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  1. 9K338 Igla-S MANPADS (SA-24 Grinch) WIP 9П338 Launching Tube with attached 9Б238-1 Ground Power Supply Source. steam meh
  2. ffs

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I use these launch parameters for "ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta" (I have Arma X): -nosplash "-mod=L:\S\SteamApps\common\ArmA 2;Expansion;ca;@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU;@ACEX_SM;@JayArma2Lib;@ACEX_USNavy;@ACRE" "L:\S\SteamApps\common\ArmA 2" - path to Arma 2 "L:\S\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead" - modfolder for "play withSix".
  3. Didn't want to create a new thread, so I'll just put it here: Range tables for mortars and howitzers [ACE1.14RC1B586] (via Google Docs) ("File"->"Download as") (Also: "1 mil sideways (m)" basic trig formula: D*(Pi*2)/6400, where D= range in meters, Pi=3.14159, 6400 - NATO standard mils)
  4. ffs

    ACE for OA 1.13

    It would be fantastic if you could implement Mils into a DAGR! (Mortars is so much fun!)
  5. "At the face surface in the middle of it under a fabric flap there is bright red sticker (circle) distracting attention of enemy and confusing aiming process." - “FORT Technologyâ€, Inc
  6. Well, there are 3 groups of files in takistanlite.pbo: 1) Hardcoded files (I can't change the path to takistan_data.pbo) and Original - Data/Layers and /Scenes, 58 mb 2) Files with identical names (different filesize) - Data/, 12 mb 3) Almost identical files (same name, same filesize, different CRC) - Data/, 14,5 mb It's just not worth the time unfortunately. :( Dunno. Other islands: Utes = 4 Chernarus = 4 Zagrabad = 5 Desert = 4 I'm afraid of being WTFbanned. :D §20) Posting addon/mod other content without permission I'll ask for permission before sharing it.
  7. Re-check "description" string. In the end it should be like this: (A2:CO 1.52.72291)
  8. Quick workaround: Download the demo. Depbo "takistanlite.pbo" with cpbo. (backup "takistanlite.pbo") Derapify "config.bin" with unRap. Open "config.cpp" with Notepad. Change: description = $STR_EP1_LOCATION_FEERUZABAD; to description = "Feruz Abad"; Save and close "config.cpp". Delete "config.bin". Pbo "takistanlite" folder with cpbo. Done. Use like a regular Addon. Works like a charm in A2:CO 1.52.72197.
  9. I'm absolutely sure that there are weapons of mass destruction there and the evidence will be forthcoming. We're just getting it just now. Nice...
  10. "Elapsed time:" - "Затраченное времÑ:" "Time elapsed:" - "Времени прошло:" My bet is on "Времени прошло:".
  11. See several new screenshots from the Russian version of A2:OA: http://games.1c.ru/arma2_oa/?type=gallery&page=1 http://games.1c.ru/arma2_oa/?type=gallery&page=2 http://games.1c.ru/arma2_oa/?type=gallery&page=3 AN/PEQ HUD
  12. ffs

    Military Humor

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pzxb2sxbDU EN GARDE!!!
  13. ffs

    Terrorist attacks in Moscow, Russia.

    ^^ here we go. Finnish-Russian Love Thread.
  14. ffs

    is there a military dictionary ?

    ^^ Example: 75th Ranger Regiment Size: Three battalions (1st Ranger Bn., 2nd Ranger Bn., 3rd Ranger Bn.; 2000 Total Personnel) Current commander: Colonel Michael E. Kurilla (wiki)
  15. Thanks for the instruction! It turned to be that somehow one unreleased sound (wtf? :eek:) mod conflicting with the ACE.