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    Game freezes up on startup

    @infirebaptize, mucker, i've updated everything, was even considering updating my pc desk incase that helped... (joke) @ shuurajou will post them tonight, thanks.
  2. Hi all, Basically i was running arma2 fine up until a few weeks ago, when all of a sudden it refused to start. Basically after i click the icon, it freezes my entire system. I have done the following: -restored my system -updated windows -updates Arma2 -reinstalled arma2 -cried -complained -set arma2 to run as admin -had my brother fiddle with arma2 -lost hope someone please help, I dont need to post my specs, as its irrelevant cos the game was running beautifully before, i am running vista 32bit however. Please help lads.
  3. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Bayonet/knife poll

    i sure hope so swift.
  4. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Bayonet/knife poll

    We shouldnt have to defend why armies use Bayonets. The fact is they do, and we want them.
  5. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Bayonet/knife poll

    I think that you need to think of the composition and practical terms of modern weaponry. A Brown bess musket or Baker Rifle is not likely to disintegrate when you wrap it round Terry Taliban's face. A thrust into the ribs with cold Sheffield steel is a lot more satisfying and much more warry! But then its not just the practicality, its the whole ethos.
  6. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Well.... apart from the bug when you used to get stuck standing over the corpse! And how can you say its not beneficial, when youve never had the opportunity! nothing gets the blood boiling more than the spirit of the Bayonet!!!
  7. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Military experiences past/present/future

    2nd Womens Voluntary Balloon Corps. Had to leave as the Training was just too damned tough.
  8. -R2.5-Hendrix

    Bayonet/knife poll

    Its not our fault that the rest of the world isnt man enough to go up and stick their sword in the enemies face... I mean, how else to fight through?