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  1. I see what your saying Flax. I use an OVH dedicated server with 8 Failover IP address that I setup and windows server 2019. I host a few other games and typically there's an option to set which IP address to use. For example in rust you can point to it with a command line or in the server.cfg file. I was under the impression Arma 3 had a similar setup where Rust was a mod like DayZ if I'm not mistaken.
  2. This is a great tool. Managed to get my server up and running was able to connect and see it listed as well. I am using a dedicated server and have a specific IP address I'd like to host Arma 3 on. However it defaults to my main servers IP address. How to I set it to use a specific IP address? Is there a command line box I'm missing somewhere?
  3. Same here, I pluged in my joystick and gave it a shot, I was blown away when things went south, wow!
  4. No offense but your telling us something we already know. The problem is the game runs the same on low or high settings regardless what you set any graphic option too. Just to note, most of us dual GPU users are aware that our cards are as powerful as the next gen single. The reason we get them is because not all of us buy new cards every generation. I build a new rig every 4 years, but I alway used the top model GPU at time to get the most for years to come. I dont need to pay 400 bucks for DX11. Theres no big marketing plan to fool us. We are aware of what a Dual GPU card does and doesnt do. Its called research. I didnt use any scaling at all. 1680x1050 is all I use. I only use AA in games that have decent performance with a single GPU (arma 2 not one of them). Those that have poor crossfire performance I disable a GPU and gain some performance back. I've always ran arma with default medium settings to keep things simple. However I can max out everything and get the same performance, but its not 40fps even on the lowest settings. I wish I could maintain 40fps. I have trifire, and just for fokes who say the whole problem lies in crossfire. I removed the 4870 x2 and tried yet again with a fresh install and my single 4870, and get the same performance. So do you have any other suggestions to add?
  5. And I really hate to have this reaction, but I just want to enjoy the sim, not read forums for hours trying to debug the latest issue and dissassemble my rig just for this particular sim/game. When everything else I have runs absolutely flawless. THe thing is I've supported this game since its release. I was one of the people that said give it a chance they'll get it figured out. Then as each patch came out more issues came along. The performance really hasnt changed much. Maybe in some areas but overall its still the same. Then they release this rediculous addon without even solving much of the problems. I have still yet to complete the campaign or even learn much of the basic skills to play the game properly due to constant issues. I'm uninstalling the game for now, and since I'm stuck with it via steam, maybe I'll check back in a year or 2 and maybe then the game will be much better by then. My apologizes if I may seem rude, but enough is enough. I want to enjoy some gaming this summer.
  6. I'm so sick of this Sim. I've reconfigured tweaked and broken my windows OS 3 times trying to get this garbage to run. Even RMAed some hardware after people getting me to belive it was my rig that had a hard time runing it. Each new patch just made the game worst and worst. I do even have time to learn the game properly because I spend most of the time tweaking. I give up, I wish I never bought it to begin with. My only regret is I cant get a refund thru steam. I dont care how realistic it is. Its completely useless to play. My system is mainstream and should beable to play this sim perfectly fine. I'm going back to playing DCS Black shark.
  7. rogue221

    CRC Error whilst installing

    Got the patch from fileshack. I dont have any special mods or anything. The game is completely stock other than the previous patches. If anything got corrupted it was caused by any previous patches. So I'm going to blame it on poor patching preperation. Never had to reinstall a game just to apply a patch. This is rediculous. One more patch and I'm uninstalling for good,
  8. rogue221

    CRC Error whilst installing

    I only got the buildings2 error. installing this patch to the steam version. I told it to retry and it just showed that error in the details box, but the patch continued to install and said updated sucessfully. I'm going to run the game and see what happens anyway. I'll report back what happens. If I have to redownload the game from steam again I'm going to be pissed. (3rd time)
  9. rogue221

    NEW! Ati Drivers 9.8

    The arma vets vagina's ache when you talk bad about this game. Just ignore them. 9.8s didnt do anything for me, but I got an increase with my other games as usual. This game just runs shitty, period.
  10. You gave away one of your 260s solely because of this game? ATI is no better than nvidia, some games run better on one than the other. Its like buy a 2004 Ford chevy pick up. You either get a rotted out exhaust header on the ford, or a rotted out panels on the chevy.
  11. No longer locked on Vista 64 either. After the patch installed I ran the game and saw some good increase in performance, but the fps were locked. One thing I noticed was everything was set back to default so I put everything back on very high with 2x AA.
  12. rogue221

    "Sound Counter Not Found"

    Since the update I've been getting this error on the campaign loading screen. Anyone else?
  13. rogue221

    Multiplayer Fps still capped

    Ok this is weird. THe fps drop to 25 in campaign so I turned AA back off. Now I have 54 fps in the woods. I'm at the Napa base on the Delaying the bear mission. Weird.
  14. rogue221

    Multiplayer Fps still capped

    I too have capped Fps. 60 on the island, 29 at campaign, and 31 in multiplayer. Something to do with the game. Doesnt matter were I am on the map. Not that big a deal because I run everything at max. I'm going to turn on AA and see if it drops. ---------- Post added at 01:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:51 PM ---------- Weird, same fps with 2x AA.