allowing the modding community to become more accessible as a PvP or PvE environment they will make more sales essentially due to more content.
  12. dale

    Job Request

    Hey mate, I think if you really want to learn and understand the dev processes etc and get invovled in something where your work is useful then talk to Kju as he is heading up two large community orientated projects such as All in Arma Standalone and The Community Upgrade Project in both these cases you have no reason to be under pressure and can learn at your own rate. You also can supply addons which are being worked on by multiple devs so you will have that support, and Kju is a good guy to learn under because he is communicative and informed. What this project doesn't have is the ability to do original stuff, so if you are into Aliens or WW2 then you won't find that here, but again the great thing about these is that people won't be hurt if you decide to leave or have a break because it is built up of many community members rather than a few people. I would talk to Kju first to find out what needs doing and how best to achieve it.
  13. dale

    Arma 3 server browser app

    Nice work Orb!
  14. Just a note to everyone, [RGG]Orb recently created a server browser app for android http://www.tacticalbattlefield.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1222 this not only supports TacBF servers but also your own servers :D
  15. That's awesome alduric, very pleased to hear it mate
  16. BECTI is CTI, CTI is basically a large version of AAS with AI, if you enjoy the AI aspect of Arma then TacBF isn't the mod for you. For me at least the major flaw with running just mission based scripts is that eventually the mission gets so big it has a negative effect on server performance, also you can't create complex UI's or systems such as vehicle respawn and player respawn. Fundamentally playing just missions without mods is the easiest form of gameplay that's why its the most popular, but if you decide to just develop via missions then you will get a limited amount of space to form your ideas and you will be forced to minimalize everything, this includes for example graphical systems etc. I've taken a look at some of the changes made to missions such as wasteland or king of the hill, theres a lot that was built into the Arma 3 system which has been removed to help speed the mission up, doesn't that then defeat the point in developing Arma further if we ourselves can't create new ideas as mod makers and use the new systems developed by Bohemia to enhance the visual and virtual aspects of their game? I agree that we should have a great mod which runs flawlessly, and we will get there, but I would hate to cut out Arma 3 systems in the process like other missions have done so.
  17. We don't suffer desync on our server either, this is an unofficial server and therefore is not under our jurisdiction, but we feel that no matter whether your official or unofficial you should post your events as we support each other no matter what the conditions.
  18. We will be having an official event soon which you can check out here.
  19. If you want to make your own mission using TacBF you can first start by reverse engineering some of The Iron Brits missions and mod pack, they use AI in their missions and mods.
  20. This entire concept only works with SP im afraid.
  21. Currently no, but what I can do is propose it too our team and see what they say, Outlawed produced a good script for third person which I would be happy for you to use while playing third person mode. This could only happen unofficially of course, officially we stick with first person all the way and if anyone wants to be an official hoster then first person it is, for us the discussion won't mainly be about this topic though. It will mainly be about falsely advertising TacBF in a way that either gives new players the wrong impression of us or creates a "split" in our community (which it could), im obviously talking about youtube vids etc, to me the main thing here is finding a mutual ground to move forward on so let me take it back and discuss it privately and i'll see if I can get an answer. Edit: Outlawed The Fourth Wall