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  1. Teddybear1

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    Is this made for Zeus? I need it for a mission as CAS-enabled planes and ,if possible with specific-country weaponry.
  2. Teddybear1

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Maybe the culprit is Ts;Check if the Ts Plug-in that has a volume control @C:/teamspeak/Plugin/Settings/Acre Configuration&Testing .Make sure you`re move slider to a confy level. Another way is to disable and then enable mods until you find what`s buggy. You may also check VON Setting in Controls Setting+nothing interupts something by keys in red that do different things. You will not speak in VON when using TFAR-it`s a thing of it`s own.It takes over.You must disable it .
  3. Whats next for this awsome mod? I REALLY Want to see a way to import gear /simple way to add new addons /MP stuff into it! Please continue you`re work on this!:)
  4. A possiblity to "Shadow Unit" for Recon troops and reporting on what they do is feaseble? A better AI-driving system is very interresting ,searching for "Air" in all installed mods,adding them to Zeus as CAS will come in handy. Add music scores from "My Music" file,add a Juke Box/Radio Music Player. Add IR-Flares to aircraft.Adding Flight Height Setting in meter. Adding a Recon Flight to CAS-with a Splendid Camera that can make AVI-file movies +snapshots for export to Ctab. Add a Backpack that can replenish certain items;flares,food -other then just ammo.Even when player just went for one item. Add an to Escort certain players:Fac+combat helicopter.AH-1 and a Kiowa to lase targets. Make the use of Cammo Nets standard for AI. Send troops to repair tanks in areas that player has left. Some way to add just parachutes to AI by simply say:"Get whatever is in the ammobox" at mapclick. Overheat of weapons.Auto garrison.Designate an Area,Land there.Offload.C-130 anywhere on map-without airport there. Make makeshift ariport anywhere. Ruler to measure distanse on map. Make a patrol into part of a QRF reporting contacts -from a distance. Add "Guard Area"option:add in mine fields,hidden flares that shoot up when someone enter area.Report intrusion into places. A SAR system that will searh on it`s own . Make Atry fire live rounds close to the player using viritual arty,for more real experience. Make AI fire LGB at houses other than where the fiting is going on.Uses Lasers for that. Just some stuff i want to get in Ace 3.
  5. I want to be able to give waypoints to my own plane to travel to a place and Loiter there at a set height just as UAV can,force Lights ON/Off ,even decide from 30 m and up to have a chance against AAA in the future and a Meny entry to make my AI team to attack other target (+a button),and the possibility to change seats during flight to act as RIO. Everything that makes the team mate AI to search for targets.The UAV Waypoint setting will be of interrest. 9-Line and it flies there,a little like the "Auto_Land " feature. Maybe add a feature that bomb with LGB`s ,while I shoot AGM-65. The flying will be made by the system,go from x-y@--- altitude-pic all houses and use dumb bombs while I steer one LGB,Fac the other. I would like it to use Flares automatically,and if possible,add a Module that spawns Migs,adding aircombat. Maybe ,you could add someting that adds AA-teams also? They are never used now. I know the A 2 had a working mod that mad a Hip helicopter fly accordingly to the height of object in the vicinity.I want to be able to fly Low and fast and just care about my actions . It should be possible to auto-lock onto several targets and remember them.
  6. Teddybear1

    ASR AI 3

    What about Bcombat mod? Anyone tried to combine the? How did it go,if you did?:confused:
  7. Teddybear1

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Could you incorporate a menu that thro`smoke and maybe a grenade ,too?Ir-grenades,like movie Black Hawk Down?FFV`s? Maybe ,even a Box inside with a M-60.v7 ? Btw,this goes strait into A3 Main Folder,right? No,Config or such,when it`s ready:confused:
  8. Teddybear1

    HAFM EC-635 Helicopter

    Can you make a working Hoist? Would be usefull....+ victim that uses AttachTo and is spawned in instead of dowend pilot...a steereble light will come in handy,too. I want to be able to jump into Co-pilot seat also.Maybe a menu that tells any other chopper to "seek other targets",other than mine.
  9. What if you tried to make the Convoy include a Elite Skillset AA protection and make the AA-teams usefull by inserting them onboard the Hemmit Trucks? Maybe Static Weapons assembled aboard the uncoverered version? Like a Turret? What if I can add some missiles to HM-9`s? Directly from that sort of ammobox,and add a driving Hemmit with a Phalinx Gun Turret as a protective AA?
  10. Teddybear1

