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  1. @kklownboy Indeed I do not defrag much, because often when I did it in the past, shortly thereafter, my HDD would die and I would have to reinstall windows + data lost. Have not used Hybernation but that is if you need more RAM right? Isn't 16 gigs enough? Let's see what happens if I clean up the hard drive. Res is 1920x1080 Could it have something to do with the fact that I have 3 screens? I only use one of them for games, but the other two I guess are still displaying. In the control center the AA is set to application controlled, pretty much like everything else. Never heard of ram disk before by the way. How does that work? You install the game onto ram like it's a hard drive? Doesn't that mean you loose all that ram for other applications?
  2. Sorry guys, just realised I put this in the wrong forum. Anyway, my overall view distance is 2700 (quite frankly, why in 2014 there are still no flying cars and I still cannot play with 10k view distance is beyond me). So I tried switching Vsync off both in the video card settings and in the game and it seems that this has indeed helped with the problem, but now I have two problems: 1. My Vsync doesn't work... 2. The stutter has been transformed from big randomised jumps to a constant low level fast stutter (d-d-d-d-d-d). It's much less noticeable but it's almost like you are watching a fast flickering fluorescent lamp. After a while it makes you eyes hurt.
  3. I have had this for a while but it got worse after the new patch. Now, Arma 3 doesn't run that well on my (new!) PC but even when I am in a place where I have 30fps the game will still stutter when I move. It seems a lot like the problem people (myself included) had in Arma II .I tried to ignore this for a while in the multiplayer because then the problem goes away for a while, but I just started the 2nd episode of the sp campaign, Adapt, and it's much worse. ...Anyone? Specs OS: Windows 7 x64 PCU: Intel i7 3770K 3.50GHz GPU: Radeon HD7950 RAM: Corsair 16Gb 1600MHz PSU: Seasonic 620Watt HD: 2x WD 500GB
  4. @OldBear Thanks, I'll try the CPU count thing. I remember using it for Arma 2 in the beginning but I thought we were way beyond that now. So far I don't see a difference. Not sure how park control works, but will try that too.
  5. Hi all, I have been playing Arma 3 for a while now with around 20 fps in any given multiplayer session (so can drop down to 10 fps at times). Previously this had also been my experience with Arma 1 and Arma 2 so I have grown accustomed to it, but recently I had to look up my system specs for something and I was reminded that I have quite a monster machine. It's not "I spend way too much money on my PC and should probably give more money to charity" monster machine, but still quite powerful for an average Joe: OS: Windows 7 x64 PCU: Intel i7 3770K 3.50GHz GPU: Radeon HD7950 OC RAM: Corsair 16Gb 1600MHz PSU: Seasonic 620Watt HD: 2x WD 500GB 3 1920x1080 screens but I only play on one of them This is not an old system. So I look at it and I can't figure out why something like Elder Scrolls Skyrim with a bunch of mods plays at 70 fps but Arma 3 drags at 20. Is 20 fps normal for my machine? Anyone else has similar specs? PS Changing game's graphic settings usually does little difference for me. Changing view distance from 3000 to 1000 wins me like 1 fps.
  6. Something about scenarios has already been added to the list I see, but to be more specific, I cannot stress it enough: please please please add and expand the quick mission creator from Arma 2. The mandatory campaign is nice and all, but Arma will never be a normal shooter and should concentrate on the sandbox stuff rather than story/drama. The standard editor is far too difficult for normal people to quickly create a mission and the workshop...uh...that's for another discussion.
  7. Hi, are there any mods out there for the quick mission maker? See, the thing is, even with templates it takes me hours to make a simple mission via the game's editor, and I appreciate the game's mission wizzard, but it is quite limited. For example you can't set static (unmanned) objects as targets. Also you can't custom pick your soldiers for the team (you can pick either a group or several of the same kind). I did find a few external mission wizzards on-line, but they did not work too well and were limited to very specific types of missions.
  8. done everything above listed - still getting kicked for battleye initialisation error. - deleted all the folders containing anything relating to the Bty, then manually downloaded and placed the dlls - tried formally uninstalling via programs menu (and also via the uninstall file) and then installing - tried installing it via steam and via the installer within the folders. ...and all combinations of the above and everything else. PS: have steam version and windows 7. Problem only started happening after the latest patch got installed.
  9. I have Windows 7 and Arma2 and Arma2 AO. At completely random moments in the game the game will suddenly freeze together with Windows. Reboot is the only way out. This only happens during gameplay and usually when I move, zoom in or turn the camera around etc, with other words - seems like PC crashes when the game has to draw something. I didn't have this problem with Windows XP I've already tried the quickfix and other standard windows updates. report files located here: http://rapidshare.com/files/426614829/ArmA_2rpt.rar
  10. I see the good old question didn't ever get answered: how to switch between Russians and Takis (and other forces for that matter) when placing secops. Most likely auto managed and not possible so this is then a request to the BI: guys can you please amend the module a little to allow us to choose the forces appearing (like already possible with the ACM for example)
  11. Greetings, My information is as following: Name: Andre Age: 24 ...I think Location: Netherlands (GMT+1) Microphone & teamspeak: yes Languages: English, Russian, Dutch, German (broken) Ready to pay for a server?: not much - up to 5 buks (got paypal) Games: Arma2, Arma2 OA (CO) and BAF dlc User codename: Echo64 / Jedo ACE: yes, got the latest stable for OA CO Roles preferred: Sniper/medic Time spent with Arma2 and skill/experience: since release. Have been playing since OFP. I'm a so-so player - have my days. I'm not very fast or accurate aim; I also have a problem with lagging enemies when I play online, no matter what my ping is. This problem seems to be unrelated to my system. I like working in a team, but have so far only been playing Co-op (no PvP experience in Arma). What I'm looking for is a Western European squad (for ping/lag related reasons) without too many requirements towards me but with mature (I don't mean age but behavior) players. I am busy unfortunately and will likely not be able to show up to trainings and a lot of PvP matches. I just want to get a tag and get together with someone when plaing on-line. If someone is hiring semi-active players, drop me a line. Regards, Dre, Echo 64 Update: FOUND A SQUAD, thank you for all the reactions.
  12. I have an update on this issue: I just bought a new system. I can now run Arma2 with most video options maxed out and have a view distance of 5000+ km without much trouble. Yet on-line the stuttering graphics problem persists. So, by this, I just ruled out my system being the problem. I also moved from Win XP 32 to Win 7 64 so this problem is indeed not fixed to an operating system. I have a router and back at the time I thought that this problm might have had something to do with port forwarding or bad cable or something, but I tried taking that out of the equation and the problem continues. I would really appreciate if someone thought up a fix for it :P Multiplayer fun just goes down 50% because of this jitter.
  13. Just set intensity to 0.5 and the enemy does appear here and there, but not on 0.7 or 0.8 ...funny.