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  1. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle_array this will work
  2. thank you for your interest, i just want to mention that i am still at scripting the main FSM, or core of this all system, but also to point out that this is a part of a larger script pack that i will release soon, that is aimed for TVT, but even smaller more complex missions. The pack is called LK-scripts and includes a lot of features like uav,ulb,nuclear bomb, ace support, acre support, construction interface, recruitment, dynamic missions, persistent mission data witch will keep the mission going for a week even with restarts, you can inject the last saved data back in to the next restart, and much more. So the idea of this is much larger, and will be straight aimed for making Arma gameplay, persistent, realistic, diverse and fun. The conclusion is, that i don't want it to be a warfare behavior but more like a dynamic behavior ,one that will see warfare mode as a part of this.
  3. lucilk


    i have used parsetext successfully for a lot of things from debug and dialogs. This is a example of what parsetext can do, its a dialog from one of my projects.
  4. I wanted to show you guys what am i working on, so i can get some feedback. I will show you some diagrams that do not represent the final product but just to give and idea of what is this because i usually start my work with a sketch. I intend to do a complex scripted A.I. behavior, where the goal is to have the AI react as close as a human player in some situations. The game has a lot of possibilities to get me started in creating this script pack. The ideal goal will be to have a situation where you create your own scenario and you just influence the parameters of the force. For example, you create your nice mission, where the objective is to rescue pilot, kill officer and take over a city, well you can use this to populate everything from enemies in buildings, enemy CAS, artillery, reinforcements, patrols, counter attack, flanking, deploying defensive position, etc. You will only need to tell the script what force to use and how many supplies you want them to have according to the human team. It's basically mean to imitate a TVT mission scenario where the AI will not just stand there for you to shot him, he will flank, use supports, attack and even.... call for truce ... for 2hours. These are some starting key points: what will do? -react in a strategic and controlled mode when in combat and peace situations -imitate a real life conflict between 2 forces how will i do this? -trough a lot of pre-processed functions -simple FSM scripts for loops and fast decisions -keep everything connected to a core that can be pre-programmed or changed on the fly Realistic Artificial Intelligence Force more info to come... Have a look at this images and tell me what you think. Hopefully you will understand and i am waiting for some feedback. Diagrams: Scenario Example
  5. //add a event handler on all units { if (side _x==WEST) then { _x addMPEventHandler ["mpkilled", {_this execVM "playerkilled.sqf";}]; }; } foreach allunits; //playerkilled.sqf _killed = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; //check first if _killed is a player if (!isplayer ) then { [[west,"HQ"],nil,rSIDECHAT,format ["%1 killed %2",name _killer,name _killed]] call RE; } else { //if killed is an AI get his type _AItype = typeof _killed; _AIdisplname = getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _AItype >> "displayName"); //broadcast message [[west,"HQ"],nil,rSIDECHAT,format ["%1 killed a %2",name _killer,_AIdisplname]] call RE; }; not tested, but should give you an idea
  6. ok, i just tested the nuclear warheads and they have a big problem, no its not that its 450k to buy one, you can change that but they crash server, clients and u know the rest. Tested couple of time and same result, please advise.
  7. ok guys thanks for the answers, i will reintegrate Mando back and hope everybody in our community will accept what you said, also the bug with the gear , the one that your ammo doesn't correspond with the weapon, its on both sides, also you are right 3DArtist, i agree with you now. Thanks for everything and keep supporting this release because its worth it.
  8. what about http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1962546&postcount=20?
  9. 3DArtist there seems to be some bugs here and there and a feature request: 1) when adding main/side/launcher weapons in the gear menu, you will notice that the ammo do not correspond with the weapon. 2) in the upgrade menu on heavy armor it says that it gives t90 and all but it doesn't its just some t72. 3) after disabling the mando scripts i realized that the flares are not working, are they disabled somewhere? 4) Please make a version with no mando missiles the mission size is to large because of the nice GUI but mando and nuclear scuds are not always agreed by players. Thank you and good job
  10. I wanted to play in single-player some scenarios and i got stuck in the lack of the High command Module, so i made some improvements maybe someone else is interested to use. Its not for MP use and if you encounter any problems pls let me know. This is a relatively small piece of code but improves one of the most important feature of the High Command module in arma 2. It can be used to start an improvements of BIS modules. I think BIS Modules are working fine and they are not bugged in any matter because when BIS build them they probably intended to work as they work now, but because we are always not happy :D, we can make them grow larger. Simple: -put this line in you init.sqf -it will make sure that the unit that you just switched will be active again -it will also make sure the group you left behind when you switched will stay in the vehicle if you order them before -if the group you just switched was not in a vehicle then they will just be activated again -making sure you are the leader of group onTeamSwitch " selectPlayer (leader _from); IF (vehicle _from == _from) THEN { {_x doFollow leader _from} foreach units _from; unassignVehicle _from; }; selectPlayer _to; group _to selectleader _to; ";
  11. i have a set of scripts that will create a composition at a random location and after he finished he returns the composition objects to be deleted later. Problem is that everything works fine until one specific line. Let me show how this works: //================add_camp.sqf====================== ... //creating the camp _newComp = ["captive_camp",getdir _rlocation, _pos] call create_composition; ... //create a squad and make them defend the position waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"}; _config = (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "BIS_TK_INS" >> "Infantry" >> "TK_INS_Group"); _newGroup = [_pos, EAST, _config] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _groupleader = leader _newgroup; sleep 3; [_newGroup, getPos _groupleader] call bis_fnc_taskDefend; ... //create a array with all objects created _mission_GC = [] + units _newGroup + _newComp; ... //add a action on the captive unit/ broadcast over network and jip and send the name of composition and the objects array (_mission_GC) [nil,_pow1,"per",raddAction,"<t color='#0000FF'>Rescue Hostages</t>", "ied_scripts\insurgency\action_join.sqf",["captive_camp",_mission_GC]] call RE; //============action_join.sqf======================= ... _mission = _args select 0; ... //here i have a switch that determine what type of action he should perform switch (_mission) do { ... case "captive_camp": { _mission_GC = _args select 1; //we need the group {_x switchmove ""; _x setcaptive false; _x enableai "ANIM"; _x enableai "autotarget"; [_x] joinsilent _caller; } foreach units group _unit_with_action; //call the script over the network so that the server catch it [nil,nil,RexecVM,"ied_scripts\insurgency\garbage_collector.sqf","captive_camp",_mission_GC] call RE; };//end case } //================garbage_collector.sqf====================== ... //same thing here i have a switch >> determine what mission and then case case "captive_camp": { [_mission_GC] spawn { _mission_GC = _this select 0; sleep 5; //!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {deletevehicle _x;sleep 1;} foreach _mission_GC; //!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! };//end spawn };//end case Everything works fine but when server tries to delete the objects he crashes the game, i mean CTD.(nothing interesting in RPT) But wait there is more, he doesn't always do it :| sometimes works fine the first time but second camp that has the same path will CTD the game... Please help
  12. lucilk