    Firefight Improvement System 2

    Could you simply run the senario "Area A" 100 times loding it automatically from a small program and then take the .txt file and add this to the next iteration of FFIS and ship it with a new ,improved way to do firefights?:j: What about making it work with Reinforcements and add in overheat and refuel stops for tanks and Scouts ahead of main force and so on?;)
  11. Teddybear1

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Will there be a showcase of it?
  12. Will you /could you add in support for Static Parachute Mod so that it could be used as a prefered way to drop paratroopers old style ? It apperently needs some sort of memory point added into all of the C-130`s ? I mean making MCC compatible to it?. Would be cool!
  13. Teddybear1

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Can you add this to CAS /Zeus as soon as possible ,to get feedback on how ot works in the intended settings/and missions and if you will,make a change to "fly-in height" ,to be able to set a Very Very Low Altitude Strafing Run and add it in meters. And possible add a "Set Speed" slider.That is,if the modmaker can add such a feature for his addon in the Zeus programming.
  14. Teddybear1

    HAFM EC-635 Helicopter

    Can you add this to Zeus Cas,too? And transport modules? Thanks.
  15. Teddybear1

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    I want to hear recochettes bounce off ground and hit plane parts and skidd off the ground.
  16. Teddybear1

    [WIP] Medium Utility Helicopters

    This will eventually have the sling load thing that carries people too,right? For once ,we will get a stable helicopter flight model,from Take On. I hope it will have a Search Light,movable from pilot seat.
  17. Can you please make this F-15 been enabled for CAS in Zeus by defult when relesed,I`m tired of waiting for new types of CAS. If you want to,you can obtain permission or make you`re own,a script from A2 Hip helicopter for NOE flight,a autopilot feature with height setting.
  18. Teddybear1

    [MELB] Mission Enhanced Little Bird

    Speaking of controls to fly helicopters;What about making a version capable to fly NOE Very Low and able to fly in vallys and canyons and has a some sort of Grid Net like the map has and analyze the ground ahead and a auto-pilot that issues a "fly-up order" with a 4-g limit ? If flying up a steep hill it could have a "radar altimeter" script that checks when it`s passed the hill and the distance to ground increses and do a pitch down 10*. But you will need a working auto pilot to do this! .If done right (and set up for CAS runs in Zeus) it will be able to hide in plain sight and make movie-like evacs. Good luck! There is a script version working for Hips in A2. Edit :Please put on it Gun Pods ,like the on A-109 Armscore and EC-135.Thanks
  19. Teddybear1

    pook_SAM Pack v1.0

    Sorry for being such a pain before Hcpookie!:o It`s just that I`ve see RKLS Rapier System for A 2 with a Land Rover and radar I`ve been eyeing for quite some time ,perhaps you could fix the range limitation of it by spawning in a short range radar that is syncronized with the radar like a "hand off" "Data-Link" system,it starts to provide the steering info for it. Or decides when it spwans in a new missile,then deletes the first one.:cool: Thanks for a great mod-even if I no longer play A2! But still hoping for it to show in A3.....
  20. Teddybear1

    pook_SAM Pack v1.0

    Are you ,or someone else going to make this working /compatible with Arma 3
  21. Cam you make a Low-Rezolution Skin of F-15,F-16 ? To make them MP-compatible,so they don`t tax low-end computers so much?
  22. Teddybear1

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Can you make a Miles (Laser tag training system) for us? Will fit in neatley if it would work with all weapons. And some Painball ammo. Thanks for a great mod! Edit: Maybe add a Crossbow with fast speed arrow? You also maybe want to re-arrange the sniper rifle cammo to cover the Muzzle .Othervise ,they are going to see it move in the vegetation::confused:
  23. Teddybear1

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    If you ever need some Huey helicopters:Get Huey Pack from Armaholic.com (HPK-3). There are so many versions,you could save time by getting permission to get on of them!
  24. Can you please add a plethora of AA-Guns ,Missiles as we don`t currently have got any of those ingame to the extent everybody want or need them? Thanks for a great mod!
  25. Teddybear1

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    What about putting a small(ish) container (invisable) inside of the E3 Sentry and make it fit inside of it and spawn the player there and a Radar 360 inside or simply reach out to the Community and get it made and put it in with Drop-Down List of what ever is wanted? It looks harder than it is! Finally......Thanks for a great mod!