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  1. I had this happen a while ago during the Manhattan mission..... whenever i switched to the Sniper,Cooper would order everyone off to some random point??? Then for some reason my Corpsman did some kind of Star Trek teleport back to the base,and was sat in a jeep.??? lol
  2. Just install the legit copy and use the legit code.
  3. Overclock your Cpu and Gpu... i use EVGA Precision to oc my 9500gt card.
  4. Physikz

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    I think peoples satisfaction of the game is determined by what they expected from it in the first place,if you've got an expensive pc setup with top of the line hardware then you would expect to to be able to max out all the settings,and get great framerates aswell,and it's understandable that people are annoyed when it doesn't pan out that way. I've personally got a low spec pc at the mo ( Pentium D 2.8ghz - 9500gt..lol )and the demo didn't run very well on it,but i still took a chance on the full retail version,and with a few tweaks and patches the game looks and runs well at decent settings (20-25 fps),i'm basically happy to be able to play the game at all tbh,and i dont think you need 60+fps to enjoy it.I may have a bit more patience than others though,as i happily played through Stalker SOC on this pc,and that game has one or two bugs itself.;)
  5. Physikz

    Beta patch fail for me

    I've noticed a slight performance boost from the Beta patch.. but i did overclock my gpu around the same time.
  6. Physikz

    Need help with settings!!!

    Your specs aren't much different to mine tbh,and it is playable on my pc; Try these settings. Texture = V high memory = Default Ani Filter = V high AA = Off Terrain= Low object detail = v Low Shadows = Off Post pro = Off I defrag my Hd regularly aswell I play in 1280 x 1024 res
  7. Physikz

    Help Needed

    I was getting a bit annoyed with the chopper crashing when i ordered a pick up..until i realised i was in a bit of a hotspot,and it kept getting shot down.lol
  8. I use Defraggler... it's freeware from Piriform,the makers of CCleaner.
  9. Physikz

    1.03 frustrations

    The patch works great for me,i've got a 5-10 fps increase and the texture loading is a lot better.The only downside is i've lost all my campaign progress :mad: The funny thing is my specs are rubbish compared to a lot of you guys ( pentium D 2.8ghz...9500gt...4gb ram)..but i've never had one crash or error.
  10. I use a 9500GT at 1280x1024 res with a Pentium D 2.8 ghz,4gb of ram on XP... Texture - V High Memory- Default Anti Filter- V High AA- Off Terrain- V Low Objects detail- Low Shader detail-normal/off PP Effects- Off Aspect ratio- 5-4 with a few tweaks and the 190.38 beta drivers i get 20-25 fps average.
  11. Physikz

    Graphics setup

    Disable Post Process Effects in video options to get rid of blurriness.
  12. Physikz

    Post you most annoying bug !

    When i adjust video settings then go back to the game my screen is blurry.. i have to press esc,then continue again for it to return to normal.
  13. Cheers for the heads up but is it worth updating from the beta version?
  14. Would a 265/275/285 be ok with my Pentium Dual core 2.8ghz? if not,what is the best card that would'nt bottleneck at my Cpu?
  15. Physikz

    CPU Vs GPU

    Thanks for the reply... so a new Cpu and Mobo would be the best thing to upgrade first,the trouble is i cant really afford too much at the moment..if i just got a new mobo for the time being,my processor is a presley which i've heard is "quite good" for overclocking? failing that,what would be a good card to complement my current Cpu? :ok: