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  1. Here is a new series that I'm working on for ArmA 2. But please remember, this first one was more of an introduction to get everyone caught up to the storyline rather than an episode, however, enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlEckcoagIQ P.S I would appreciate comments and ratings (Be nice or don't comment)
  2. In Porto, everything seemed normal, same for the soldiers there. Just another routine patrol. But this time, it goes horribly wrong and the soldiers find themselves fighting for their lifes. Can you survive? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKVrRQQNDBs Rate, Comment and Subscribe! The mission is avalible on www.armaholic.com and is currently on the front page.
  3. I really want to make it so that there is a Blufor helicopter at a base, that ONLY takes off and goes to an objective when certain units enter the vehicle. It usually just takes off after about 10 secs and leaves everyone behind. Thanks alot.
  4. And is there a script that can be triggered to make a different helicopter in the corner of the map come and pick up units via waypoint?
  5. Im using the Dedicated Server Tool from Armaholic.com, but when I start a server it appears in the LAN list. I believe this because in the options of this Dedicated Server Tool, it is set to port 2302, what port should it be set to for it to appear in the internet list?
  6. SirElxx

    How do I make a dedicated server?

    Ok, so I got the server running but it keeps appearing as a LAN game. Im using the program from this link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6156
  7. So I was just wondering how to make a dedicated server, im sort of new to this so I would appreciate it if you were specific with answers. Im looking to run two servers at once, one passworded training server and one public Domination server. Here is the basic information I need for the server: Server Name: www.94thID.webs.com Max Players: 16 Map: co30_Domination_1_00A2T10_West
  8. Im sort of new at making dedicated servers, so I got all the options set up the way I want and I clicked Start Server and this window popped up: I tried starting ArmA 2 and finding my server but I couldn't find it. And do I need this window open at all times to run the server? My computer would have to be on all the time so what's the point of a dedicated server? Thanks alot
  9. SirElxx

    ArmA 2 Dedicated Server

    Blondak is right, it was in the LAN list! What should I do to make it appear on the internet list so people can join?
  10. SirElxx

    Custom Skins

    In many of the realism servers, I see that USMC vehicles have their insignia on them. I was wondering how to do this. Please no redirects unless they explain exactly how to do it.
  11. SirElxx

    Custom Skins

    Oh I see what you mean
  12. SirElxx

    How do I make a dedicated server?

    Oh my god! I used the one on the Wiki and as you can see in the picture, I don't really know what's going on!
  13. Good idea, but most people intent to imply realism to there maps, and a tank running over a tree at the end of a runway is unrealistic and random.
  14. Try the Armaholic.com forums, they have some amazing scripters there that should be able to help you.
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    I don't know why the squad leader isn't in the truck, but I do know how to fix the disembarking problem. Using the Waypoints tool, click on the truck once, then make a pathway using the tool all the way to your destination, and at the part where they get shot, change the options from Move to Unload. Hope that helps. Have fun
  16. SirElxx

    How do I make a dedicated server?

    Like I was saying, im new to making dedicated servers. I got it to work but I don't know how to change any options. Heck, I don't even know what's going on. I ran the dedicated server program and a small window popped up:
  17. If anyone has seen the movie Jarhead, then I would like to see a map like that. Just a US Marines base with a big dirt pile around it giving them cover, a while away, a highway with burnt cars going horizontally across the map. Then after you went passed the highway, a oil field caught on fire. So it's like blowing fire up in the air. And this is all happening in the desert. And it has to be REALLY bright because it is 114 degrees. Hope someone can accomplish this, Jarhead is on right now and I got the idea. Hoorah.