    US Support

    farix and others intrested in this kind of script pack, please wait until i release the new version of this script, please do not start other threads, send a pm if you have questions. The new version with new features and new installation method is on his way, just need to fix some bugs and to make it MP compatible. So please wait until the new version is released i can not offer support for this version anymore.
  13. I got another problem, i have a script that will create a coin module, in the script i declare that this coin should be used by only one unit named "lkcom". this works fine in singleplayer and multiplayer, respawn works, everything is like a charm but.... i have 3 more COIN modules that have the rule "west" so all west units should acces it. Now in singleplayer everything works fine, in multiplayer there is a problem: if i play as "lkcom" (i am the server) unit everything works fine, if a client takes lkcom unit the COIN with the "lkcom" rule works but the other 3 with "west" rule don't work neither for lkcom unit or any west side units. It is kinda confusing so please read below: ---Singleplayer--- COIN1 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[lkcom]]; -> It works COIN2 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works COIN3 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works COIN4 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works ----------------- ---Multiplayer--i am server--i play as "lkcom" unit COIN1 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[lkcom]]; -> It works COIN2 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works only for me COIN3 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works only for me COIN4 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> It works only for me ----------------------------------------------- ---Multiplayer--i am server--another client plays as "lkcom" unit COIN1 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[lkcom]]; -> It works COIN2 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> doesn't work at all COIN3 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> doesn't work at all COIN4 setvariable ["BIS_COIN_rules",[west]]; -> doesn't work at all ------------------------------------------------------------ Please help me
  14. shk i dont like triggers and the script pack is waaaaaay to complex for triggers. Now is ---------[nil,nil,nul=[] execvm "script.sqf"] call RE------- will execute the script.sqf on all clients? Can someone confirm, if this is the solution i can easily implement this and execute a script on all clients. Please help me out guys.
  15. I am trying to figure out how can i make a script execute on all computers or only on server, i read all the FAQ and still learning but the bottom line is simple: I have a nuclear bomb, its ACE2 nuclear bomb, and if me (the server) or someone else (a client) detonate it or launch the script it only works on his computer, if i activate it, it only works for me, so how do you synchronise everything, the damage the effects, and generaly speaking how to execute scripts globaly?