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  1. cancel all this, delete.
  2. Relemar

    ArmA 2 and OA run so badly..

    I've matched your settings, but not a fan of the 'sharp' edges, it looks tatty and makes the game look ugly and less life like. In my eyes, anyway :P Runs better though, I'll give you that. I think i'll sacrifice looks over performance tbh mate.
  3. Relemar

    ArmA 2 and OA run so badly..

    I usually get around 50-60 and it's completely smooth and perfect. When I go over big cities with enemies, it sometimes drops to 24 and be really laggy and not nice to play. Game is fully patched up :) Ill have a look at settings, cheers.
  4. Relemar

    ArmA 2 and OA run so badly..

    Then I can't play user made missions..
  5. After theres a few 100 AI enemies, everything starts to lag. I've got an i7 980 at 3.8GHz, HIS HD 5870 turbo, 6GB 1660mhz ram, and i run arma from an SSD. What can I do to boost up performance? FPS drops considerably once more AI are ingame. My settings aren't all that good either.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. I bought ArmA 2 when it first come out, then bought the OA expansion pack. How can I combine these two to make it like combined ops? I don't fancy buying combined ops as i already got the both games, its just i can't play online cos most servers use combined ops. cheers.. :)
  7. Relemar

    Copy My Stance -UPDATED

    Working on OA?
  8. Relemar

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    Wow, Borg your new PC is the exact same as mine. i7 930 and a 5870 with 6GB DDR3 RAM. Anyway, as soon as I got my i7 930, i pushed it to its limits and got a stable overclock of 4GHz by raising my vcore only slightly, I reccomend a 3.6 overclock and you'll run ArmA 2 very, very well indeed. I run ArmA 2 from an SSD, something else thats worthwhile is a RAMDisk, with 6GB RAM you can make a 3GB ramdisk and get great performance from that then you got the other 3GB for ArmA 2 and your system.
  9. The resolution is really high, I can see that being 'average' for such a resolution, its pretty good performance too for such a high res.
  10. Relemar

    deleted.oh2_air, oh2_weapons

    ah right, i thought ACEX pla came with ACEX, obviously not. thank you!
  11. I cannot join a Multiplayer server, it's saying I'm missing these 2 addons; anyone know what they are, because I can hardly join any server :/ Its an ace 2 server, and ive got ace 2 fully updated
  12. Should run fine, but as I say to everyone if you overclocked your CPU from 2.6GHz to let's say 3.2GHz, you'd see a massive performance increase. I had the q6600 and kept it at 2.4, then overclocked it to 3GHz and saw a massive performance increase.