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  1. Thanks Demonized for the script, much appreciated. @galzohar: you are right the mission will end right away before script is even run. My way of getting around it, is to creat a "playable" unit somewhere on map so if all players die, player can switch to the last remaining playable unit for mission end. Not sure if there is a better way of doing it, but this seems to work.
  2. CaptainBravo

    Enemy markers

    Are you using any AI mods/scripts? Some will place markers on map in debug mode.
  3. I have a mission with Objectives 1, 2 and 3 I want mission to end if player dies but not all objectives accomplished. The twist is the player is supposed to die in last objective so if dies after accomplishing all objectives he wins and if he dies with one objective not finsihed he loses. Any tips are appreciated.
  4. CaptainBravo

    Captain Bravo missions: PvP + Coop

    Please download latest Version Death before Dishonor 1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?k7uu9umchyeruro Change Log: Fixed a coupe minor errors + a few tweaks to AI.
  5. CaptainBravo

    Captain Bravo missions: PvP + Coop

    I am open for "constructive" criticism and feedback as long as it is done in constructive/polite manner. With a little bit of search (it is a function on this site!) errors such as No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines and No entry '.scope' and Warning Message: No entry '.picture' are ACE related errors that some users experience (something to do with weapons) it has nothing to do with this mission and it does not break it.
  6. CaptainBravo

    Captain Bravo missions: PvP + Coop

    Calm down psycho, bugs happen and I do not have a 20 man team to beta test before release. One addon was left and now removed. Anyway a new fixed version has been uploaded (mediafire). Thanks for testing.
  7. CaptainBravo

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    The pictures look ... WOW!
  8. CaptainBravo

    Captain Bravo missions: PvP + Coop

    Death before Dishonor Mission: You are Aziz, a Framer who just found out that his sister got raped, tortured and killed by a group of drunk soldiers. Now you are back at home with one thing on mind, make those responsible pay dearly for their crime. Before you go John Wayne however, you need a weapon first. You are a farmer with a small budget. So you will need to visit your friendly local arms dealer to see what your budget can get you. The arms dealer is willing to pay you extra cash for doing some of his dirty work. Once armed, you will be able to go seeking revenge. There are four men responsible for the crime committed. You will have to hunt them down one by one. This is SP mission, so no help and respawn! However, you will have limited ability to self heal yourself. Taking out each target is a mission on its own that requires a different approach. Some you will have to navigate around a mine field just to get to him, another will involve attaching explosive to his chopper and blowing him up. One will require infilterating his home to kill, while the last will require the ultimate sacrifice, find him, hug him and blow yourself up! Kinda the average day for a rebel teenager stuff!. There are side mission innocent targets where killing them will give added extra cash to help you buy more weapons. The mission has many custom sounds with intentions of creating an immersive atmosphere. This is first beta public release and any feed back is always welcome! Mission Tip: You might want to make Sgt. Romeo as your last target/objective as you have to use an explosives built to take him out. You can trying storming his tent earlier in mission, but will you be able to come out alive and finish rest of objectives? Survive, the dogs, the Guards, the Armor? If yes, then you are a better man than me! :) Now go hunting! Mission Details: Type: Single Player Mission Duration: 60-90 minutes Required addons: Arma + Arrowhead + PMC ACE Mission Download: Armaholic v1.2: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16301 Mediafire v1.2: - http://www.mediafire.com/?k7uu9umchyeruro
  9. Thanks Rydygier, works perfect now thanks.:don 11:
  10. @Przemek_kondor for some reason it is not working. Is execVM "skiptime.sqf"; the right way to excute script in init.sqf? @kylania I thought with patch 1.6 JIP got skiptime update right away and everyone else got it after 30 seconds?
  11. I have tried the trigger and for some reason did not work. So I have tried executing script in init.sqf with execVM "skiptime.sqf"; but still no luck. now I have >18 and <6 as it is supposed to kick in once evening comes. So I am not sure what I have missed here? skiptime.sqf: while {true} do { if ((daytime > 18) and (daytime < 6)) then { skipTime 1; }; sleep (5 * 60); };
  12. Thanks Przemek_kondor, can this be activated from trigger or needs to be in script format?
  13. I have seen and tested a few skip time scripts, they are not exactly what I am looking for. I am looking to skip time 1 hour every 5 minutes between 6pm 6am after that script ends. Tried with triggers to start and end script with no luck. I was wondering if there is a simple clean script to achieve this? Thanks for your help.